300 Blacks raid Florida Walmart

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The headline on Drudge Report and on WOKV.com says “Flash Mob Overruns Northwest JAX Walmart.”
What the headline and the brief story below the video leave out is one word that should precede “flash mob.”
That one word is “Black.”
It was a Black flash mob that overran that Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida. And let’s stop calling it a flash mob. Instead, let’s call it by the correct descriptive term: “flash riot” or just plain “riot” and “looting.”
See for yourself. Here’s the video taken and posted on YouTube by a Walmart shopper, isingjay94, who correctly identified what was happening — “Crazy Riot in walmart While i was shopping”:

The brief article by Andrew Greenstein on WOKV says:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —Flash mobs usually provide for some spontaneous light-hearted entertainment, but this was anything but.

A flash mob recently overran a Northwest Jacksonville Walmart, damaging merchandise, as well as the store’s security system.
Police say over 300 people stormed the store. Police have not made any arrests yet.

Blacks are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging to organize these flash riots. The last reported incident took place in North Miami Beach where a mob numbering 80 to 100 black teens used the Trayvon Martin shooting as an excuse to loot a Walgreens store.
Against this, what can businesses do?

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0 responses to “300 Blacks raid Florida Walmart

  1. Niggerz on the rampage!!!

    • imblackbutsometimesiwishiwasnt

      I myself am black and this is true BUUUUUT NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE NIGGERZ LMAO

  2. OweBaMao Bin Lying’s people doing what subhumans do….steal, pillage, and you know, destroy everything moral and right !

  3. I’m sick to death of this crap! They should shoot to kill! Sick of it!!!!!

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post which reveals the class warfare that the king has initiated as a campaign tactic. As you said, this is not just a flash mob, but a Black mob that is looting and rioting! It is sickening and horrible!

  5. If Obama has extented family, this is what they look like.

  6. This is a story that has been in our faces locally…a happy story about a Mobile Market that takes the Farmers’ Market to the “urban areas” where they have no access to fruits and veggies. I smell Moochelle all over this one. Just wonder how long before the bus hubcaps are stolen, tires slashed, and pretty logo covered with gang grafiti. Oh well, at least they probably won’t steal the arugula.

  7. How one can justify stealing is beyond me. Entitlement syndrome run amok…

  8. I smell an investment opportunity in precious metals…. Me? I’m investing in brass and lead.

  9. angry white man

    why werent any arrests made? pussy cops. do your fucking job.

  10. White Knuckle Driver

    Jesus does not approve of their actions and they will pay the last penny for their crimes. But what is His core teaching, people? Love your enemies. None of your rationalizations will vindicate you. Imagine if He gave you the challenge of being born black and you were raised neglected, without a complete family, surrounded by kids suffering the same situation. In most cases, the odds are stacked against them. The heart of the Lord is mercy, not judgement.

    • love the sinner but hate the sin….He is a God of order ,not chaos.
      When His son returns it will be for judgement and He will rule with
      a rod of iron. Loving my enemies means stopping them from sinning
      and harming the innocent or themselves…but it’s difficult to reason
      with those who have chosen to do what is evil.His core teaching
      was to repent of evil and be baptized into his coming Kingdom.

      • White Knuckle Driver

        He’s core teaching was the Golden Rule my friend. I am not making excuses, just leading you to some compassion. And loving my enemies means turning the other cheek. They will be prosecuted by the laws instituted by Caesar; drop your stones people.

        • Drop your stones, lay there prostrate, and let the (flash) mob rule and run roughshod over the decent folk, which is what always happens when people won’t defend themselves. I prefer “kill ’em all and let god sort ’em out”.

  11. Yup… support “social justice” or get flash mobbed.

  12. Obama’s future for America, ignorance!

  13. 1) Sure looks to me like “isingjay94” was PART of that riot, not some poor sap caught in the middle of it.
    2) I wish, if folks are all going to start recording things, that they’d learn to RECORD, not spin around in circles, jump up and down, and practically do handstands, and for God’s Sweet Sake, don’t do them all at the same time – this gave me a HEADACHE fit to split! 8(
    3) And they wonder why we still look at them like they’re not quite fully evolved? We’re not racists, just realists. They acted like baboons, like sub-humans, like dangerous garbage that needs to be sacked up and thrown in the local dump (jail.)
    Wal Mart won’t press charges, it won’t fit their cost-to-benefit ratio, heck they don’t even prosecute shoplifters and everyone knows that! I was a Wal Mart employee, and close to the security guys, cuz I was security (another co.) for a while too, and they knew I would clue them into a suspicious person in a NY heartbeat. Hate thieves, makes things cost more. What do those apes care? They’re not paying anyway, we are, via the gov’t!

  14. Pay back is a ______________ another story here. OOh see how some hate to be taken from..Well remember what they took from the Black ALL thru slavery of this country., Right God is fair..YOU reap what yo sowed..Free watermelons it looks like..No I will pick them and your cotton free for you as you build you pretty cities remember?? No let’s not talk about you being ripped off in the past cause that’s not important now..hmmmmeeee

    • How long do Americans pay for history? And who gets to decide how much? Historical actions justify violence and crime today? Ignore the laws because of what you say?
      Suggest you do some history to inform yourself of what countries started the slave business. Hint – it didn’t originate in the US. And guess which party fought to end slavery? Hint – it wasn’t the Dems.

    • This has to be one of the BEST posts I have ever read! You so nailed it.

  15. I have a new hero: Mr. Samuel Williams! 😀

  16. Wait a minute- are you telling me, that even with all of our secret spying on citizens, NSA watching every Facebook entry, email- phone call- that they didn’t see this coming?? That with Facial Recognition software (that has been in use for YEARS- their faces can EASILY be tracked onto any social network these kids are on) that NOT ONE person can be positively IDed?? I smell a RAT. A big, greasy, zionist chaos theory RAT.

    • in other words- “they” WANT things like this to happen and they do NOT want to arrest the perps. Period. They WANT chaos. Turn on the TV, listen to fake propaganda on AM talk radio, it is OBVIOUS what their agenda is.


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