7 reasons why Romney will win

We don’t want to have hubris, but battle-weary Conservatives also need a boost.

Here are hopeful words from Richard Viguerie, 79, a hardened and experienced veteran of countless political battles. A major American conservative figure, dubbed the “funding father” of modern conservative strategy in the United States for pioneering political direct mail. He is the current chairman of ConservativeHQ.com. He had supported the presidential candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul in 2008.

H/t my writer friend Robert K. Wilcox!


Most Conservatives Don’t See What I See

By Richard A. Viguerie | 10/23/12

Mitt Romney accomplished his most important job last night; he presented voters with a credible alternative to Barack Obama’s failed presidency.  Romney is now on a trajectory to win the election and perhaps pull a substantial number of Republicans along with him, but most conservatives don’t see what I see.

Yes, we have to work like we’ve never worked before, and run like Romney is three points behind to assure victory. But if we do, we will win, and win big.

Some of what I’m about to tell you may be counterintuitive, but here are seven reasons why Romney and the Republicans are going to win that you can use to reassure yourself, your friends, your fellow church members, and your family who are concerned about the future of America that if we do our part, Barack Obama is going to be defeated and Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States.

First: Conservatives are enthusiastically on board in the effort to defeat Obama and elect Romney.

While Mitt is a businessman, not a movement conservative, conservatives recognize that he has many personal instincts that are conservative, and Romney has come our direction on some issues and hasn’t picked gratuitous fights with conservatives (as John McCain often did) that would alienate grassroots conservative voters. Consequently, most all conservatives are now enthusiastically working for Romney.

Second: This enthusiasm to defeat Obama translates into more Republican intensity and more Republican voter turnout on Election Day.

Right now Romney has an 8 point lead in intensity.   72% of Democrats say they will definitely vote for Obama, 80% of Republicans say they will definitely vote for Romney.

Third: Obama is in trouble because he is the focus of the public conversation right now, and likely will remain so through Election Day.

It may be counterintuitive, but In the run up to the election you do not want your candidate to be the focus of the public conversation; you want the focus to be the opponent, his failures, flip-flops, outlandish positions, etc.  Right now Obama is losing support because the conversation is all about his poor performance in the first debate, the murders in Libya, the unemployment numbers, the stagnant economy, etc.

Fourth: The next unemployment number will be released on the Friday before the November 6 Election Day.

The economy remains the most important issue in the minds of most voters.  While no one is rooting against the economy, it is pretty clear that last month’s drop in unemployment was due to a statistical anomaly, not economic growth.  If unemployment goes back up, the last big story of the election will be the unemployment disaster.

Fifth: Going into the final two weeks of the campaign the Republican Party and GOP allied Super PACs have more money.

The Democratic National Committee is essentially broke – they just had to borrow $15 million.  Even though the Obama campaign has a 2 to 3 advantage in cash over the Romney campaign, that advantage is outweighed by the $50+ million in cash on hand the Republican National Committee has and the vast resources of the Republican-oriented Super PACs.

Sixth: A record number of Americans have expressed a preference for putting one party in control.

Voters are starting to tell pollsters they are tired of gridlock.  If they vote to fire Obama and elect Mitt Romney President they are more likely to vote for the Republican candidates down ballot, meaning Republicans will have a better chance of picking-up seats in the Senate, House and in the Governors’ mansions.

Seventh: For the first time in memory the GOP has a ground game comparable to the Democrats’ union driven ground game.

Because of the Tea Party, and its bottom up grassroots organization, Republicans are back in the business of grassroots politics.  This was decisive in the Wisconsin recall election and coupled with the Republican Party’s cash on hand guarantees that Governor Romney will not be swamped in Ohio and other key states by a union-funded get-out-the-vote effort.

When I weigh all these factors I think they add-up to a big year for Republicans.

President: Mitt Romney victory of 5% to 7% or more of the popular vote.

Governor: An additional 3 to 4 additional Republican Governors.

Senate: A GOP senate majority of 52 to 54 seats.

U.S. House of Representatives:  A Republican gain of 5 to 8 seats in the House

The electoral stars, as outlined above, are lining up in our favor.  Mitt Romney won the debate last night and has established himself as a credible alternative to a failed president voters already want to fire.

Now it is up to us. For the next two weeks we grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers must work like our candidate is three points behind and our only goal is to make sure that every voter who wants to fire Obama gets to the polls to do that on Election Day.

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Totally agree Grouchy. It happens every year around this time as well as summer time at the theme parks, the beach, ect. The same thing happens to fuel prices and again, maybe it’s just how my mind works, I don’t understand how people can not see these trends. Just a few months before vaction time fuel goes down, people get a warm fuzzy, families make plans, when it’s time to leave the price goes up. Same thing as your reference to the unemployment. You know as well as I that the number will go up. Maybe not a lot but… Read more »


God bless you Kathy for your convincing discussions! In any event, God bless you, your dad and all your family and loved ones!


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful and exciting post! Thank you also Mr. Wilcox for your help with this post. These seven reasons make absolute sense why Romney will win. Tomorrow, Ann Romney will be on the Rachel Ray show I think for most of the hour. She is going to talk about her family life and how to make “Mittloaf” (LOL). Ann has been a wonderful asset to her husband! Well, let’s all continue to work hard towards Romney’s sure election!


The picture of that cute little baby is adorable-he looks like he might grow up to be a 2 term president. He is crying because he is afraid what will happen to American if Romney and Ryan win the election and screw the American public and make themselves richer- if you think Romney is going to share the wealth- you are insane!!! Voting for romney makes trump and his associates in power and unless you are wealthy- he’s got nothing for you- wake up Republicans

John Conner
John Conner

LOL you bunch of losers 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀