70 Years Ago Today

The following is an adaptation of a previous post concerning the tragic events that took place on December 07, 1941:

President Roosevelt’s speech to the nation:

Seventy years ago, America saw a great evil and, in near unison, rose up and removed that evil’s shadow from the face of the Earth.
That was nearly a lifetime ago, and this was a very different America.
I fear we shall never see the likes of that America again.

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8 years ago

Thank God for the brave men that served and sacrificed back then. My eldest uncles (now all since passed) always spoke of this at Christmas gatherings. Two of my uncles went on to serve because of this event. Wish I would have paid more attention to their conversations back then.
Today’s generation (OWS fools) would have waved the white flag….

Rich Young
8 years ago

Maybe the BIRTH CERTIFICATE got destroyed too?

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
8 years ago

A day that will live in infamy – Obama’s election!

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
8 years ago

Most of the world would wave the white flag today. Wait’ll China attacks the West and they won’t have much opposition except from the usual few brave souls who will sacrifice themselves for the wasters! It will be a quick world war. Time to pray and hope He comes soon.