6 of 10 Say Political Tone Had Nothing to Do With Arizona Shooting

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Mugshot of a psychopath, Jared Lee Loughner

The Left and the MSM cynically are making political and partisan hay from the Arizona massacre by an evil psychopath, Jared Lee Loughner. Most reprehensible of all is the sheriff in charge of the investigation into the shooting, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who has been yakking non-stop to the media since the massacre, blaming the TEA party, Sarah Palin, and the latest, Rush Limbaugh!
Happily, most Americans have better judgment than Sheriff Dupnik and are not falling for the spin.
A new CBS poll out today finds most Americans — nearly 6 in 10 — have concluded that partisan rhetoric and bickering blamed by the Left for the shootings, did not drive Loughner to murder.

The CBS poll, conducted by phone Sunday and Monday, surveyed 673 Americans. The results are:

  • Of the 673 Americans who were surveyed, 57% said “the harsh political tone had nothing to do with the shooting,” compared to 32% who believe it did.
  • Republicans were far more likely to see no connection (69%) than Democrats who were more evenly split.
  • Even among the Democrats however, nearly half (49%) saw no connection; 42% did.
  • Among Independents, 56% saw no connection, vs. 33% who say words did play a role.

[Source: CBS News Poll: Americans Don’t Connect Rhetoric To Arizona Shooting,” by Mark Joyella, Mediaite, January 11th, 2011.]

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0 responses to “6 of 10 Say Political Tone Had Nothing to Do With Arizona Shooting

  1. They will blame everybody but themselves. Here is a great article that depicts where the blame should lie!!!
    It is well worth the read. I don’t want to take up too much space by copying & posting it here although the author gave permission. It is definitely something to think about!!!

  2. Who said Demo-rats ever represented or knew what We the People wanted? (Left/libtards were just itchin’ to launch into “those poor deranged veterans… it’s all Bush’s fault” until they found the guy couldn’t even enlist.) Alkinsky-itis (crass political “there is only the fight” opportunism) doesn’t exactly endear them to folk either.

  3. Hi Eowyn,
    Thank you so much for your concern and prayers. I just got back yesterday and am now playing catch up.
    I had a fantastic time and what surprised me the most is, even in the midst of frigid cold temps and snow, my pain level did not increase one iota as I feared it would. The Lord is sooo good!
    My youngest granddaughter is a real comic and I could watch her 24/7. Her little prayers were so precious to hear as I am sure they were to the Lord’s ears as well. I hadn’t seen her since she was just a year old. She walked around singing Grama is pwetty and bootifo….LOL. She danced and sang and did Kung fu fighting.
    The Lord is restoring the relationship between my sister & I which I am grateful for. It was a fantastic time of family togetherness and prayer. I believe the Lord is guiding me to move back to Iowa. All my family and friends are so happy for this. I have been missed much more than I realized. As I said…the Lord is so good!
    I am however glad to be out of the frigid temps even if only for awhile! Thank you for asking. I trust that your Holy day was magnificent and full of blessings? Have a Happy New Year and I will be praying that this year finds you all wrapped even tighter in the arms of Yeshua!

    • Wow, so many good news, Patriot Angel! Hallelujah!
      Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. May they rise to Him on feathered wings. 🙂

  4. I blame the Arizona shooting on the shooter.
    But if you’re looking for someone who may have been an enabler in all this, you might want to start taking a really hard look at Sheriff Dipstick, who seems to be doing his damndest to deflect attention away from him.

    • Got that right Dave….he knew about this guy and the lunatic was able to get a gun? He’s a failure looking to cover his you-know-what.

  5. You know…to further prove that the above article is true, when I went back home, I had a long talk with one of my daughters friends.
    She tried to commit suicide…twice… and they took away her kids.
    The story goes like this. She told her doctor she had been depressed. Her doc sent her to another doc who put her on a bunch of meds. That is when she tried to commit suicide. That is when her kids were taken. My daughter took all her meds and stayed with her while she withdrew from them and she came back to her old self.
    They are telling her unless she takes the prescribed meds they will not give her kids back yet is was the meds that put her in the state of mind to commit suicide in the first place.
    Now, I have her seeing a constitutional attorney who is helping her fight for her rights. She is back to her old self and can now see light at the end of the tunnel, Hope in the Lord, and gratitude that her best friend has an intelligent mother…LOL.
    Sometimes…all one needs is a change in diet and a friend!

  6. As for Jared Lee Loughner, I’d say he’d seen Taxi Driver too many times (definitely Travis Bickle-ish) but he’s probably too young to have seen it or have it on DVD. “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? …” (I’d post a clip from YouTube, but– per ’70s drama “realism”– everything memorable from that movie has DeNiro saying the F-word).

  7. I don’t think political tone had a thing to do with this. However, if it did, fingers could be pointed in thousands of directions , ALL liberal.

  8. the slimey left commie wing have ZERO credibility

  9. that’s good BKeyser!!!!!

  10. The illogical and absurd stretch that is being made by the liberal media is another ongoing deceptive technique.
    At the National Judicial College, we were taught about an important concept called, “material fallacies.” These fallacies are an attempt to get a trier of fact away from the real issues set before a trier in fact. In this case, the triers of fact are the American people as to whether or not the deranged and/or possessed killer committed his atrocities as a result of “right wing” rhetoric. If this is the case as Linda points out, the fingers could be pointed out in multiple directions, as this perpetrator idolized everything evil, Hitler and Communism, to which his altar is venerated. What does this have to do with conservatives and Republicans, notwithstanding making any leap that rhetoric has anything at all to do with this individual’s actions!
    It is unconscionable that a sheriff would come to such an absurd conclusion given his supposed devotion to evidence and real facts. Get real! Jared Loughner is devoted to evil which is promulgated by the devil and evil men, which devotion to evil can be combined with obvious mental illness making him completely vulnerable to evil.


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