2nd Amendment Showdown at Oak Harbor, WA City Council

Oak Harbor Stands Up for the Constitution and 2nd Amendment. Two Council Members Walk Out

Oak Harbor

The town of Oak Harbor, WA is situated on the northern end of Whidbey Island on Puget Sound.  It is the nearest town to the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and provides services and support to the military families who live in the town and on the base nearby.  It’s nice to see that except for the two members who stomped out when the vote did not go their way, the rest of the council takes their oath of office seriously! 


H/T  my sister, linilulu

NOTE:  WordPress is not working properly to allow this video to embed.  Click on the link above to watch the testimony of a disabled veteran from Afghanistan about gun rights, the city councilman who made a motion to strip him of his weapon in the meeting, the subsequent vote by the council — 10 minutes long and worth every minute!

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As a Conceal Carry Washingtonian, of three decades–I second that (E)motion!
The Beast knows that he is defeated, if he fails to dis-arm the American People.
Eventually, instead of ‘Cash For Clunkers’, it will be ‘Jobs For Guns’; and eventually ‘Food For Guns’.


Kudos to Mayor Dudley!

Dr. Eowyn

A little island of sanity in all of western Washington!


We need Mayor Dudley’s all across America, You shine Mayor Dudley!

clem dog
clem dog

Who ever “those” councilpersons were, they should vacate their office because they have “broke” their oath of office!


O.M.G., a politician that takes the oath of office seriously . That’s about as rare as seeing a gov’t paid employee actually breaking a sweat on the job . As far as that pompous p.o.s. leaving the meeting because the vote didn’t go his way , he needs to go where other p’s.o.s. go . They get flushed down the toilet .