500 reasons why you shouldn't mess with a porcupine

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Bella Mae is a three-year-old bulldog from Oklahoma. She tangled with a porcupine and was left with 500 quills stuck in her face. Veterinarians in Norman undertook emergency surgery to remove the prickly spines from her head and her feet, although some of the quills are still inside her body.


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0 responses to “500 reasons why you shouldn't mess with a porcupine

  1. That makes me nauseated it looks so painful!

  2. Bet she won’t ever do that again.
    Poor girl.

  3. i had to put down a sled-dog that tried to eat a porky…
    once the needles enter the soft upper palate…they’re done.
    The DNR (department of natural resources) used to catch and
    dump them out here because we were just the right distance from
    town and they figured lot’s of porcupines would keep each other
    company…they did. I still like porcupines…but somebody shot them
    all….now , if only someone would take care of the misguided
    Nature Nazis from dumping coons ,coyotes and whatever critters
    they catch and consider to be a relocation candidate.

  4. Poor Bella….

  5. Poor pup! I hope they gave her lots of pain medication.

  6. Ow. 🙁

  7. Protecting a friend he did

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