The Terrorists Are Winning the GWOT

I posted previously on the NFL’s unfortunate decision to employ TSA-style pat down searches of football fans when entering America’s sports venues.
The Green Bay Packers have decided to take it a step further by wanding the thousands of fans who will be entering Lambueau Field for this Sunday’s game.
GREEN BAY — Green Bay Packers fans should arrive early and expect some delays for Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos as the team implements heightened security measures for the games at Lambeau Field this season.
The National Football League is pushing for enhanced security, and starting with Sunday’s game at Lambeau, all fans will be subject to a hand-held, metal-detecting wand test before being admitted.
The procedure would be similar to wand inspections at the airport, but this process would be less invasive than the full-body exam, said Doug Collins, Packers director of security.
“We think it’s a more thorough process, without having the hands-on in particular. We understand there has been some negativity out there from what the (Transportation Security Administration) has done. … This just eliminates that process,” Collins said. “Pretty much the whole body will be scanned with the hand wand.”
The Packers previously performed upper torso pat-downs at the security gates.
The Packers say the new process will likely result in some delays in getting into the stadium.
“Be prepared for something different. It may take a few seconds longer, so if (fans) arrive a little earlier at the gates that would be helpful,” Collins said. “I don’t anticipate there being any lines that are so long that people miss the game or anything like that. … But every officer in every line will have those wands.”
Green Bay police Lt. Kevin Warych said bags will still be subject to traditional searches and, to speed up the process, he advised fans to bring only what’s necessary.
“Only bring the bare essentials,” Warych said. “The less you bring, the faster it is for people to move through the line.”
I would love to turn on the TV Sunday and see Lambeau Field utterly devoid of fans, but that is probably wishful thinking on my part, as it appears the American people have been conditioned to accept this sort of thing out of concern for “public safety.”
This is one of the reasons why the terrorists are winning, and that right handily.
How long before they set up body scanners and randomly strip-search people lined up for a sporting event?
I do not know about the rest of you, but I am getting more than a little tired of being treated like a potential criminal or terrorist by my own government.

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Perhaps you mock these far reaching (no pun intended) insecurity measures because you have forgotten exactly WHY we are now living in a world defined by fear?
Ok, forget that.
Maybe you are in need of some psychological counseling?
Perhaps not.
Maybe you just need to take this whole issue a bit more seriously?
Or maybe you are just confused about what terrorism really is?


This is why I will never fly again and if this becomes the norm at NFL games, the NFL and Roger Goodell can kiss my ass. I can always find a better way to spend my time and money.
I’m not about to let these goons infringe on my rights as an American!


This is total insanity, what next? Where will it stop? Like a bad flu it is spreading and college games will be next, then high school, little league and t-ball. Will we one day be walking thru our local mall carrying our shoes?


An up to date, intelligent and quick round up of where we’re currently at re: the WoT


….and I can make a mortar out of a 55gallon barrel or take out your artery with an ink pen….try not to be afraid. You get to go to heaven if you’ve repented of your sins and accepted the salvation freely offered you by Jesus Christ,son of God and I ,for one, am looking forward to it. We drive around in vehicles with gasoline and consider that an acceptable risk even though gas can blow up with the force of dynamite…not to mention passing other 2ton cars with a speed differential of 120mph (consider the potential release of energy) and… Read more »