43 suspected mistresses found in RFK Jr.’s phone

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Kennedy and Hines (r) with the famous womanizer Clinton.

Kennedy and Hines (r) with the famous womanizer Clinton.

NY Post: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. kept a list of dozens of women filed under the letter “G” in his cellphone, a code that his late wife believed stood for “goomah,” the Italian slang for mistress. Two of the women listed in this digital blackbook factor into what should be an interesting summer for the environmental activist and son of the slain US senator.
The first is “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines, whom Kennedy began dating the year they both filed for divorce. The two plan to wed soon.
The other is Greenwich, Conn., homemaker Chelsea Chapman Kirwan, who has been romantically linked to Kennedy in her headline-grabbing divorce battle.
Robert did "everything" he could to help Mary

Robert did “everything” he could to help Mary

Kennedy’s late wife, Mary Richardson, shared several lists of suspected “other women” with a friend two months before she committed suicide in May 2012.
There were so many women, some with the same first name, that they had to be distinguished by profession or city.
While Kennedy didn’t have a gal in every port, he did seem to have friends in many places. At least five women were from Toronto; one was in Paris; others were in Palm Beach, Fla., Alaska, Aspen, Colo., Miami, Montreal, Cleveland and Pensacola, Fla. One woman had the notation “airplane” after her name, another “farm,” and another “teacher.” One was cryptically known as “Z.”
Richardson believed her philandering husband also used aliases to hide his own identity when traveling. “Robert Strong” was a favorite pseudonym, she told her friend.
The couple, who had married in 1994, was in the midst of a nasty divorce when Richardson, 52, hanged herself at their home in Bedford, Westchester County. She suffered from depression and struggled with alcoholism.
Kennedy’s name was dragged into another divorce battle last month when he was alleged to be the “other man” in Kirwan’s divorce from plastic surgeon Laurence Kirwan.
Laurence Kirwan believed his 42-year-old wife was having an affair with Kennedy, whom she met at a Westchester gym, a confidant of the surgeon told The Post. The couple separated in July 2012, but Laurence Kirwan believed the relationship began several months earlier, while Richardson was still alive, the friend said.
Kennedy and Kirwan

Kennedy and Kirwan

Cellphone records showed Chelsea Kirwan and Kennedy spoke five times a day in the summer of 2012, according to the friend, who said Kennedy, 60, could be called as a witness in the divorce case.
Chelsea Kirwan is supposed to testify on July 22 in a Stamford, Conn., court hearing. Her name and number were copied off Kennedy’s Sprint Samsung phone by Richardson.
When contacted by The Post, the mother of four asked to know where her name fell on the list and whether there was any notation beside it. She would not comment about her relationship with Kennedy.
There were 43 names and numbers on the “G” list, which was alphabetical by first name. Another list had names but no phone numbers.
Several women on the roster contacted by The Post said they had met Kennedy through his work as an environmental lawyer and activist. One woman described Kennedy as a “big flirt” and said Richardson was suspicious of her. Another called Kennedy a “charming and talented man” but said they had not been romantic.
Kennedy had a history of meticulously documenting his conquests, keeping notes of women’s names in the back of annual ledgers along with numbers from 1 to 10. Richardson told a friend that the numbers referred to sexual acts, with 10 being intercourse.
Richardson found the thick red journals in the couple’s home. The Post reviewed copies of Kennedy’s diaries from 1999, 2000 and 2001. There were 37 women in the 2001 ledger alone, 16 of whom had 10s next to their names.
Kennedy was apparently tortured by his own behavior. On some days, Kennedy listed the names of two or three women. On other days, he wrote “victory,” which meant he avoided temptation.
In his 2001 journal, Kennedy often portrayed himself as a victim, saying he was “mugged” by women. In one instance, he wrote that he “narrowly escaped being mugged” by a team of two women. “It was tempting but I prayed and God gave me the strength to say no,” he wrote.
He wrote on May 21, 2001, that he “got mugged on my way home” from Manhattan and noted the name of a woman with a 10 next to it.
That year, Kennedy wrote of struggling with “my greatest defect . . . my lust demons.” He wrote that he had to “avoid the company of women. You have not the strength to resist their charms.”
But it’s clear that Kennedy’s struggles continued.
His late wife told her friend that when the couple was seeing Manhattan therapist Sheenah Hankin in 2006, Kennedy went through a “process of disclosure” and spilled the names of dozens of women with whom he had affairs. Richardson thought that by 2012, that number had increased exponentially.
Hankin confirmed that Richardson was her client at the time but would not comment on “confidential information obtained from clients.” Kennedy, through a spokesman, refused to comment.
He said last year that the 2001 diary “served as a tool for self-examination and for dealing with my spiritual struggles at the time. It also contains unedited, unfiltered stream-of-consciousness musings about current events and people.”
Kennedy and Hines were engaged in May and, The Post reported, are to be married at the Kennedy family’s annual summer reunion in Hyannis Port, Mass. His wife is buried little more than two miles away from the famous family compound.
Kennedy has six children, four with Richardson and two from his first marriage. Hines has a 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.
“We share the same values. Family first,” Hines said last spring.

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  1. Huh. When a man has this many mistresses… his moral character doesn’t tell me he is above murder of his wife. Suicide, huh? Or murder made to look like suicide?

  2. https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/07/mary-richardson-kennedy-death-suicide-robert/ This article says that her hands between her neck and the noose… indicate she didn’t want to die by hanging.
    “Westchester County Medical Examiner Dr. Kunjlata Ashar said in the report the troubled 52-year-old architect had bruised fingers and blue fingernails, indicating a possible struggle to stop the fatal process.”
    There’s evidence she fought her hanging death. I am not convinced she was not murdered.

  3. And yet, knowing full well Junior’s compulsive pathological womanizing, horse-faced D-list actress Cheryl Hines not only stayed with him but is now engaged to be married, so determined is she to be a “Kennedy.” Hines deserves what’s coming to her.

  4. Is this surprising? The whole Northeast, especially Mass and New York, are run by a corrupt Democrat machine. He’s a convicted felon and he still has a law license? Go figger.

  5. I love in the first photo how Bobby is already cutting Cheryl out of the picture. . . 😉
    Horseface Hines thought that she was the next Marilyn, so she treated Mary like Jackie, BUT…Bobby treated Cheryl like she was Just Joan.
    I still can’t stop lmao and lol…
    I hear that they are registered at the CDC and they are honeymooning in Connecticut at Bobbys Mistress of two years divorce and custody hearing.

  6. traildustfotm

    “horse-faced D-list actress”

    I love it! 😀

  7. I guess this “sexual addiction” thing is a multi-generation mental aberration in the males of the Kennedy family. What woman of sound mind would let herself in for this kind of crap? Certainly, claiming to be a “Kennedy” is not so enticing. The stupidity of certain women can be found to be so astonishing. And yes, one has to consider the various “deaths” of women who associated with Kennedy men needs to be considered.

  8. I guess Kennedy gets more sympathy votes as a widower than a serial adulterer in divorce court. Pretty sick females to get involved with this clan.

  9. Lust is a powerful force! Every man has to “fight his demons,” as it were, and I wish Mr. Kennedy all the courage in the world. He’s going to need it.

  10. “While Kennedy didn’t have a gal in every port, he did seem to have friends in many places. At least five women were from Toronto; one was in Paris; others were in Palm Beach, Fla., Alaska, Aspen, Colo., Miami, Montreal, Cleveland and Pensacola, Fla.”
    RFK, Jr. must have listened to too much Ricky Nelson when he was young…
    Ricky Nelson – 1960
    I`m a travelin` man
    I`ve made a lot of stops all over the world
    And in every port I own the heart
    Of at least one lovely girl
    I`ve a pretty Seniorita waiting for me
    Down in old Mexico
    If you`re ever in Alaska stop and see
    My cute little Eskimo
    Oh my sweet Fraulien down in Berlin town
    Makes my heart start to yearn
    And my China doll down in old Hong Kong
    Waits for my return
    Pretty Polynesian baby over the sea
    I remember the night
    When we walked in the sands of the Waikiki
    And I held you oh so tight
    Oh, I`m a travelin` man
    Yes, I`m a travelin` man
    And I write them all down as fast as I can
    With a rating of 1-10, man oh man,
    My wives didn’t like it, no, neither one,
    But I can’t help it, I’m a Kennedy son.

    (Last few lyrics added!)
    Seriously, he’s probably a Narcissist.
    Thanks for the updates re Mary Richardson. I hadn’t heard about her bruised fingers, nor that she had found his journals/lists of women.
    I always wondered as well whether she really hung herself when she could have gone out while in bed with booze/drugs, IF she really wanted to, vs such a physically strenuous way. That was sooo sad. Wonder how the kids are doing.

  11. The Kennedys are cursed. The old man, Joe Kennedy, was a booze smuggler during prohibition and a Nazi sympathizer as our Ambassador to England before our entry into the WWII(1938-40). If they weren’t such a grab bag of lies, greed, deceit, lust and uncontrollable egos I might feel sorry for them.

  12. The “F” that always pops up in Kennedy middle names obviously does not stand for “Fitzgerald.”


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