70-year-old overcomes home intruder with bare hands

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Mike SalameDon’t mess with this 70-year-old dude!
CBS Boston reports that Michael Salame, 70, of Gardner, Mass., has eight heart stents, nerve damage, but a ferocious right hook.
Last Saturday at about 3 a.m., Salame was at home with his wife, Elaine Smith, and heard something outside.
A burglar, 24-year-old Timothy Adams, had shattered a window and climbed inside Salame’s home.

Timothy AdamsHome intruder-burglar Timothy Adams

Salome called 911, but did not turn any lights on, not wanting to spook the intruder.
As recounted by Salome: “He came in and that’s when I grabbed him by the throat and slammed him down on the floor and told him to stay on the floor and not to put his hands in his pockets. I didn’t know if he had a knife or a gun on him.”
Adams, with a bloodied nose, offered $100,000 if Salame would let him go.
Salame refused (as if this punk actually had $100,000!).
Adams’ mom claims her son was drunk that night and woke up in jail not remembering anything. Yeah, right. [snark]


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0 responses to “70-year-old overcomes home intruder with bare hands

  1. Finally, someone to be proud of in Massachusetts!

  2. But he probably damaged Timothy Adams’ self esteem!

  3. If he did that at 70 w / his medical condition , he must have been one tough hombre at 35 .
    Hey Momsie , why didn’t use the old standby excuse : ” Oh , he’s a good boy , he just fell in with the wrong crowd ” ?


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