4th Grader's Letter to Charlotte Iserbyt

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I’m posting this with Charlotte’s permission.  The website referred to in this letter is  https://deliberatedumbingdown.com/
Click on the letter to enlarge.   Enjoy!  ~LTG

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0 responses to “4th Grader's Letter to Charlotte Iserbyt

  1. What a smart little girl! I hope the teacher took her suggestions.

  2. Naomi Mock gives me hope for the future. 😀

  3. her spelling still needs a bit of help, but her head is screwed on straight and tight. good luck naomi mock, read everything you can get your hands on, and you’ll educate yourself no matter what happens in school. rudyard kipling’s “just so stories” are a great place to start, they were written for his own children when they were just about your age

  4. Of course the children are smart with eager little minds wanting to learn and absorb and our schools today are training them like Pavlov’s dogs rather than teaching them. It’s all been planned. Anyone who is interested in learning how and why this was done (Reagan signed the US/Soviet Education Agreement) can go on Amazon.com and buy Charlotte’s new revised and abridged book which has all the important information included. The book is as the youngster stated in his letter, THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA. Find out why our children can’t count, can’t read, know no geography, can’t spell and haven’t a clue of history. It’s all in Charlotte Iserbyt’s book. Buy it…and make sure you get your children out of the government schools.

  5. grannie,
    i’m 75 now, but i still read kipling, and sing some of his poems as songs, “gentleman rankers” a favourite after a couple of drinks. (it goes perfectly to the “wiffenpoof song”.) “gods of the copybook headings” and “the old issue” seem particularly pointed now, lets hope it does not go to “mcdonough’s song”.

  6. grouchy fogie,
    right, “tommy”, another favourite, “…but it’s ‘special train for atkins’, when the troopers on the tide…”, and “boots, boots, boots movin’ up and down again, there’s no discharge in the war…”

  7. Charlie Shanvavrek

    I don’t think telling a little girl to read books with a freemason agenda is a good idea, like people have done here. But of course, there are freemason designs automatically incorporated into the profile pictures here. It’s very disturbing.


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