4 times Bill Gates said vaccines would reduce world population

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Bill Gates is the multibillionaire founder of Microsoft, whose net worth as of 2/19/2017 is estimated to be a mind-boggling $85.6 billion.
Via his eponymous foundation, Gates is also famous for his philanthropy, a word that the dictionary defines as “the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.”
One of the funding outlets of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are vaccines for poor people in the Third World. From the Cambridge Dictionary:

Vaccine is a substance containing a virus or bacterium in a form that is not harmful, given to a person or animal to prevent them from getting the disease that the virus or bacterium causes.

Note that nowhere in the definition does it say vaccines are also a form of birth control or contraception.
So it’s most curious that in his speech on how to reduce global warming at the 2010 TED conference, Gates touted vaccines as a means to reduce the world’s population by as much as 10-15%. He said:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a REALLY great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health service, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.

I had thought that Gates’ vaccine remark was a Freudian slip or a slip of the tongue — a verbal mistake that reveals a repressed belief, thought, or emotion; something that you say that shows your true thoughts in a way that you do not intend.
But it turns out Bill Gates had made that remark of vaccines being a causal agent for population reduction at least FOUR times, as shown in this video:

Saying the same thing four times can no longer be called a mistake or a Freudian slip. It’s intentional.
H/t Thought Crime Radio
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0 responses to “4 times Bill Gates said vaccines would reduce world population

  1. I have little doubt that Gates and his wife will be sitting on the right hand of Satan in the Eternities. It is such a horrible fact that we see when individuals become extremely wealthy . . . all of a sudden they want to take over and control the lives of others, including the poor and helpless in third world countries. I wonder if he ever questions his motives as being evil?

  2. Aside from the other things he’s done that qualify him as a world class mega-creep, I note that he speaks of a triumvirate, to wit: “if we do a REALLY great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health service….” I take it that his ideas on ‘reproductive health service’ surely includes, but is not limited to, abortion on demand.
    So yes, killing infants en masse will reduce population, even more so when the procedures are performed by less than ‘properly trained’ killers, whose mistakes very often cause women to become incapable of having more children. Way to go, Billy boy-o boy-o: your loving charity is all over the place!
    I musn’t start ranting about abortions, another legally allowed & self-created insanity along w/’gender dysporia’ BS.

  3. Since the globalists’ idea of a “sustainable” world population is 500 million, they must rid themselves of six billion, right? Mercury-laced vaccines are too slow and not performing as expected so, according to an article I read, they are now adding sterilants to the vaccine cocktail in Africa. No babies for you guys! This is an evil agenda, and to their demise, citizens of the world do not take it seriously.

    • Could that be linked to the UN’s desire to disarm the World?Once they’ve removed any ability to fight oppression,the UN can get on with the job of reducing population (Soylent Green?) to their 500 Million number. (Of course we know THAT can’t be the case-it must be just a “Conspiracy Theory”.)

  4. The key to understanding Gates and Microsoft is understanding Ballmer and the Wall Street ponzi scheme.
    As for vaccine/inoculation use to control the Goy:
    Protocols 10:19 “…it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the “Goyim” see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.”
    “To learn who rules over you, simply mention the Protocols and see what happens.”
    An American citizen, not US subject.

  5. What to do? When you go to countries and you see millions of kids begging not in school , hungry and suffering what should you do? Indra Gandhi during the fifties had a mass sterilization program. Now the people are being offer them T.V’s cars etc… to get sterilized . China one child policy was a disaster now the men are running to other Asian countries to get a bride. I read the one child policy was to build a massive male army., which they did. Now they have the sterilization vaccines. Why not just educated the people, rather than force an agenda on them. Maybe, they feel like they are running out of time.
    I have noticed women that took birth control had gardisol in their teen or twenties seem like they have a harder time getting pregnant.

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  7. It’s unclear to me how saving children’s lives, which he admits is the aim of vaccinations, would cause a lessening in population growth. One would think the opposite to be true, yet he continually makes the connection. He must be tying vaccinations in with increased availability of medical services in general, with emphasis on increased contraception and abortion.

    • Of course,this assumes he’s speaking the truth. If he has OTHER motives,he can bend reality to justify whatever story he chooses to lay down.

  8. Billy has missed his last 35 years of vaccinations. Wouldn’t it be great to see a video of Billy and his wife getting 100 vaccine injections all at once! Think how healthy they would be then😜

  9. NIH in its own statements refer to vaccines as gene INSERTIONS to turn on the immune system. Except there is no SHUT OFF. They are deliberately hypersensitizing/hyperactivating/imbalancing the homeostatic mechanism that keeps us healthy.
    How every child injected with a CONTAMINATED VACCINE is having their deeper brain function destroyed.
    43 out of 44 Contaminated !!
    Children’s blood brain barriers are NOT fully developed until @ least 15 yrs of age, contaminating the deeper brain functions. Once the BBB is fully formed, you cannot get these DNA/RNA, tissue, immune destroying extensive contaminants out!
    Why size matters…

  10. According to Alex Jones, Gates met with Oprah Winfrey and some others at Rockefeller University recently, to discuss how to depopulate Africa. I do not understand how these people cannot be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

    • Steven, you surely recall the Olde English adage, “Hang the hungry man who steals a goose, / while he that steals the commons goes loose!” This is from recall, but you get their point: The bigger the crime, the less the time.
      Look at the mega-bankers, soon to destroy the entire world economic system [NOT a natural system as understood & defined by Church & philosophic thinking, it is mortal, unlike living creature systems]. NOT ONE perp was prosecuted or even put out of business! Instead they were AWARDED tens of trillions of tax dollars you lost to them, first via Billy ‘boy-o-boyo’ Clinton and then the Obamnation!

    • A couple of articles that I think FOTM followers might find of interest…
      Bill Gates Wants To Decrease World’s Population Through Vaccinations
      Eugenicists | Keeping It Unreal

  11. Auntie Lulu: Bill Gates’ empire was established by an evil deed – the piracy of computer software that was developed within another company. While the rightful owners eventually won a judgement in the Courts, it was, relatively speaking, a pittance.
    The man has a “God complex” bolstered by his obscene wealth. He will face the ultimate justice one day. In the meantime, his “charitable” deeds should questioned by all who are empowered (and paid) to regulate or curtail them. The very notion that his foundation is charitable sickens me.

  12. The megalomaniacs are all in such a hurry to kill off humanity but they need not worry, catastrophe is coming and it won’t be at the hands of humans/

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  15. Gates has been a proponent of vaccines for years. Sorry, he never struck me as a guy that gave a damn about anybody by himself. I am surprised he tolerates his children.

    • If he wants to validate himself on vaccinations,he should be talking the same vaccines he’s having dispensed to others. “See? If it won’t hurt ME,it’s safe for YOU,too.”

  16. In order for Gates to have “earned” his $Billions years ago, when he was first ranked at the top of the Fortune’s list, he had to have made a personal net income of roughly $3Billion per year for each of the first 20 – 25 years of Microsoft’s existence… which was pretty easy when you consider the millions of individuals and businesses from whom he extorted $100 and up per license of Windows, Office, Server, etc., without which a business or home PC is pretty much useless to most. I despise that kind of uber-capitalism. Especially in light of the zeal with which MS pursued folks they thought might be using pirated copies of their products, which were of course themselves “developed” from CP/M and technologies stolen from Xerox-PARC and Apple… and the way they left back-doors in their products via which to spy on us once the Internet became ubiquitous and necessary to use Windows.

    • “the zeal with which MS pursued folks they thought might be using pirated copies of their products,”
      They’re STILL doing it;I bought a W-7 Ultimate system on eBay,installed it and used it for about a week. When I tried to put the Product Key in,I was told it didn’t exist. From that day on,it started with a little pop up box saying to validate it,then came a bigger box saying I might be victim to fraudulent software (or something like that) I got my money back from eBay,but I’m still not off the hook with Microsoft. If I remember right,next will come a full screen pop up,2 or 3 per day,which I’ll be able to delete,and eventually a full screen that can’t be deleted,making the computer unusable. Coincidence? I think NOT.

      • If I recall correctly, you’ll be left with a “reduced-functionality” Windows (at best; at worst they may try to extort you for the cost of a “refurb. system” license). So you may not be able to create or save your own content/documents, or maybe networking and thus the Internet won’t work, or whatever. And the pop-ups would continue a minimum of every time you reboot or sign in after the system goes to sleep and demands you logon again. You might try calling them and telling your story (but don’t admit to getting refunded from ebay) and see if they’ll make an exception to get your system fully-functional and licensed properly.
        My own problem was replying to their offer to become an official “system builder” (I’d already been building and refurbing systems for years) in order to get reduced prices on copies (licenses) of Windows to install on them. They wanted a minimum order of three at a time. I declined, as I wasn’t building more than 2 systems a year. So maybe 6-12 months later, they got rough and threatened to audit me and see if I was using unlicensed versions of Windows! I said, “come on out and check”. They never did, and just left me alone.

  17. Wow! The more we learn about Mr. Gates, the more he sounds like a problem.

  18. I wonder if the oligarchs have mirrors in their homes… ghouls and vampires, the whole bunch.

  19. I wonder if this pompous ass would agree to getting ” vaccinated ”
    with the same crap he wants others to have ? Something tells me , ” DON’T THINK SO “

  20. They’ve been doing this for quite some time. Bill just wants to amp it up.
    Proof that Vaccinations cause Miscarriages in third world countries

    Millions of Kenyan Women Given Vaccines Laced with a Sterilant


  21. THAT would explain why Obama left Kenya-couldn’t make any little Obama’s in Kenya….

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  23. In case you missed it…
    First Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children (Censored by an International Scientific Journal) Now Public – AGE OF AUTISM

  24. Interesting post. I just wrote a blog about vaccines that references Bill Gates’ warning about bioterrorism. Would love for you to check it out and perhaps join in on the discussion.

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