3 graphs that should send shivers down your spine

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Graph No. 1

Percentage of Americans satisfied with the direction the U.S. is going.
Gallup Poll of Sept. 12, 2014 found that only 23% of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the U.S.; 76% are not. Compare that to the high of 70% satisfied in 2002.

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Gallup poll

Graph No. 2

Index of NATO’s military expenditures since 1950 (where 1950 expenditures = 100; calculated in 2011 constant US$). This is the longest data series on military expenditures that’s publicly available. (Source: SIPRI via ZeroHedge)
NATO military expenditures

Graph No. 3

World IQ level over time (Source: University of Hartford)
I.Q. is the intelligence quotient used to measure the intelligence of every human on the planet. Most people in modern day society have an average I.Q. ranging between 89 and 100.
The larger the human population grows, the average human I.Q. seems to drop. Studies conducted in recent years have shown a direct correlation between population growth and the decline in the standard I. Q of countries such as New Zeland, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. The average world I.Q. for 2011 is calculated to be 88.54 — the lowest I.Q. rate in years. At that rate, for every 10 years a .30 I.Q drop occurs, so it is predicted that by the year 2050, the average I. Q. will have fallen to 89.32 from 91.64 in 1950.
World IQ
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0 responses to “3 graphs that should send shivers down your spine

  1. That is chilling. 🙁

  2. I don’t claim to know, I’m just askin, graph 1, the media tells us more facts, what’s happenin,? Graph 2, long ago, we only had Russia and China to fight, today, North Atlantic TA has whole world to fight, UN can’t do it all. And 3, we have less fluoride in water and not enough vaccination? Just can’t get enough. Bartender, I’ll have anther fluoride and tonic and don’t forget the aspartame. Shots are on the house!

  3. Gulp! How sad, we all need to keep praying.

  4. There’s nothing I can do about what other people are doing, especially in the government. But there are things I can do for my own self-preservation, and the THING NUMBER ONE I can do is to reconcile to God and determine Whose Side I am on.
    The Next Thing I can do is to get informed as well as I can as to what is going on and to prepare as best I can. This takes an internet for the information, and money over time to prep for survival.
    And yet, for most, this is EASIER SAID THAN DONE. I drive a yellow cab here in New York. Every night I pick up doctors, lawyers and other college-educated professionals. All right, they are FINALLY beginning to sour on “President Lucifer” (whom I call “Narcissismo El Supremo”—steal it!) but they’re STILL signed on to the Democratic Party or mainstream media platform! They still believe Oswald was a lone nut! They still think that a mere 19 hijackers pulled 9/11 off by themselves! They have money but not time to get informed—because they’re still leftists! They really think no threat is present and no catastrophe is coming!
    I tell them of fluoride, chemtrails, aspartame, abortion and the Pill plunging the birth rate, Skull & Bones and the Bush Family, etc., etc. Most are entertained, but JUST WON’T commit to getting on the internet and learning about the New World Order! They’re in fantasy land! (And Yes, they are secret pseudo-intellectual racialists!)
    What to do? Know the DANGERS of Vatican II, commit to God and ENLIST in THE REMNANT. And strap yourselves in: It’s going to be one APOCALYPTIC ride!

  5. Well graph #3 is perhaps a little misleading, it isn’t that “population growth” causes lower IQ people, it is that the education system has been engineered to be a mass production factory which churns out exactly that result, so the problem is with the public schools, and the media, being used to educate people only enough to do work and not enough to do anything else. After all if the general populous had the sort of education which was available in schoolhouses, before dewey and the other shills cooked up the public education system, and the only media was local papers not owned by large conglomerates, then the U.S. wouldn’t be in the condition it is presently, because there wouldn’t be so many unquestioning people to manipulate.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. This is indeed frightening!

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  8. IQ declining? Maybe but why? Source at University of Hartford is a student paper by Brendan Baker for Professor Girswald’s Sociology 101 class, which is an introductory class, so the student-writer maybe an 18-year-old freshman — click on the link. This paper is solid evidence IQ is declining — full of typos, grammatical errors, and faulty logic. Why, even blood transfusions lower intelligence!!! WHAT?! If you read this student paper, note the writer’s sources — includes something from “Daily Beast” and “Librul news today” (whatever that is). Perhaps there is a decline in IQ precipitated by poor education, inane television and videos, and raunchy music. But, this source is suspect; it’s just a college student’s assignment. (I would give it a C-minus grade.)

  9. Are we testing individual for their IQ? How do we KNOW what the general IQ of any population is? Is this articles extrapolated from guesses as to population IQ? I think people are more intelligent than this.
    My ex-husband’s IQ was somewhere above 150, mine is around 156. The children’s IQs are between those two. My current husband’s IQ was last measured at 170+. Most of our friends’ IQ’s are well above 130-135 as a guesstimate. I’m not accepting the contents of these graphs without better references and methodology.


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