25 reasons why Obama should be fired

If someone hires you or me to do a job but after almost four years, the job we had promised to do isn’t done, then our employer should fire us.

That’s exactly the case with Barack Hussein Obama and the American people. Simply put, the POS didn’t do what he said he’d do. How can I say that with such confidence?

In 2008 when he was seeking to be elected President of the United States of America, Obama published his big plan in a book, Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise.

The substantive part of the book is contained in “Part One: The Plan,” wherein the POS laid out his grand plan to bring “Hope and Change” to America. The following is taken from Change We Can Believe In. I’ve attached either an or Χ to each of the 25 bullet points, and added my comments (in blue, with embedded links). I invite you to do the same, at the end of which we can tally up just how many promises, if any, the POS actually carried out.

Part One: The Plan

Introduction: Hope for America

1. Reviving Our Economy: Strengthening the Middle Class (Χ)

2. Investing In Our Prosperity: Creating our Economic Future (Χ) by having more Americans on Food Stamps and Social Security Disability than ever in U.S. history?

  1. Rebuilding America’s Leadership: Restoring our Place in the World (Χ) 46% of Americans—and 63% of Chinese—believe that China already has replaced the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower or eventually will.
  1. Perfecting Our Union: Embracing America’s Values (Χ) – by hosting a LGBT Pride Reception in the White House where gay activists flipped their finger at a portrait of Ronald Reagan.

My tally is a big fat zero (o). What’s yours?


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0 responses to “25 reasons why Obama should be fired

  1. Ultimate failure…

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post, reminding us of why the king should never ever be re-elected. This is a great list of reasons to remember!

  3. Here is a good site to view a thousand reasons to fire Obama https://commieblaster.com/obamacrimes/index.html


    You did it again, Terry. You made me laugh out loud, and instantly provided relief from my exhaustion. 😀

  5. Good job. Also, even worse than the promises he did not keep, is the actual things he did to make the country worse. An employer would have no problem pointing those things out to an employee at his review and evaluation.

  6. What is President Obama doing?
    Approving guns to be given to the Mexican drug cartel, revealed by the DEA. 
    Giving millions to the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza and calling it foreign aid.
    Supporting communist goals with treaties in the United Nations.

    Giving millions in food aid to the communist country of North Korea.

    Giving billions in subsidized food aid to the communist country of China.

    Down sizing the military strength of the United States and the Navy.

    Denying needed medical benefits to seventy percent of the war veterans being discharged from the military today.

    Sending someone else to honor Memorial Day and our veterans at Arlingtion National Cemetary while he supports black Americans at the Lincoln Memorial.

    Electing a person to the position of Secretary of Homeland Security with zero experience in security.

    Talking bad about the free market system, saying, “The free market, it doesn’t work, it has never worked.”

    Should I keep going?

    Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with their visit to the White House in their request to take over Syria.

    Running the country into debt at the rate of 1.2 Trillion a year and giving it to foreign socialist governments.

    Being caught on an open microphone confiding to a Russian government diplomat to give him more time.

    Being caught on an open microphone to the French diplomat disrespecting our allegiance with the nation of Israel.

    Giving a speech in Germany disrespecting the United States and calling for a communist new world order. 

    Being threatened by congress not to violate their war powers by invading Syria like he did Libya or be immediately impeached.

    Refusing the request of Arizona in assisting the southern State from invasion of foreigners at the rate of three thousand per day. 

    Engaging in political attacks of an Arizona Sheriff with the aid of billionaire communist George Soros to prevent his re-election.

    Contracting computerized Presidential election results with a communist company in Spain to ensure reelection. 

    Promoting gun control in the United States by treaty with the United Nations under Agenda 21.

    Authorizing the active spying and data collection of American citizens text and e-mail and phone conversations without a court authorization violating constitutional privacy.

    Allowing communist governments access to the U.S. Patent office to steal inventions of American citizens 

    Should I keep going?

    And now he supporting sodomy with gay marriage.
    And now he is providing military training to Russian military forces in Colorado.
    And now he has military forces practicing night time training raids on American streets at random locations. 
    Arresting people under the cuckoo laws and sending them off to a mental facility to shut them up.
    Department of Homeland Security ordered 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo for domestic use? 
    Signing the NDAA Act knowing it had a new legal provision for the detention of American citizens without requiring a reason for arrest. 
    Requiring everyone to accept the mark of the beast as a medical benefit in the original Health Care Law. See H.R. 3200 page 1000.
    The Administration is continuing to push the microchip implant on all government employees and the military and all police forces nation wide as a medical benefit. 
    Obama received a call from the British government to hurry up and sign the Arms Transfer Treaty with the United Nations. But 57 members of the U.S. Senate sent him a letter saying don’t you dare. That treaty would have taken away the second amendment rights of American citizens. 
    We have a very bad President.
    And how come your not hearing about any of these things? Because the Rothchild franchise membership includes all of the national media networks in the United States. 
    What do you think is coming your way if he gets 4 more years? 

  7. This post is titled “25 reasons for firing the POS” because I wanted to use the POS’s own words — the 25 points in his 2008 plan — against him. The reasons he should leave the White House of course number way way way more than 25!

  8. The Solyndra fiasco…..I thought it odd that one Arati Prabhakar worked for Solyndra and now she’s the New Director for DARPA as of July 30, 2012. Of course she’s one of O’s administration! Further more, Dr. Robert Holmes (James Holmes’ father) worked for HNC Software Inc. a company that worked for DARPA. Not sure how this all plays out-I just thought it interesting?!

  9. Another great one… Just tagged my facebook troll… this will get interesting…


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