2nd Romney-POS Debate – Open Thread

The second 2012 Presidential Debate will begin tonight at 9 pm (East coast) and 6 pm (West coast), at Hofstra University, New York.

The focus this time is foreign policy/affairs. The debate format will be a town hall.

The moderator is CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley. Both campaigns are concerned with Crowley being the moderator because she’s already declared she will ask follow-up questions although the debate’s “town hall” format is intended to draw questions from the audience, with the moderator playing a limited role.

A very scary-looking Candy Crowley

I like the way HillBuzz’s Kevin Dujan describes what the POS has been doing the last few days, holed up in a luxury golf resort supposedly prepping for tonight’s debate:

“Instead of preparing for the debate, he was screwing around at a golf course somewhere for the last few days, doing drugs, playing snap the towel and tickle the pickle in the steam rooms and sauna there, hanging out in a big ten-man whirlpool with a bunch of naked junior staffers. You know, his usual antics while out on “golf outings”.  We’ll have to see what his physical condition is at the town hall debate but the reason for keeping him behind closed doors for several days before tonight was to either get drugs out of his system, get more drugs into his system so he could function again, or to make sure whatever was in his system was working the way it does when he appears the healthiest in public.  He’s not going to have a TelePrompTer tonight…and he’s not going to know any of the randoms who ask him questions…so he’s going to feel vulnerable and exposed and will be flying without a net or a prayer, really.  This is kind of a nightmare for him…hence, the “golfing” time with “the guys” that he needed before appearing on stage tonight.”

For more on Obama’s “golfing” time with “the guys,” go here! 😀

Please say a prayer for Romney. May the Holy Spirit inspire, guide, and instruct him tonight.


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0 responses to “2nd Romney-POS Debate – Open Thread

  1. I almost don’t want to watch tonight. As it is, I won’t be home in time to see the beginning. I’m sure there will be plenty of “plants” in this town hall and the moderator will not be any better than Martha.

    I’m just getting a little drained of politics….can’t wait for the next 3 weeks to go by quickly.

  2. great picture!! Kevin Dujan is probably right on the money!!! just ewww!

  3. I was driving home this afternoon and said the rosary for Governor Romney and our country. Just as I was finishing I looked up and a beautiful bald eagle flew overhead. Seeing him was such a gift and I felt it was a blessing on our beloved USA. Keep praying for wisdom, patience and courage!

  4. Who are these 80 Undecided persons whom the Gallup Poll chose to ask the questions and be in the audience? Good grief. How can ANYONE still be undecided about this election?

    I heard on Hannity today that according to Politico, the POS has utter contempt for Romney, which was why the POS looked down during the 1st debate because he couldn’t bring himself to look at Romney. Interesting….

  5. Sending a prayer out for Romney! Pray….pray…pray people! This is ALL in the LORD’s Hands!

  6. Hard to believe that in America, we are going to be watching a debate that actually boils down to communism vs. RINO semi-free enterprise, and communism is polling at almost the same level.

    It’s just too bad the Hermanator wasn’t our nominee, as it would be communism vs. for-real free enterprise.


  7. That strange scar on the left side of Obama’s head is really visible tonight.

  8. I can neither watch nor listen to this, as the Kenyan-born fraud of a commie POtuS is so repulsive to me I can’t to even bear to look at him, nor hear his voice.


  9. Hooray!!!!

    Romney made a GREAT point that the POS’s grand plans about energy are just rhetoric, but his record on energy these past 4 years is abysmal — as we can see in how the cost of gas had more than doubled since he took office!

  10. I was trying to watch this one but I really can’t. I had to keep reciting the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel while you know who was speaking. I’ll just keep on praying with the tv off. I’ll catch the reruns and commentators.

  11. Candy Crowley is so Obama sensitive…

  12. I can’t watch, need to give my bp a break. Plus I want to watch them Yankees lose 🙂

  13. Is it my impression or whenever Romney talks about some topic he shows his ideas, his contribution on the topic and so on, and when Obama talks he has to bash Romney? Shouldn’t they show their ideas instead of just calling the other one a liar? Why does he do that? Is that normal political behavior in the US?

    • Sieg,

      The POS bashes Romney because he has no achievements he can point to.

      • Dr. Eowyn,
        And that is the clear message he is sending!!! I’m really scared for you Americans. This election is “make it or break it”, but I’m amazed to see how many people still supports Obama. He is big here!!! Actually there were some 30 teens from my city (and it is a tiny city) that flew to US to campaign for him. Its a sad, sad world!!!

  14. Grouchy, you went to watch the Yankees, I went to watch DIY, yet here we are, right back here watching it again. I found a combination that is working for me – I mute when O is talking, and turn it back up when Romney is talking. So far, it’s working…at least for the last 5 minutes, I just hope I don’t wear out the remote!

  15. Does it seem like Obama talks for 5 minutes and Romney for a minute 30?

  16. Leaving my political preferences aside, if we assess these two men just on the basis of their voices, Romney’s is masculine and pleasant, Obama’s however is shrill. He shouts. There’s also an edge of frantic desperation to his voice. Does anyone else hear it too?

  17. Yes Cathy! Totally agree….I’ve turned it. We are now watching Dora the Explorer w/my kiddos. (That’s how annoying I believe Obama to be!) what’s the point when he is allowed to lie every time he opens his mouth!

  18. I know it is beyond irritating . . . when Obama’s mouth is movin’ it’s a sure sign he’s a lyin’ I certainly do agree, the moderator (who I thought would at least act like she was middle of the road) seems to deliberately cutting Romney’s speaking time, and even spoke up in defense of Obama. WHO PICKS THESE MODERATORS????????????

  19. Homeschool Mama

    Gloves were off on Libya! I cannot believe how overtly hostile Obama is being- and getting away with.

  20. I was hoping Libya would come up, and I think Romney nailed him pretty much on the time line, and O mealy-mouthed like he always does. Digging his own grave….

  21. That is exactly what I just said to my husband Grouchy! His eyes are scary!

  22. the illegal POS talking about jobs here-after he took them all overseas-remember the lavish trip to Asia,when he took all the major U.S. CEO’s— the Chevrolet plant in Uzbekistan????? GE– everyone he could set up, they closed here and went overseas. The fraud has lied tonight and lied bad. Guns and the Second Amendment—- obama is a compulsive liar.

  23. does the POS have his “allah” ring on??

  24. A few minutes ago, I swear Obama had a look on his face that said “Yeh, I’d vote for him.”

  25. I don’t think this debate was a game-changer. Obama was more aggressive than in the 1st debate. Romney was firm and always on-message, and corrected the POS each time he was misportrayed.

    Not being a game-changer, this debate will not change the momentum of recent polls, and the latest Gallup national poll is Romney 50% v. Obama 46%.

    • Good to hear! I abstained except for what I saw on twitter.

      Bet media will be in overdrive for Skippy the next 3 weeks…

    • One thing I wish Romney had said on the women question. Romney should have pointed out how, despite the POS’s pro-women rhetoric, female staffers in the White House earn less than male staffers.

  26. Debate moderator Candy Crowley has a history of support for Planned Parenthood and abortion, according to a compilation put together by the Media Research Center.


  27. Rush and Levin both predicted libs would call it for zero, and no doubt he’d do better as you couldn’t get much worse than his last performance.

    And Yankees going down 🙂

  28. Obama was petty and small, jumping in to enforce the time on Romney at several points, knowing he had “Mr.” Crowley on his side. Romney was assertive but, like the first debate, not rude.

    Obama did better this time because the debate format, which allowed them to move about, benefits a Shuck-n-Jive artist. That’s what Obama is.

    Moving around, shifting eye-contact, being able to change posture and look around, is to the benefit of a street hustler like Obama.

    Had the two been limited to standing behind a podium like the first debate, the result would have been the same as the first debate – Romney would be the clear “winner” and the agitprop shills for Obama at MSDNC would be crying.

    When you are forced to stand in one spot and look another man in the eye and state your case and defend yourself, etc., your ability, or lack thereof, to do this is very revealing. Your non-verbal gives you away.

    Obama cannot do it. A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory.

  29. Romney totally busted him on several things, but the best was on his investments in foreign entities. Obama knew where Romney was about to go and tried so hard to shut him down.

  30. Yay! Watched it. Not a Detroit fan, just despise Yankees 🙂


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