3rd Romney-POS debate – Open Thread

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The third and last 2012 presidential debate will begin this evening at 9 pm (East coast) and 6 pm (West coast), in Boca Raton, Florida.

The subject of this debate will be Foreign Policy. The non-objective moderator is CBS’s Bob Shieffer.

As we wait for the debate to begin, here are the latest election-related news:

  • The son of Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie was attacked while trying to stop someone from stealing his Romney/Ryan yard sign. Sean Kedzie was wrestled to the ground by the thief and an accomplice, held down by a constricting chokehold, and struck repeatedly about the face and head. He nearly passed out from the chokehold and suffered contusions to his face and eyes. (photo right)
  • Pro-Democrats feminist lawyer Gloria Allred claims she has an “October surprise” to drop about Mitt Romney. Speculations are that her “surprise” concerns a woman who years ago had gone to Romney when he was a “bishop” in the LDS church for help with an abortion, and was told by Romney not to get an abortion. (Read more, here).
  • Donald Trump also claims he has a “very big, big” surprise news about Obama, which he will reveal on Wednesday.

Pray for Romney! Pray for America!


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0 responses to “3rd Romney-POS debate – Open Thread

  1. You would hope the guy who beat this man up would serve some time. Utterly shameful…

  2. Some left/liberal attorney will call it free expression of “rage” or some such.

  3. …abviously??? Obviously, I’m one of them!!

  4. POS is giving Romney the staring evil eyes.

  5. I am skipping the debate tonight, as I have had a very rough three days, and have just finished taking care of the dinner dishes.

    Think I’ll pour up a really stiff adult beverage and go flying for a bit.

    LOL – Maybe I’ll head east and see if the Atlantic Ocean is still there.

    I’ll read about it tomorrow – if I have the time.

    Night, all.


  6. SOP…

  7. Homeschool mama

    Maybe its just the camera angle, but everytime Romney is speaking Bob is shuffling folders and papers. Makes it look to the viewer that Romney is being ignored.

  8. I quit watching. My bp gets too high 🙂

    • I may have to do the same thing, I’m yelling at my tv, calling him a lying SOB. How dare he talk about BUDGETS???

    • I quit too – because I’ve heard all the POS’s lies before, and also Romney’s position on issues before. My overall impression is that (1) Obama is much more aggressive than before and telling lie after lie, especially on Israel; (2) whereas Romney isn’t as hard hitting on the POS’s foreign policy failures as we had hoped. Maybe Romney is just exhausted from months of non-stop campaigning and the 2 debates before this one. Frankly, I’m exhausted too.

      I don’t think this debate is a game-changer. I’ll post debate analysis tomorrow morning.

      • ~sigh~ I meant gloves ‘off’. So upset, I can’t even type…it’s time to calm down and stop smacking the tv…

      • Eowyn–I think that we are all worn out with all this and ready for it to be over. It now seems as if we are in constant campaigns, and I am worn down.

        • Hear that DW…just two weeks left, thankfully.

        • Romney made a wonderful closing speech:

          – He looked straight at the camera, that is, at the American people watching him on our TVs.
          – He is sincere and open and, though his eyes are tired, they are strong, determined, honest and kind — polar opposites of Obama’s frightening deep pools of malice.
          – Romney emphasized the most important of all issues — the economy — which is also his strength, as well his proven record in Massachusetts of working across the aisle.
          – And…he looks PRESIDENTIAL.

          I’m more than ready to vote, but we have TWO more weeks to go. Sigh….

  9. Homeschool mama

    Obama starting to talk smack. I would love to see him completely lose it on live TV

  10. Homeschool mama

    BTW is Obama seriously wearing a pink breast cancer wrist band? OMG, he will do anything!

  11. SF up 7-0 in 5th.

  12. good job Romney! O didn’t say anything new… And what happened to Lybia… They just skipped over that!!!!

  13. what’s with bob schiffer’s blue socks.

  14. Want to see Good vs. Evil??

    Look at your tv screen when they have both Romney and Obama on a split screen at tonight’s debate. Obama’s eyes are pure evil!

  15. “What a crock of lies Obama told, over and over again. NOTHING he said was TRUE! He just makes up stuff and passes it off as his ideas already in place.”

    So true. The POS has outdone even himself tonight. I’m beginning to wonder if he has completely lost his marbles because NOTHING he said is true. And Bob Shieffer never challenged him on his lies. Not once.

  16. In arguments they appeared equal though someone with knowledge knows that soetero is lying through his teeth. Governor Romney was positive and looked like a competent executive. Soetero consistently bears an angry, evil look. I did keep praying throughout but did have to turn down the volume a lot so I didn’t have to listen to him. fox is complimenting Romney in the follow up. Fact checkers supported Romney also on the size of the navy and the auto bailout.

  17. For those of you who might care, the Atlantic Ocean is still there.

    -At least according to MS Flight Simulator 2004, anyway.


  18. The judge in Indiana heard the case brought forward regarding Obama’s eligability to put hisself on the ballot for President, the article was posted on Jeff Rense’s site tonight. The verdict will be given in a week’s time it was stated. That might derail the entire election. The witness for the prosecution was a forgery expert and he submitted that the Birth Certificate was forged. Of course this involves Orly Taitz.

  19. Haven’t seen the debate yet. It started at 3 a.m. danish time, and it is not always that I manage to stay up so late. I’m looking forward to watch it though, during this afternoon. 🙂
    About the October bomb on Romney: WOW, that is despair. The story is so old that even I have read about it. But I guess it will help Eva Longoria to make another attack video. What an aggressive little woman!
    About the yard sign war, I’m truly sorry that things are taking this path. But again, people are kind of obsessed with Obama. It is intriguing, actually. It does remind me of another very loved man, that managed to make insane a whole country and dragged the world into a huge war. Please note that I’m not, in any way, comparing both men, just comparing the obsession of their supporters. Loving Obama is like a religion!!!

  20. Homeschool Mama

    “loving Obama is like a religion”- That should be a bumper sticker. And, that is why God may allow further judgment upon our once blessed country.

  21. and then obama stupidly comments about the military that “we don’t have horses and bayonets either” what is he auditioning for a role with the three stooges? O M G obama must go

  22. Homeschool Mama

    Probably he spends thirty minutes each morning staring into the mirror and saying things Stuart Smalley would say, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it I’m the boss.”


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