7 of 10 black babies don’t have dads

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black AmericaCarol Morello reports for The Washington Post, May 1, 2013, that the latest Census Bureau report shows that single motherhood, while on a steady uptick since the 1940s, has accelerated in recent years. The birth rate for unmarried women in 2007 was up 80% in the almost three decades since 1980. But in the previous five years alone, between 2002 and 2007, it was up 20%.

Today, more than six out of 10 women who give birth in their early 20s are unmarried. Overall, 36% of all births in the United States were to unmarried mothers in 2011, the year that the census analyzed from answers provided in the American Community Survey.

Other findings from the report:

  • There are harp discrepancies in single mothers related to income, education and race.Women with college degrees and higher household incomes are far less likely to be single mothers than are women who have lower household incomes and less education.
  • In Washington, D.C., more than half of all births, 51%, were to unwed mothers. Maryland also had a higher rate than the national average, with 39% of all births out of wedlock.
  • Asian mothers were the least likely to be unmarried, with just 11% of new Asian mothers being single.
  • White single mothers also were below the national average, at 29%. Among
  • 43% of all new Hispanic mothers were unmarried.
  • The highest rate of unwed single mothers is among blacks: 68% of all African American women who had recently given birth were unmarried.

Study after study has shown that single motherhood is a recipe for poverty, which means more and more U.S. children, especially black children, are growing up in poverty.

And for that, there’s no one to blame but pop culture, the welfare state that replaces men as breadwinners, the irresponsible sperm-donors and the women themselves.

The Census Bureau attributes the long-term increase in single mothers in large part to changing norms for sexual behavior and a decrease in marriage rates.

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  1. Yes they do , his name is Wel Fare .

  2. Thanks for sharing these statistics. It’s a complex issue but I believe change will happen from the ground up. I think awareness and education are among the key tools to alleviating poverty too.

  3. Reblogged this on JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group and commented:
    Who pays for toddlers? Guess ?!!

  4. A harsh and sad truth. This is a recipe for disaster for the nuclear family and Christianity. The proverbial ‘canary in the mine’ for families in today’s society is the black “family”; which, by today’s standards, means mother and children (because the father is either incarcerated and having sex with other men or out practicing procreation with other females). Because it typically consists of a family removed from Christ, focused on anti-Christian entertainment through raunchy sex-filled “music” and corresponding videos and movies, and TV shows that focus on ‘who’s the daddy?’, drugs, alcohol, gangs, sex everywhere, abortion, babies born into a community that is greatly losing its ability to produce nuclear families, and a people who have become slaves to a political ideology of entitlement. The ‘if it feels good, do it’ mentality rages in the black community. The teachings about self-discipline, self-respect, and marriage between a man and woman through Christianity is almost unheard of. It starts and stops with the black woman and the value she places on herself through Christ. She can close her legs and wait until a ring is placed on her finger before ‘doing the deed’ and risking pregnancy.
    Feminism doesn’t teach or show young girls or women the importance of being chaste and modest and the dire consequences from not being chaste and modest, or the need to pray to God and focus on Christian values such as marriage and education and finances. Feminism has destroyed the womb of the black woman by telling her she doesn’t need a man or need to pray, she can have as much sex as she wants and as many abortions as she wants to support Planned Parenthood and that she can do it all on her own. I think the high numbers of black women with out of wedlock children represents the conflict she has between herself, feminism, and Christ. She wants to believe she can have as much sex as she has been told she can, but her conscience will not allow her to abort. If she is uneducated and impoverished, then welfare, instead of eugenics Planned Parenthood, will step in to parent the child through financial support. I wonder how many abortions and out of wedlock babies were the products of rape? It’s either high numbers of out of wedlock babies or high numbers of abortions…the common denominator here is irresponsible sex. I think a good example of a black woman who fell victim to feminist mantra but managed to pull herself from its viced grip through Christianity is Star Parker. She is now a great role model, not just for black girls, but for all girls, as to what happens when you don’t follow God’s path and what happens when you do.
    The more we, as a society, move away from Christ, the closer we move to fulfillment of satan’s desires instead of God’s desires for us. The black family is no exception, but the rule. The black family, I think, has been treated as one big social experiment in depravity. Obama feeds into the depravity with his new stance on homosexuals….which oddly enough all the pictures of obama as a young lad show him associating with nothing but males and he claimed in his pre-presidential book to have dated ONE woman who was white with green eyes and then all of a sudden, “Michelle” Obama shows up in a wedding dress (with a history of having dated ONE guy). I think the illusion of the obama family represents the true breakdown of the black family, which subsequently, will be the American family. It’s all one big scheme of schemes to push America into a deep abyss of hell and darkness away from the Triune God. I think, overall, America needs to stop being ‘Lambs to the slaughter’ and allowing itself to be lead by evil propaganda and anti-Christian values and step forward as a lion for Christ to reclaim her throne.

  5. It looks as if their motto is “Have fun & run!”

  6. How sad…

  7. Very Sad indeed but it is a harsh reality. The Welfare system used to pay single mothers more money for each additional child that she had. Five, six, 700 dollars or more in cash, food stamps for food, plus the housing voucher for Section 8 or low income housing, plus the wic voucher for milk. These WOMEN ARE LIVING THE LIFE. Who needs Mr. Williams around the house when you have Mr. Welfare?

  8. When the demographics shift like this, it means revolution is coming. The same thing happened in 19th Century Europe and led, indirectly, to two World Wars. (This is not the sole cause of those wars, but it was at least a supporting influence). Main Point: When the demographics change to this extent, the culture and the politics will inevitably change.
    Revolution is coming. It’s happening now.

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. I believe one of the reasons this is happening, is because the single mothers don’t want to get married to the fathers of their children, because they will lose important government benefits, notwithstanding that also as you mentioned, the current cultural norms find single mothers with children just a current state of affairs. It is not seen as a serious problem. I feel so sorry for the children caught in this quagmire.


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