70-year-old overcomes home intruder with bare hands

Mike SalameDon’t mess with this 70-year-old dude!
CBS Boston reports that Michael Salame, 70, of Gardner, Mass., has eight heart stents, nerve damage, but a ferocious right hook.
Last Saturday at about 3 a.m., Salame was at home with his wife, Elaine Smith, and heard something outside.
A burglar, 24-year-old Timothy Adams, had shattered a window and climbed inside Salame’s home.

Timothy AdamsHome intruder-burglar Timothy Adams

Salome called 911, but did not turn any lights on, not wanting to spook the intruder.
As recounted by Salome: “He came in and that’s when I grabbed him by the throat and slammed him down on the floor and told him to stay on the floor and not to put his hands in his pockets. I didn’t know if he had a knife or a gun on him.”
Adams, with a bloodied nose, offered $100,000 if Salame would let him go.
Salame refused (as if this punk actually had $100,000!).
Adams’ mom claims her son was drunk that night and woke up in jail not remembering anything. Yeah, right. [snark]

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Finally, someone to be proud of in Massachusetts!


Now that was a nice bedtime story.. 😀


But he probably damaged Timothy Adams’ self esteem!


If he did that at 70 w / his medical condition , he must have been one tough hombre at 35 .
Hey Momsie , why didn’t use the old standby excuse : ” Oh , he’s a good boy , he just fell in with the wrong crowd ” ?