7 Wonders of the World

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H/t beloved Wendy ♥

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0 responses to “7 Wonders of the World

  1. Why was this posted at 3 in the morning? Are you a corporate front that gets its material by overnight delivery?

    • HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa
      Paranoid liberal, WordPress enables writers to SCHEDULE ahead of time when (date and time) we want our posts to be published. What a maroon….

      • contd.
        As for being “corporate” owned, you’re downright funny. I founded this blog on Dec. 23, 2009. I and all the writers of Fellowship of the Minds devote our time, energy, heart, mind and soul to this blog at no – ZERO – pay. That’s because I want total freedom and autonomy to write what we want to write, and to be accountable to no master. Although recently we did get an e-mail offer to buy FOTM for a whopping $1,500. ROFLMAO

    • What is wrong w/you? Honestly, what kind of person actually looks at what time something is posted? If it bothers you….quit reading the blog!

  2. out of the mouths of babes the truth shall be told amen

  3. I’m up at 3am….just checking the woodstove 🙂
    …and listening to Coast to Coast (the commercials
    put me right back to sleep,lol’s)


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