4 Versions of Obama's Certificate of Live Birth

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Unless you’ve been living on the Moon, or you’re a liberal who chooses to stay in an echo chamber with nary a contrary fact or opinion, you’d know that the only birth document Obama had ever allegedly released to sympathetic leftwing websites is that now infamous Certificate of Live Birth (COLB).
That COLB is a secondary document that presumably was generated from Obama’s presumed primary document — his long-form birth certificate that, curiously, Hawaii’s anti-birther governor, Neil Abercrombie, admits he can’t find.
That is most curious because two years ago, on October 31 2008, Director of Hawaii’s Department of Health (DOH) Dr. Chiyome Fukino declared that she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, had personally verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate. More than that, Fukino claimed to have seen that elusive document with her own eyeballs!:

“Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

More curious still is the fact that sometime after the midterm elections of November 2, 2010 delivered Obama-buddy Abercrombie as Hawaii’s new governor, blogger Citizen WElls discovered, on December 7, that Fukino was no longer DOH director! Was she fired?
The original long-form birth certificate — from which a COLB is generated — contains information that the COLB does not carry, such as the names of the attending physician and the hospital where the birth took place. Here’s what a Hawaii long-form birth certificate, not a COLB,  looks like:

Obamabots insist that an online image of Obama’s alleged COLB posted on a website is sufficient to prove that he was born in Hawaii, as claimed. The problem is this:

Even if we accept that argument — which, of course, is questionable (just try obtaining a passport or a driver’s license with an online image of your ID!) — which online image of Obama’s COLB should we accept?

For the fact of the matter is that there are FOUR images of that COLB and — here’s the rub — they are not all the same
To begin, let’s look at an authentic COLB of someone who’s not Obama so that we’ll know what a valid COLB of the State of Hawaii actually looks like:

Notice the certificate number in the upper right, and the embossed seal of the State of Hawaii in the lower center.
Below are FOUR online images of Obama’s alleged COLB.
Image #1 was posted on Daily Kos:

Image #2 was posted on Fight the Smears:

Image #3 was posted on FactCheck.org:

Image #4 was also posted on FactCheck.org:

Images #1 and 2 have a black bar, on the upper right of the COLB, instead of the certificate number. The certificate number in Images #3 and 4 is not blacked out. The number is 151 1961-010641.
Only Image #4 (Factcheck.org) has what appears to be an embossed seal of the State of Hawaii in the lower half of the certificate.
Neither Image #1 (Daily Kos), nor Image #2 (Fight the Smears), nor Image #3 (posted by the same Factcheck.org as Image #4) has the embossed seal.
If all four are Obama’s COLB, why are there these differences? How can any serious person be expected to accept an online image of  a COLB as evidence of Obama’s American birth? If anyone tries to introduce these four online images — which are different from one another — as evidence in court, they’d be found at a minimum to be in contempt, or more likely be charged with outright fraud.
So next time some brainwashed mindnumbed Obamabot tells you that Obama really is constitutionally eligible because he’s produced his COLB, blah blah blah, just ask him/her:

Erh, which online image of Obama’s COLB do you mean? Is it Image #1? Or is it Image #2? Or is it Image #3? Or is it Image #4? Or is it none of those?

H/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords & beloved fellow FreeSpeech.

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0 responses to “4 Versions of Obama's Certificate of Live Birth

  1. The vicious troll who calls himself by a legion of aliases (Lets Kill Birthers, Birthers Are Traitors, Why Lie?, Want Truth?, Truth Hurts) is back. Add “Jake Stiner” to Legion’s legion of personas. Actually he never went away. Even after I banned him, he keeps writing vile comments that WordPress immediately dumps into Fellowship’s spam folder. Recall that My-Name-Is-Legion made death threats against conservatives and “birthers”: https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/birthers-receive-death-threats/
    Here’s Legion’s latest hate speech. I’m letting this through because he finally admits that the Left know Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be president. I don’t have time to waste on this piece of human debris. So, go at it, fellows! 😀

    Lol you people are so dumb..
    Us Obots really do know he is inelligible but we don’t care. Obama will remain where he is. We WANT you to be upset about this. We WANT you to bring us civil war #2 because most importantly WE WANT TO DESTROY YOU.
    -Jake Steiner

    • Be careful what you wish for comrade Stiner.
      You just might get it.
      -And in more ways than your diseased little mind can even begin to wrap itself around.

    • Herr Stiner, know the term “douchebag” means? Please stop acting like one.

  2. Thought he was “Obama, Jr.” “Obama, II”??????????

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  4. BO committed fraud when he had his forged COLB posted on the internet and falsely alleged that his Long Form BC was on file in Hawaii. BO should be immediately indicted for fraud.
    Contact your congressman, senators, County Sheriff, DA, State Legislators, Governor, and County Grand Jury Foreman and demand that they indict and prosecute BO and all his local co-conspirators for the Murders and False Imprisonment of Opponents of the BO regime, Birth Document Forgeries, TSA Sexual Assaults & Illegal Searches, Election Fraud, Voter Fraud, Identity Theft, Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions, Aiding and Abetting of Muslim Terrorists, Poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, Theft of Private Property, Embezzlement of Government funds, WikiLeaks etc.

    • Free Speech | January 21, 2011 at 7:26 pm | Reply https://thesteadydrip.blogspot.com/2010/07/taking-aka-obama-directly-before-scotus.html
      In January of 2009, I advised some of the most prominent Eligibility Attorneys that they should file their cases directly with SCOTUS invoking the Original Jurisdiction Clause of Article III, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.
      It is noteworthy that it has been over two years since I first began to write about Original Jurisdiction in the Supreme Court of cases against Barack Hussein Obama and, to date, BHO’s lawyers have never been able to refute the Fact that SCOTUS has Original Jurisdiction over cases against BHO.

  5. Sadly, it seems as though everyone (on the Left AND Right ) probably does know that Obama is ineligible……
    there is no other explanation for the peculiar blindspot that Glenn “question everything with boldness” Beck and all of Fox news and the Republican Establishment have, as they join the Left in dismissing and ridiculing as “conspiracy theorist and tin foil hat brigade Birthers” anyone and anything and everything that questions Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS.
    The BC…whether long or short is just one thing…..
    how about all the Social Security numbers and out of a supposed 39 SS numbers associated with Obama, not one has any relationship to anyone in Hawaii? Isn’t that just weird? Wouldn’t that make anyone with a functioning braincell say, “hmmmmm?”
    oh, and college transcripts, Selective Service paperwork…..anything.
    but this is completely not newsworthy, I guess.
    Move along folks, nothing to see here.
    I think the ubiquitous “They” have simply decided that an Obama hauled off in chains for Identity Theft is something people simply could not handle.
    Obviously no one spends over one million dollars hiding things that are unnecessary to hide when the act of hiding would only bring supposedly unwarranted suspicion.
    If the Republicans are smart, every candidate will make a big show of showing EVERYTHING.
    Where is Julian Assange now, when we need Obama to be Wikileaked.

    • https://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jJD1AUmFV0f0ZjUdfkw-1m7Xm8EQ?docId=5aea898abc754aa6a82a99e17b21abe3
      APNewsBreak: Hawaii won’t release Obama birth info
      (AP) – 25 minutes ago
      HONOLULU (AP) — Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie will end his quest to prove President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii because it’s against state law to release private documents, his office said Friday.
      State Attorney General David Louie told the governor he can’t disclose an individual’s birth documentation without a person’s consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said.
      “There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document,” said Dela Cruz. “Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president.”

  6. Hmmmmm

  7. Not that it will make a difference as we are just tiny drops in a bucket of a sea of propaganda, but…
    A few of the facts as I know them…
    – His reported father is a foreigner and Obama is a dual citizen (acknowledged by the State Department). It is very difficult for dual citizens to obtain a Top Secret security clearance. Among other things, one must renounce allegiance to the foreign nation(s) in which one is a dual citizen and surrender any and all non-US passports held.
    – Obama possess a Social Security number issued by a state in which he never resided.
    – The online COLB(s) provided by his campaign through Daily Kos, Fight the Smears and FactCheck.org are forged.
    – Although many court cases have been dismissed or refused to be heard… none to date have not allowed any discovery.
    – Obama refuses to release any form of valid birth certificate and all of his personal records including all school data from kindergarten through college.
    Speculation as I see it…
    Very little is know by the general public about the man sitting in the White House. I presume Obama is or has has been in the past a CIA agent. No other explanation makes more sense as only the US government (through it’s MSM propaganda machine) has the power and resources to create and keep such a tight lid on his past. If the CIA, NSA or FBI were not supportive and behind the fraud (aka Barry Sotoero), he would have been exposed prior to the 2008 election.
    Either what I believe is true… or we have the WORST intelligence agencies in the world.

  8. Thomas;
    “either what I believe is true…or we have the WORST intelligence agencies in the world.”
    Or perhaps it’s what’s behind door number three!!!!
    EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE at NSA knows Obama is from the galaxy Naboo Ceta 5, did we not send you the memo?
    So sorry, my good man…..

  9. here’s my new theory obama was never born at all he was hatched… yes he’s is not a human but reptillian that is why there is no birth certificate at all. obama is nothing short of a travesty and a super fraud. he probably doesn’t even have an eighth grade education.

  10. Igor, I think David Icke wrote something about that recently……

  11. LOL – I just love it when people don’t mince words.

  12. “I’m assuming you’re calling me nuts….”
    Nope, not me, Never, ever……..
    I don’t know you that well, and its easy to bang out stuff on a keyboard without thinking. Crap, I do that ALL the time!
    We’re all jus having fun…………

  13. First Before You Say Anything About This Birth Certificate Scam, Read Two Books “The Manchurian President” And “Born To Lie” Both Great Reads, Than Your Educated Comment. God Bless America.

  14. Regarding the obvious fraud, please also note that all 4 of the Obama images are stamped “Date FILED: Aug 8. 1961”. In contrast, the example of a genuine COLB is stamped: “Date ACCEPTED:…”. The implication is that whatever the source of the Obama images are, even if they were at some point some version of a genuine document (preliminary application, altered application, etc), that document was never accepted as valid by the Hawaii DoH.

    • Thank you, Mifouf! I hadn’t known that. Yet more evidence of the massive fraud that’s been perpetrated on the American people.

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  16. Has anyone run a timeline on Obammie’s mammy to see if it’s possible she could have given birth to little Barry in CANADA? She was from the Seattle area, and popped back up there almost immediately after “blessing” us with her little gift. Canada already had socialized medicine as well as special allowances for single mothers at the time.
    I have dug into this possibility a little myself and don’t see anything that would immediately rule out the possibility…
    Any thoughts?

    • Martin,
      I’ve looked into this. It certainly is a possibility since we can place mom, Stanley Ann Dunham, registered for Fall semester at the U. of Washington in Seattle a mere two weeks (more or less) after Obama’s birth. There’s testimony from a former neighbor who had babysat Obama when mom Ann went to classes. Beyond that, there is little else.

  17. The term “African” was not the term used to denote someone being “black.” The term would have been “Black”, “negro” or “negroid”, but most certainly would NOT have been “African” in the year that he was born. This document is fake.

    • You’re so right, Lance. The term “African” as in “African American” is a politically correct term that emerged in the 1980s. Prior to that, the “correct” word was “Black,” which emerged in the mid 1960’s as the PC preferred term to replace the previous “colored” — which itself was a replacement for “Negro”.
      One’s imagination goes wild trying to anticipate what new word that surely will crop up in the future when “African American” is also found to be wanting, to be replaced by yet another new more politically correct incarnation.
      What we need is the Hawaiian birth certificate of an individual born in 1961 who is negro/colored/black/AfAm to see what “race” the birth certificate says s/he is.


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