5-year-old forced to sign ‘suicide contract’ at school

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Local15tv:  A Mobile mother is not happy about a controversial Mobile County School contract her daughter signed without her consent. The contract promises that her daughter will not kill or injure herself and others. Rebecca is angry.
“This isn’t right. She’s 5-years-old,” said Rebecca. Rebecca did not want Local 15 News to use her last name.

E.R. Dickson Principal Katryna Kinn

E.R. Dickson Principal Katryna Kinn

She said E R Dickson School officials crossed the line when they had her daughter sign a Mobile County Public Safety Contract without her being present. Rebecca said, “Most of these words on here, she’s never heard in her life.”
School officials told Rebecca they had to send Elizabeth home after an incident in class.  “They told me she drew something that resembled a gun,” said Rebecca. “According to them she pointed a crayon at another student and said, ‘pew pew,” said Rebecca.
She said her child was given a questionnaire to evaluate her for suicidal thoughts.   “[They] Asked her if she was depressed now,” said Rebecca. Without her permission, Rebecca said her child was given the Mobile County Public School Safety Contract to sign stating she wouldn’t kill herself or others. “While I was in the lobby waiting they had my 5-year-old sign a contract about suicide and homicide,” said Rebecca.
According to state law, minors cannot legally sign a contract. “There should be a different way to handle this situation. If this is protocol it needs to be looked at again,” said Rebecca. Local 15 News contacted school officials to see what the proper protocol is when handling “violent-like” behavior. Local 15 News has not heard back.
“My child interrupted us and said, ‘What is suicide mommy? Daddy what is suicide?” said Rebecca. “As a parent that’s not right. I’m the one should be able to talk to my child and not have someone else mention words like this in front of her at all.” Rebecca is pushing to have the incident removed from her child’s record. She said school officials have requested Elizabeth see a psychiatrist. She believes that is unnecessary.
Mobile County Public Schools Superintendent Martha Peek

Mobile County Public Schools Superintendent Martha Peek

Here’s a “statement” from the Mobile County Public Schools:
“This past week, concern about the use of a personal safety protocol was brought to the attention of school and system administrators. Immediate action was taken to address the issue. As a result of a review, the protocol is being revised and the use of the related safety form has been discontinued.

During the review of the school use of the protocol, it was determined that the counselor who used the system protocol interacted with the student in a caring manner. The counselor had an age-appropriate conversation with the student and did not use the terminology on the personal safety form. The counselor met with the student’s mother to share the information regarding the interaction with the student.
The safety and well-being of our students is always a top priority. Parents are encouraged to communicate and work directly with their local school and the central office to expedite resolutions regarding the delivery of services and support.”
Contact information for these “educators”:
E.R. Dickson Principal Kinn: (251) 221-1180.
Mobile County Public Schools Superintendent’s Office: (251) 221-4394.


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0 responses to “5-year-old forced to sign ‘suicide contract’ at school

  1. Unbelievable! If the poor little girl didn’t need a shrink before–after being screwed around by these folks, she just might.

  2. “school officials have requested Elizabeth see a psychiatrist” No, they have it backwards, it is the school “officials” that need a psychiatrist, likely for paranoid schizophrenia, and possibly psychosis. Obviously a minor cannot legally sign a contract as such, if they push that a minor “can” sign such a contract, then it would open the doors for a minor to consent to other “adult” matters, such as consenting to sexual intercourse, one wonders if those officials are trying for that goal, whether knowingly or ignorantly…

  3. By mental if you mean insane then the answer is yes.

  4. Dr. Jody is NOT an “obstetrics professor.” She is a Dr. of Death. She is a professor preaching and teaching “euthanasia,” (which is just a euphamism for murder of the soon-to-be-born or ailing, or approaching-a clinical end of life.). I can’t figure out how states can debate and/or ban capital punishment ….but allow/promote/teach abortion. No sense to this legal “balancing act.” To my mind, either BOTH have to make sense…or NEITHER make sense….but you can’t have a split decision on this one. The caveat is….the soon-to-be -born have not damaged society with a an act that was legally judged worthy of the death penalty. The other guys/gals on death row WERE judged so after such acts, by a jury trial, according to our system of government

    • Sorry—I posted this to the “U of CA Course on Abortion….etc….” I don’t know how it ended up here. 🙂 But since I’m here…and I work in a school system…I’d say that something is rotten in Denmark.. Forcing a pre-reader to “sign” a statement is like determining if someone was innocent or guilty during the Salem Witch Trials by holding their head under water: if they lived, they were guilty, if they died, they were innocent. Same logic/method of application to a pre-reader.

  5. How did this comment end up in this venue? I wrote it in reply to another. Weird!

  6. How about sending the kiddies home with a thank-you note to parents for their love and caring!! We do live in one crazy world anymore….

  7. Thank you, DCG, for bringing this to our attention. What the school is doing to this 5-year-old girl is CHILD ABUSE.
    The girl “drew something that resembled a gun…pointed a crayon at another student and said, ‘pew pew'” “school officials have requested Elizabeth see a psychiatrist”
    We have reached the dangerous low point in American society where just thinking and behaving differently, not in accordance with the Left’s Political Correctness, is deemed to be a psychopathology or, worse, criminal.
    The girl’s parents should sue the school. A lawsuit is the only language that some people understand.
    And where’s the NRA on this? [sound of crickets]

  8. Too many educators earning their degree via U of S…that is..University of Satan.


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