They Celebrated July 4 With Violence

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I was on The Drudgereport yesterday and it struck me how many headlines of violent crimes were listed for a single day, so I listed them here and they all involve gangs or groups of people participating in needless violence over a day when we should be celebrating our independence.

I believe this is a symptom of a larger problem in this country. The entitlement mentality that is rampant in our society, especially in our larger cities is spiraling out of control. When you have a government that constantly thumbs it’s nose at the Constitution and the rule of law, should we be surprised when violence increases and the citizenry turns to crime to settle disputes.

Tom in NC

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2 responses to “They Celebrated July 4 With Violence

  1. And let’s not forget King Samir “I Hate White People” Shabazz… not to mention that the crowd who brought us Operation Gun Walker let him skate on voter intimidation charges.

  2. This is just the moochers, leeches, and ticks getting warmed up.



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