40 years later Muslim countries won't honor those slain by "Religion of Peace"

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Muslims Barred IOC from Honoring Murdered Israelis

Israel National News: An Olympics official admitted that Muslim countries blocked the “One-Minute of Silence” campaign to honor the 11 murdered Israeli athletes, one of the widows said.

Victims of the Munich Massacre

Andre Spitzer, whose husband Andre was one of the athletes massacred in the Munich Games in 1972, told the European Jewish Press that Jacques Rogge, president of the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, told her  that his “hands were tied” by the admission of 46 Arab and Muslim members to the International Olympic Committee.  She replied, “My husband’s hands were tied, not yours.”
The widow has been conducting an uphill battle to convince the International Olympics Committee to remember the slain athletes with one minute of silence before the opening of the Games in London next week. It never has done so since the murders 40 years ago.
Spitzer gained support for her effort from several countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Belgium and Germany. A letter appealing for the minute of silence was signed by 140 Italian legislators, to no avail.

Spitzer called the Olympics “a corrupt organization, led by greed rather than the Olympic spirit.” She added, “The IOC’s refusal is pure discrimination – greed and anti-Semitism.”

At the Olympic Games in Munich, members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed by the Palestinian group Black September. The kidnappers killed eleven Israeli athletes and coaches and a West German police officer. Five of the eight members of Black September were killed by police officers during a failed rescue attempt.
During the crisis, King Hussein of Jordan was the only leader of an Arab country to publicly denounce the Olympic attack, calling it a “savage crime against civilization… perpetrated by sick minds.” Forty years later and not one of the Arab countries participating in the Games will offer one minute of silence for the horrendous murders?  Speaks volumes to the true beliefs of these countries and their “religion of peace.”

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  1. I hate to say this, but I wouldn’t want to be within a thousand miles of London during the summer games coming up. England, our once and always mother-land is lousy with the muzzie infestation, and I fear bad things could happen. Europe needs to round up every last akhbar screeching ass-in-the-air brown-noser of muhammed the pedophile and eject them back to the desert, post haste.

  2. Arab nations must suffer a lot more to get their attention.

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  4. More sob stories, this time to put guilt on the Arabs. I guess Holocaust sob stories are getting old and the Germans are all milked out of guilt and the money is all milked out by the Greeks… Btw, both Spitzer and Rogge are dutch speaking and know each other on a personal level while “my hands are tied” is an English idiom. Trying to get sympathy.

  5. Had they been at liberty to practice the same defense and
    security precautions they observed at home….

  6. To the commenter who calls himself “Bob” with an IP address in Goatstown, Ireland:
    How dare you use Fellowship of the Minds as your personal blog? The “comment” you posted here, since deleted, not only is off topic, but is longer than a book. HOW DARE YOU!!!!
    Go get your own blog.
    ~Dr. Eowyn
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  7. Radical islam: Making fascist anti-semitism acceptable again since Hitler.

  8. Ad a two tour vet all I have to say is F**k Mohammad,Allah and the camels they rode in on.All every Islamist extremist needs to see Allah and his 72 “virgins?” is a close up double tap to the head with a subsonic round or a long distance “hello” from a .50 caliber.I am so tired of the a**wipes currently running our central government and their “politically correct” pandering to these self avowed enemies of America.I fervently pray that the next time that “prince” Obama bows down before someone it is the prison barber for a haircut prior to his serving a life sentence for treason.In a perfect world Obama’s presidential library will in a porta-potty at the Chicago* city dump with Eric Holder as the night watchman.
    *I know,I know,saying Chicago and dump in the same sentence is an oxymoron.
    Wild BIll


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