.50 Cal at 1,000 yds. Umm, not what I think he had in mind.

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OK all you wanna be snipers. This shot was taken at 1,000 yds with a .50 Cal into Steel plate. umm don’t think this is what he expected.
~Steve~                                  H/T  Terry.

Just found this. Pretty Kule!!

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  1. When firing at any resistant surface w/a high-power firearm, it is crucial to first determine the angle of incidence, as it is the same as the angle of reflection, assuming a reasonably even contiguous surface. Clearly the shooter failed to take this into account. I wish that stupid people –as opposed to the ignorant, who may be willing to learn– would soon commit terminal acts before they hurt any one else, other than their stupid selves. This is an excellent demonstration of why common sense is so uncommon….

  2. neat toy, back in the day we just had ma duce with a hundred round belt

  3. And a happy “Hehehehehhe!” to you too, Steve-O!

  4. Ouch.

  5. That must of smarted…too funny.
    Second vid, def cool!

  6. Wow, that’s a long-*ss richochet! Holy cow, he’s lucky to be alive. Never saw anything like it, but I would think anyone who doesn’t have sniper expertise wouldn’t have a clue that something would come back that far. I wouldn’t have (but I’m a woman with minimal shooting skills, so yeah.)


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