75% approve Trump SOTU speech; Democrats suck lemon

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A CBS News scientific poll following President Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech last night, found Americans overwhelmingly approved of it.
CBS News said the poll was “based on 1,178 interviews conducted on the internet of U.S. residents who watched the State of the Union Address. Panelists were previously interviewed on January 29-30, 2018 to indicate whether they planned to watch the address, and if they were willing to be re-interviewed after the address.”
The poll results (Daily Wire) (h/t FOTM reader Big Lug):

  • 75% approve; 25% disapprove.
  • Trump’s speech was approved by 97% of Republicans, 72% of Independents, 43% of Democrats.
  • 80% said President Trump was trying to unite, instead of divide, the country.
  • On how the speech made them feel:
    • 65% “proud”
    • 35% “safer”
    • 21% “angry”
    • 14% “scared”.

Meanwhile, here are some reactions from Demonrats:

(1) From the lunatic fringe

(2) Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer

(3) Sen. Bernie Sanders

(4) Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois)

Triggered by chants of USA! USA!”, Gutierrez stormed out of the House chamber:

(5) Congressional Black Caucus

(6) CNN’s Joy Reid

TV station KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area Belly of the Liberal Beast has a poll on Twitter. Below are the results 5 minutes before this post was published. Note the large % of people who didn’t watch.
Go vote!

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0 responses to “75% approve Trump SOTU speech; Democrats suck lemon

  1. not every american is a true,patriotic ,american citizen,but President Trump can make that be less than 1%,and he will do it,just have patience! Great speech,President Trump!

    • palcau ioan . . . . I certainly can agree with that. You won’t get any kind of argument from me on that speech being along the very top rated Presidential speeches ever given!

  2. I saw on Breitbart last night that CNN’s poll has 70% (total) saying it was very positive (48%) or somewhat positive (22%).
    Demorats will continue their temper tantrum nonetheless. Waaaaaaaaahhh!

  3. A lot of people are watching what President Trump is doing. Those who aren’t mentally ill with Trump Derangement Syndrome are realizing that he is either doing a good job or trying very hard to do the right thing and get things done. Sane people are getting sick and tired of all of the negativity directed his way by people with no common sense or no sense at all. The Democraps are going to see this reflected in the next election. They are making complete fools of themselves with their obstructive behavior.

  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    They were not present and accounted for – they were still in their Hollyweed bubble. Do you think they took a sedative before they left for the Capital?

  5. One of the longest and as far as I’m concerned one of the best done. Funny he talked about the American People more than anything else and why we are what we are and yes trying to unite this country back like it used to be. The demos will be skunked the next midterm and mostly because of there actions they pulled last night. Many things still need work but it’s obvious he is turning the country in the direction it should be going and the direction most of the people in this country want it to go. I heard the word God mentioned more than any other address, I think, I might be wrong on that but from the ones I sat through and listened to it was. God Bless Trump and the USA.

    • Brian . . . . I agree, our President was hittin’ on all cylinders! As you have said, “God Bless Trump and the USA.”

  6. The Founding Fathers were the original “dreamers”,
    The speech was almost as uplifting and entertaining as one of his rallies in an aircraft hanger; only the crowd in the aircraft hangers were comprised of Patriots, not elitists, Communists and idiots.

    • MeThePeople . . . . To all those DACA folks who are up in arms because our President referred to the rest of us American’s as “Dreamers” also. There is no doubt that all the Founding Fathers, and all the men and women who fought the good fight to bring about this free nation, under God, in addition to all the men and women who have shed their blood in defense of this country . . . are all Dreamers! Their work and sacrifices were great enough, that you and I got to share in, and work to perpetuate this great Dream! God Bless each and every one of them, who came forward and gave of self in order that this Democratic Republic might still be going strong after 250 years!

  7. 75%! Think the numbers fell short, everybody I spoke with make it 90%, the 9% is the ones I haven’t talked to, the 1% left are the liberals. Woooppppiiiii!

  8. If the left’s reaction to Trump’s excellent speech doesn’t prove once and for all that these scum are nothing more than stinking America-hating commie puke traitors, nothing will.

    • Dave . . . . thank you for that short and sweet assessment of those who stand against our President! Good Job.

      • I really don’t know how anyone could infer anything else after what I have seen over the last 24 hours.
        This country truly is divided – between us REAL Ammuricans and them the commie pukes working 24/7/365 to destroy it.

        • At the risk of being boring, I’ll say it again: “they don’t work for us”. It is a coup. Plain and simple. The only question is, what are we going to do about it?

          • “The only question is, what are we going to do about it?”
            I’m not all that sure how much longer the voting booth is going to help.
            After all, it has failed us twice prior to 2016.
            Not sure we would survive another major f*ckup like those two.

        • Dave . . . . this is the very thing that is not only perplexing, but frightening to contemplate. It is mind boggling that these communist sympathizers have gotten such a strong hold in this land.
          May God Bless us that we will be able to continue our country as a free nation, and that the communists . . . frankly, just go to Hell!

  9. And as for Lemon, I bet he liked it. 😉

  10. The communists are busy seeing Russians under everybody’s beds. I’m old enough to see the irony here. Of course there isn’t any irony if you realize that Russia is no longer communist. Could that explain anything?

  11. Wow. “Nancy Pickle Pus Pelosi” and Steny Hoyer (L-Likud), show their true colors….RED! They need to break out the “Rosenberg Memorial Gallows” and give ’em a flex. This picture is more appropriate than most understand, what with Nasty Nancy being a Marano and all.

  12. I listened to the SOTU on the Hagmanns’ website, and someone (their network?) cut about the last ten minutes of the speech off, at about 10:26.
    At any rate, I thought President Trump delivered his speech in a very measured and reasoned manner. And the fact that that execrable little worm, Gutierrez, stormed out, proved that he trolled the opposition very effectively.
    I do not favor the President’s plan to grant a path to citizenship for some 1.8 million illegals for this reason: I think President Trump should double down and give the Democrats NOTHING, for this amounts to a legitimization of President Obama’s unconstitutional DACA Executive Order, and his compromise will lead, ultimately, to citizenship to about three times that number.
    President Trump also successfully trumped the Black Caucus when he reported that unemployment numbers were “the lowest ever recorded,” for all they could do was to sit on their hands.
    I also noticed that Nancy Pelosi’s best botoxed face reaction, and that proved to me that, as insane as she is (and I do believe she IS clinically insane and demented) she realizes at least something of her own contrarian agenda.
    In brief, President Trump is effectively trolling the opposition. Even in his Inaugural Address, when he declared, “we all bleed red,” he has offered the olive branch of reconciliation. And we see from the Democrat reaction to his speeches, then and now, that they resent Trump for this, and they are fuming, figuring out what way can be found to wreak their havoc of revenge. Seriously, it reminds me of the utter hatred the Pharisees had for Christ at the Trial they forced him into. (This is not to liken Trump to Christ, as I believe only a real martyr can be so compared, but, rather, to identify the demonic hatred Trump’s enemies have for him: It is genuinely demonic, in the literal sense of the term).
    What is really going on in our current political milieu is that forces are organizing. Like the prize fighter who has been stunned and gone down for the count, the opposition—literal leftist Communism under the guise of the Democratic Party—is beginning to wrest itself off the canvass, signalling they are not going out without an all-out fight! And that is because Donald Trump, the citizen-candidate, the “Mr. Smith” President, has ignited a movement that is bigger than he is. The leftist side is refusing to concede, as did the Japanese once they attacked Pearl Harbor, that they “have awakened a sleeping giant, and formed in him a terrible resolve.”
    GO TRUMP!!!

    • This incremental Maoist stuff has been going on a long time. That’s how it works, whether its disarmament for us or this. First they propose something they KNOW will never fly. Then their opposition “compromises” and they get half of what they were never entitled to in the first place.
      The answer to this tactic is to say “no, as a matter of fact I’ve decided to double the number to be deported, effective immediately”. That’s the only way to shut them up. If they know that their idiotic demands will be met with something TRULY destructive to their agenda, they’ll shut up.

      • You are right Lophatt- it’s just a game of football with them where they keep moving the ball down the field and they ultimately always get what they want because its all on their terms which they establish by forming the narrative with the complicity of the media. They could not have succeeded otherwise. The proof is looking at the Democratic party at the time of JFK’s death versus now. He would roll over in his grave if he saw how leftist the dems have become. They make him look like a right winger at this point in time.
        Aah now, if only we could hear Trump utter those words you put in quotes above. But alas I will not hold my breath.

        • That’s right Lana. I have to conclude that they are all in it together. Surely they’re smart enough to see that compromise in things we don’t believe in is loss.

    • Steven . . . . You certainly did not disappoint in your addition to this discussion. Bravo!
      What was with the Black Caucus, and all their red/orange draping’s across their shoulders. Was this some type of religious expression. Not every single one of them were wearing such an item, but enough of them that it was noticeable.

  13. Deranged Pelosi, with her sourpuss face got caught trying to dislodge part of her dinner from her teeth. I guess she forgot to brush her teeth. Much of the black caucus sat in their seats as if they were “frozen” whenever I saw the camera pan them. I’m so sick of the “left”. Why can’t they just leave the US and take their leeches with them?

    • Pelosi was disgusting- all I could think of was a cow chewing it’s cud when they panned to her. Someone told me she wears dentures. Either way- she suffers from TDS which we might possibly rename Mad Cow disease in honor of Nancy.

    • The rules of normal decorum call for civility. All they have done is lower the bar on rudeness. Young people now think that it’s acceptable to be rude to people you don’t agree with.

  14. What rubbish Dr. Eowyn! The problem with politics is that it is the BIG LIE. It’s “Divide and Conquer” by the evil rich fcks, who laugh at our stupidity. Instead of looking at a fat, spoiled, vain, xenophobic war monger pervert like Herr Trumpler, who seems intent on starting a new cold war with our Russian allies, the Republican Replicants seem to be abdicating their humanity by allowing such a complete tool to lead, ignoring the fact that he is a despicable piece of sht.
    People need to use REAL discernment, and recognize GOOD VERSUS EVIL. That neither party can (Hillary and Bill are evil), shows how obsolete they’ve become. We ALL need to boycott BOTH major parties in the next election, and ONLY vote an alternative candidate. Then, we can root out the corrupt greed perverts in Washington, and defund the treasonous Military Industrial Complex that Ike – a TRUE REPUBLICAN – warned us about. The real evil is the Cabal of Ultra-rich perverts controlling America (corporations..)
    Anyone who cannot see this truth is in for a rude awakening, when their job is gone and their gov’t handouts begin (and end within a few months). The hypocrisy of ALL political wonks is the disease. Only TRUTH is the cure.

  15. Kevin J Lankford

    I do believe their are many that feel as I do, that Trump’s concessions on the daca illegals bore more than just a sting of betrayal. The amnesty of more than a million illegals, even if supposedly a 10/12 year process, still represents an invasion force to me. I’m sure they are feeling that their arrogance paid off, even though they know it would have at the least got them stomped in the mud where they come from. And there is no doubt in my mind ‘these’ will be devoted to finding ways to increase their numbers.
    No doubt Trump was attempting to draw a line and bring what he thought to be reason and common sense rule back to the issue, but the left were not to be appeased, and I feel the right’s meager shows of support was no more than perfunctory. To them its “open borders” end of discussion, no logic or reason, just destruction.

    • Kevin . . . . Although this may appear as a betrayal at this point in time . . . I recently read an article on the Hispanic illegal immigrants (I do not remember where I saw the article–but it was somewhere online) in this article it stated that first generation Hispanic immigrants DO VOTE DEMOCRATIC, but SECOND GENERATION established immigrants revert to more conservative thinking. According to the article, this is the very reason the Democrats want a “continuous influx of immigrants–because they need those “First Generation” people to vote Democratic. By the time the “Second Generation” people get around to voting . . . guess what? They are voting in line with the Republicans. I am not saying that this same thinking holds true for other immigrants, such as Muslim, but evidently once Hispanic peoples get here and get established–they don’t want much to do with the Communist leaning Democrats. I personally took great hope in that fact.
      Regardless of this fact, I want an end to illegal immigration, an end to having to support any immigrants who come here and are of such low IQ that you and I are saddled with having to feed, house, and medicate these individuals until the end of time. I also want our immigration to be based on “the talents, intelligence, and personal abilities of those who wish to come here–strictly as a nuclear family, without any need for chain migration. We certainly do need to end this “Immigration Lottery,” all we have gotten out of that are miscreants who have hurt and killed various members of our society.

    • If there’s to be ANY Amnesty,it needs to have these provisions.
      1-Amnesty is an agreement to not prosecute on the Felony of illegally entering the US. IT is NOT giving permission to continue to live here,in violation of Federal Law. With it without Amnesty,the violators STILL must be Deported.
      2-If illegals are allowed to remain in the US and be given a “pathway to US Citizenship”,there should be a 10 year span where they must remain here and maintain full time employment before they get their chance to take the same tests other Legal Immigrants take,pass those and get their Citizenship.
      At THIS time,they are allowed to VOTE,but NOT until they are American Citizens. The purposes of these restrictions are,for one thing,to make sure they have “skin in the game”,meaning their 10 year investment in living and working here,assimilating,speaking and reading English,understanding the rules and laws of the US,etc. The voting restriction is to make sure they understand the Politics of the US and which parties support what ideals,etc. Also,this means for 10 YEARS,the Democrats will not have the benefit of illegals’ voting. Let’s see how they feel about helping the illegals without their VOTES.
      3-There MUST,ABSOLUTELY be Picture ID required to VOTE. If this can’t be done on a National level,it should stand as THIS: Resolving the issue of Amnesty and DACA will require at least 2/3 of the States to enact Uniform Voter ID before it can move on.

  16. Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2.

    • Diablos Advocate

      The STUPIDITY in your rant is OVERWHELMING. It is NOT illegal to be here illegally. Don’t scream at me – look it up: google is your friend. The 10 year requirement has already been in place – guess you MISSED that many have managed to FALSIFY documents to substantiate that presence. “Must maintain fulltime employment” — WT??? How does THAT help natural born U.S. CITIZENS?? Yeah, let’s demand that the jobs be given to the illegals (SMH). Not likely ANYONE (particularly in this age group) whether or not a citizen, is going to remain employed continuously for ten years. Guess you’ve also missed all the NEWS ACCOUNTS about the illegals that have been here, in EXCESS OF TEN YEARS. So, perhaps you can ‘splain how, given that I-9’s have been required since 1986 – how these people have managed to hold jobs & buy homes. The test that you tout they should have to take – a 5th grader could pass. If you think REP’s don’t benefit from presence of illegals you’re deluded or ignoring reality. Excess supply reduces cost: excess labor drives down wages. And has resulted in widespread loss of benefits. May surprise you to learn (perhaps you are the one that needs to be taking these ‘citizenship tests’ ….) that VOTING falls within state’s rights (altho’ must conform to specific federal laws and mandates) ….May also surprise you to learn ID IS required. And again you MISSED the issue entirely: The issue is illegals being ABLE TO REGISTER, not proving who they are when they DO vote. Last explanation I read about your boy’s plan is that it will EXPAND # of dreamers that will be able to stay — allowing all those who are now registered PLUS all those who have NOT yet registered. So – ‘murikan citizen gets double screwed: you DO get that ‘we’ are the ones who are gonna pony up (projected) $25 BILLION for wall …AND he’s lettin’ illegals stay anyway. SMH. BTW Obama’s deportation #’s were higher. And he TRIED, more than once, to get Congress to enact immigration reform – those of BOTH PARTIES would NOT do it. Because …they’re committed to providing cheap labor to their owners. IMO you should consider donating your brain to science — at least it would get some use.

  17. First of all the left got Trumped last night. And it was their own doing. He played them like a fiddle. He offered them an olive branch, he used the words us, and we all night, not I, and they wrinkled their noses.
    He proved we have a thriving country down to blacks doing better than ever before in history and they scoffed. They didn’t clap and they stand. In front of the world, they proved they were nothing but obstructionist. They showed the world a thriving country is not what they want. Thank you dems.
    Before everyone gets their panties is a wad and start dissing the President over the DACA deal. He offered the left 1.8 million, three times what they asked for, over 12 years, they turned him down. Again they are doing Trump’s work. He also wants no more chain immigration and lottery immigration to end, and the wall, all good for us. This is the beginning of the deal, let him do his job. Give him the chance he has earned.
    We aren’t going to win on everything, but with DACA, I personally think it should come with some stipulations. Those brought in illegally can stay, if they have finished school, or still in school, not a gang member, working in society and without any kind of a record and not on social services, if you have protested, burned our flag or used the middle finger salute, you are out of here. You are not the kind of young people this country needs and you have proven you will not assimilate.
    As for Nancy and her strange behavior last night. She must have given out some pretty strict instructions last night. She was watching for clappers and those standing. Good grief dems, can’t you think for yourselves? Our country is recovering and thriving, act like it. You should be happy for our future regardless of who is in the White House. Her actions with her mouth is the same movement many with early Alzheimers has. And yet, you can tell she is chomping at the bit to be leader again.

    • “Her actions with her mouth is the same movement many with early Alzheimers has.”
      Thank you for pointing that out!
      From https://www.alzheimersblog.org/2016/12/15/xerostomia-dry-mouth-alzheimers/:
      Seniors often suffer from Dry Mouth, which is a lack of sufficient saliva, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling of dryness. People with Alzheimer’s are at higher risk as they may not drink enough water because their body’s signal for thirst isn’t as strong as it was. Some medicines can dry out their mouth, too.

      • It could be that ever since she lost her “Speaker” position, she no longer gets a private Air Force plane all to her self with a fully-stocked wet bar that would make Mooch blush. Her lips are dry!

      • I contend that it is a sign of her demonic possession: She is being forced to show her hand, and she is realizing that.

    • Glenn47 . . . . You have enumerated just about all of the things I was thinking. Job Well Done!!!
      I really loved it when you wrote . . . ” . . . with DACA . . . Those brought in illegally can stay, if they have finished school, or still in school, not a gang member, working in society and without any kind of a record and not on social services, if you have protested, burned our flag or used the middle finger salute, you are out of here. You are not the kind of young people this country needs and you have proven you will not assimilate.” God Bless you for nailing that correctly!!!
      I second that proposal. What with Social Media, it should be quite easy to check up on these young rascals–find out if they have pictures of themselves that show downright disrespect of our country or our flag. If they have, kick their butts all the way to the Mexican boarder. I have seen these pictures of young punks, burning our flag, all the while holding their package–as if that really meant something to the rest of us.(You know what I alluding to, just like Michael Jackson used to do.) It means they are not people who will ever do our nation any good. They are just a drain on society . . . let them be a drain on Mexican society, or whatever society them came from.

    • Glenn47-The MAIN reason the Democrats are being so obstructionist is that they’re “running scared”-their WHOLE WORLD is collapsing around them. They KNOW they must stop this Administration or their comfortably corrupt government will dissolve and the Government will begin to operate CONSTITUTIONALLY. THIS accounts for nearly ALL of their over-the-top insanity.
      Where will they GO? What will they DO? Try to imagine how little I care….They’ll finally GET the same love and care they’ve been GIVING America for the last couple of Decades.

      • Exactly and now they have shown the world who they really are. Think of the number of people that watched that speech. If anyone’s life becomes in danger, the world knows who to look to.
        They were out foxed last night. They were Trumped.
        There is a picture of Pelosi actually standing up and turning around and giving a female dem holy hell for either standing up or clapping. She kept turning around and now we know why. And so does the world. She lost all dignity last night. And it is now official record. Thank you dems, you make our job so easy.

  18. I noticed McCain, who did not attend SOTU, did not tweet anything afterwards.
    Wondering if the are holding off on the memo, pending his health. Especially if he is implicated in the memo.

    • From everything I’ve read he personally delivered the doctored dossier to Comey. How’s that for loyalty?

  19. I felt that was the most magnificent State of the Union speech I had ever been privileged to hear.
    I feel a real anger towards the Dems for not supporting those ideas that transcend politics. I have a particular bone to pick with dillweed Representative Earl Blumenauer of Portland, Oregon; he had announced that he was not going to attend–along with Watters, that goofy gal from Florida who wears the cowboy hat all the time, and one or two others. As far as I am concerned . . . Blumenauer serves as a Representative of each and every constituent back here in Oregon. There is NO EXCUSE that he was not in attendance, clapping and giving honor, as our substitute representative, showing our gratitude to those individuals who were singled out for their extraordinary contributions to our country. This is not acceptable behavior on the part of our elected officials. We pay them to represent us, they are not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. I suppose it was more important to him that he remain at home sucking his thumb, like a cry baby.
    God Bless Donald J Trump! I have no doubt that the rest of the world is beginning to feel the fear of God when his name is mentioned.

  20. “He offered the left 1.8 million, three times what they asked for, over 12 years, they turned him down.”
    The left did not turn down the “1.8 million. They pocketed that number and swore that’s where the next negotiation should start. And they’ll ask for more, such as amnesty for DAPA and unlimited chain immigration, no border wall, etc. But the 1.8 million, they’ll keep.
    I’m heartsick with this offer. I hope Trump knows what he’s doing.

  21. I’m late to the post-SOTU party. Sample of the next morning’s talking heads…
    Haha. I’m so glad someone else watches & reports on those bozos as I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

  22. Great news about the poll/ratings! Truly a big shocker that 43% Dems approved. You wouldn’t know it from their pillars-of-salt leaders sitting there like dead men propped up.
    Did YouTube attempt to censor Trump’s SOTU?
    The evening of POTUS’ SOTU, YouTube went into overdrive shutting down several conservative radio sites that were live-streaming on their YouTube Channels the CSPAN (free to share) coverage of SOTU, yet YouTube shut those channels off for supposed copyright infringement claiming they were live-streaming CNN instead!
    Twitter replies to Mitchell re the others affected in the same way:
    –“They shut down Daily Wire for the same thing.”
    –“Happened to Infoars yesterday, too.”
    –“They did that to a Right Side Broadcasting video of the SOTU.”
    –“Same happened to Hagman & Hagman STRAIGHT UP CENSORSHIP 🤔 21st century book burning #SOTU.”
    –“ABL Live, too.”
    –“They did it to We Are Change w C-Span #SOTU last night. Suspended their ability to live stream up to 90 days. Is it @CNN or is it the @TeamYouTube algorithm? YouTube’s owned by @Google Alphabet.”
    Misc. YouTube & Social Media Censorship comments from the same tweets:
    –“We had tens of thousands of our followers cut and our account suspended for posting on #QAnon. They want to silence all dissent. They’re getting more and more blatant.”
    –“Your live stream crashed on me several times yesterday [1/31/18]. Lately Fox News live stream on YouTube has been having issues; definitely something is up.”
    –“I tuned into your website to watch the #SOTU Address and where the video feed was supposed to be was only CNN’s message. Sad! Had to view MSM.”
    –“They were already changing the algorithm. I watched YourVoiceAmerica plenty of times on YouTube, and instead had fake news MSM videos as recommendations on the home page, and had to search your name to get to your shows.”
    –“Did you file a Cramming motion with the FCC?”
    –“They have been hitting all conservative news channels VERY hard this week. Seems they’re afraid of us.”
    –“#YouTube censors @prageru also! @DennisPrager @YouTube #FreeSpeech #censorship #censorshipofconservatives #CENSORED #MAGA #MAGA2018.”
    –“Youtube banned my deplorable music channel.”
    –“Youtube has lost their minds. They threatened to “ban (me) for life”. I don’t even know why. I think they intend to shut down the voice of conservatives.”
    –“…did you see Chuck Woolery’s post about censorship by Google/Facebook/Twitter?? It’s a good article.”
    Possible automated glitches & not deliberate? Should we give YouTube the benefit of the doubt?
    –“Readout showing CNN is somehow in the code. IMHO.”
    –“They probably were using the same source stream and when YouTube’s algorithms analyzed the streams for copyright they (stupidly) picked up that they were the same. I’d definitely keep fighting it…”
    –“The copyright claims will have come from CSPAN…”
    –[NOT. Another person provided this]: “C-SPAN’s cool with it: c-span dot org/about/copyrightsAndLicensing/ … Under C-SPAN’s copyright policy a license is not required to post C-SPAN’s video coverage of federal government events online for non-commercial purposes so long as C-SPAN is attributed as the source of the video.”
    So that’s the atmosphere out there in internet radio-land the past two days!
    Last year Facebook shut down Mitchell’s radio-video page there out of the blue & without notice & for no reason. I don’t know if he was “suing” them in the interim, but in the past 2 months or so he tweeted they had an FB streaming page again.
    I’m not a fan of Periscope, it’s such a bloated hog of a site. He has tweeted that even Periscope, during YVA’s live programs, had begun disconnecting about half of his audience, so that the head-count drops down to half of what it was, not to mention that half of the audience then has to try to reconnect & catch up.
    Simple .MP3 audio files would be fine w/me. 🙂
    “And now you know the rest of the story.”
    (Paul Harvey 1918-2009)


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