5 disturbing things about Apple Inc.

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Did you know that the retail price of the first Apple computer was $666.66?
Price of first Apple computer $666
Reporting for the UK’s Independent on October 22, 2014, James Vincent wrote:

The Apple-1 […] is one of fifty hand-assembled by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in [Steve] Jobs’ family garage in 1976. It was the first pre-assembled computer ever made (they usually came as kits) and is credited by many tech historians as kick-starting the PC revolution. […]
The original Apple-1 computers were sold to San Francisco electronics retailer Byte Shop and were put on sale for $666.66 apiece. Wozniak reportedly chose the price for two reasons: it was a mark-up of a third on the parts’ cost and because he “liked repeating digits”.

But the “repeating digits” that Wozniak favored just happened to be the digits of 666, the Mark of the Beast. What a coincidence! /sarc
There are more things that should disturb us about Apple, in addition to the price of the first Apple computer. The video below points to the following:

  1. Apple’s logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it, which is suggestive of the forbidden fruit in that first garden — the apple that Eve and Adam bit, in direct disobedience against God’s explicit command.
  2. The $666.66 price of the first Apple computer.
  3. Is the “i” of Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad a homonym for the single-eye Illuminati symbol?
  4. An Apple store was built in the shape of a pyramid — another Illuminati symbol. (There is an Apple retail store under the glass pyramid that dominates Napoleon’s courtyard at the grand entrance of the Louvre Museum in France.)
  5. Another Apple symbol is the cube, which signifies the Illuminati’s Saturn worship.

The rest of the video makes a case for Apple — and information technology — being used as tools to familiarize and brainwash us in transhumanism.

What do you think?
See also “Hollywood conditioning the masses for soulless transhumans“.

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0 responses to “5 disturbing things about Apple Inc.

  1. Vigilant Citizen is a great site, and it preaches that “the world is run by symbols, not words.” There is too much coincidence with Apple here. All right, I get it: They’re capitalizing on the symbolism.
    “666” may be “the Mark of the Beast,” but, ultimately, it is the number of Man. As in “man” being over God.
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have changed the world forever—even moreso than Henry Ford. But I refuse to buy Apple products because they run SLAVE FACTORIES IN CHINA. Supporting our evil system is, alas, inescapable at this point, but Apple has proved itself to be OFFENDER # 1.
    I own an HP pavilion. It’s four years old, and I’m going to be buying another laptop soon. I’m sure every company on Earth is linked to an evil system (after all, we’re living in an Anti-Christ system), but I will give my money to another company. Even HP has done a lot of good.
    I will never buy a Ford until they close all their plants in Mexico, either.

    • My first comment ‘disappeared.’ Sorry if this is a duplicate.
      Sorry, Steven, but I disagree. (Guess I’m gonna alienate a few ppl here…) I have always bought Ford and Apple. ‘My car was built with wrenches, not chopsticks!’ (Loved that one on Facebook!) and Apple Macs are User Friendly. Period. Worth the money. You get what you pay for. Thank God we live in America where we are free to choose. At least for now.

  2. Five out of five, you are on to something. Steve, slave factories is another reason I avoid Apple.

  3. The Illumininati sense of humour [NOT!] is very twisted & full of double entendre, some more perverted than others. Still, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this instance, as I think it was just marketing the business, as usual.
    Fifty years ago, when I was reading & trying to make sense of Sigmund Freud’s writings, there was a great anecdote told by himself about himself! As most of you know, he was a smoker of cigars, several ,a day, even during lectures at the University where he taught before WW2. During one of these, an impertinent student got up and challenged the old boy, saying “You tell us that a cigar is a phallic symbol, and you are heterosexual, yet you smoke them incessently!”
    There was a considerable silence as Dr Freud thought, and then said after exhaling, “Yes, that’s true. But sometimes it’s just a good cigar!”
    And I think that this is what we have here, in many cases.

    • “Yes, that’s true. But sometimes it’s just a good cigar!”
      A good Freudian analyst would say that Sigmund Freud’s defense mechanism was working full throttle.
      That’s just one of the problems with acolytes of the fuzzy pseudo-science of psychoanalysis: The practitioners are adept at analyzing and pigeonholing others, but somehow their “theories” never apply to themselves.

      • Yes, that’s true, BUT to an addict –I mean, an aficionado!– a good cigar is a good cigar.
        While I don’t understand how ingesting cancerous-laden smoke is a ‘good’ experience, some believe it is, and Freud made a joke at his expense, for which I can allow him. It won’t hurt me unless I’m in the same room w/2nd hand smoke!

        • It’s not about cigar being carcinogenic. The point — as you presented it — is that Freud conveniently exempted himself from his own Freudian “theory” (it’s not a genuine scientific theory; it’s not even a hypothesis because it’s not testable as proven by Freud exempting himself) that cigars are phallic symbols, which means men smoking cigars are repressed homosexuals symbolically fellating another man.

    • I resemble that remark, as Groucho Marx would say!
      Psychoanalysis is a fraud that doesn’t work. Not as Freud promised, anyway. Freud based his psychoanalysis on the Cabala, in large part. Dr. Abraham Low was the author of “Mental Health Through Will Training.” It’s been a few years since I read it, but his approach is more cognitive-behavioral, and he holds it as a better approach.
      I’ve been through psychoanalysis. Take my word for it: It didn’t work for me, as far as changing my behavior or general overall mood was concerned.

  4. 6. Applegoober cultists that get on their $2000+ MacBook Pros then bitch and moan and moan and bitch incessantly about the “evils” of capitalism.
    Talk about annoying.

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    It should not be that hard for any one to see how this new age computer technology with its elimination of actual physical currency and complete loss of privacy will be at the heart of the “New World Order”, “One World Government”, a.k.a. antiChrist.

  6. Suppose I let you in on a dark illuminatist secret that each individual’s identity must be transformed into an everything-else by this evolving techno-human super-organism, where fulfillment becomes loss of self; that “science” can overcome the “clumsy” first mistakes of directing human evolution into a totalitarian super-organism ruled by “science” and described as “planetization”; that sin and perennial Church teaching are outdated concepts that must be discarded or revised to conform not only to scientific theory but to the theory of the evolution of everything, which is that all, including dogma, is flux and changing by nature? Actually these are just a few tenets of Teilhard de Chardin’s pantheistic, gnostic religion that like a wolf in sheep’s clothing still calls itself Christian, with the caveat that it must itself evolve, as the Cosmic Christ is Himself evolving, just like everything else. Darwinian evolution is what’s false, of course, making efforts to undermine perennial teaching through talk of aggiornamento or what mankind is evolving toward doubly so. Sorry for the rant, but this nobody Catholic is not jumping aboard that train.

    • You raise a very important point on Teilhard. He was a fake phony fraud, and the “Piltdown Man” he worked on was uncovered to be a total fraud some years back (back in the 1980s, if I recall correctly). Yes, Teilhard WAS a pantheist, which is a species of atheism, and a possible channel to New Age thinking.
      Years ago in college, I had a theology professor, Dr. Bulman. He specialized in the theology of Bultmann and Schillebeeckx, writing his thesis on one of them. After all these years, if I met him again (he died in 2013), I would tell him, “If you’re not satisfied with the Catholic Church, no one is holding a knife to your throat making you stay here.” Either you’re Catholic or you’re Protestant; You cannot be both. (My late Mother knew that much, and converted as a teenager).
      The fraud of Vatican II is not that the Church is trying to be “friends with the World.” (No rapproachment is possible). Rather, it WAS infiltrated by Illuminati and Masonic forces. Teilhard was a foil. I have also read that he was demonically possessed, and I believe it.

  7. I’ve had HPs and Dells and a number of my friends and associates have used other PCs. I was “sold” on them for years and then my younger brother introduced me to Apple. I was highly impressed….and I’m well known for yawning at a sales pitch…., so much so that I bought a MacBook Pro and later I purchased a couple of Macs with 27″ screens for business. Since then I’ve worn out a couple of MBPros and I’ve never had a virus, paid for firewalls and all “malware” has been easily corralled and scrubbed from my machines.
    Say what you want and apply all of the symbolism you desire but Apple products are far, far superior to anything that the PC market tries to sell and if that were not so the company wouldn’t be where it is today.
    There is no hocus-pocus or evil occult influence that is driving Apple’s success…..just great products, intuitive ease of use, fewer problems and excellent service.

    • Thanks, Jack. I concur.

    • well said jack! great products-user friendly-excellent customer service.
      got my first mac in early 90’s. yes, one (and only one) virus: it was called the “mac worm”..destroyed nothing and easily bannished once i realized it was there.
      once you go mac, you never go back.

  8. As for the apple byte/bite that Adam and Eve had taken is false. The Bible never said what the fruit was.

    • Kevin J Lankford

      No one here has said that the apple was not just symbolic, but all technology serves satan in the end, as technology and science is satan’s answer to man’s desire and search for divinity in lieu of Gods own grace.

      • Good grief Kevin. God gave us intellect…some of us anyway….and civilization has progressed from using stone and wood tools, etc., to its capabilities today in every field. Technology and science are NOT satanic and were it not for T and S you wouldn’t be able to condemn it on your computer.

  9. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for sharing this expose of Apple. As an Apple user since 1989, I take Apple’s odd history seriously. As stated by some others on this thread, due to the quality of the machines and their compatibility with my art and design work, I will likely continue being an Apple user. I am neither an Apple cultist, nor am I in a position to move to another type of computer, but always realize that we are way too dependent on all our electronic toys.

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. Clearly, the five factors you set forth cannot just be coincidence. There is definitely a pattern of communication. I find it “noteworthy” and an indictment, in and of itself of Apple’s choices to communicate to the public what they are about.


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