2019 Veterans Day: Rates of suicide and homelessness

Today is Veterans Day, a day for honoring all those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces (and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable).

Military veterans must be thanked, not only because of their service protecting America, but because military service takes such a toll, as seen in their suicide and homeless rates.

(1) Suicide

The following is on the suicide risk and risk of death among recent veterans — 1.3 million veterans who served during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars between 2001–2007 (source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs):

  • Both deployed and non-deployed Veterans had a significantly higher suicide risk compared to the U.S. general population:
    • Deployed Veterans had a 41% higher suicide risk compared to the general U.S. population.
    • Non-deployed Veterans had a 61% higher suicide risk compared to the general U.S. population.
  • Both deployed (25% lower) and non-deployed (24% lower) Veterans had a lower risk of death from other causes combined.
  • Although female Veteran suicide rates were about a third of the suicide rate of male Veterans, female Veterans had a higher risk of suicide when compared to the U.S. female population — higher than that observed when male Veterans were compared to the U.S. male population, regardless of deployment status.
  • Regardless of deployment status, the suicide risk was higher among younger, male, white, unmarried, enlisted, and Army/Marine Veterans.
  • The rate of suicide was greatest within 3 years after leaving service:
    • Within 3 years since discharge, 33.1 suicide rate by non-deployed Veterans, 29.7 suicide rate by deployed Veterans.
    • Within 6 years since discharge, 27.3 suicide rate by non-deployed Veterans, 24.7 suicide rate by deployed Veterans.
    • Within 9 years since discharge, 25.6 suicide rate by non-deployed Veterans, 26.1 suicide rate by deployed Veterans.

(2) Homelessness

In an America where taxpayers are forced to pay for welfare and medical care for “undocumented migrants” illegal aliens and refugees, it is a disgrace and outrage that an estimated 37,878 veterans were homeless in 2018.

Below is the estimated number by state of homeless veterans in 2018 (source: statista):

Fellowship of the Minds especially thanks the veterans among our readers.

Thank you for your service and your sacrifices.

Thank you for your love of America. ❤️

See also DCG’s “President Trump discharging federal student loan debt of totally and permanently disabled veterans


Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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8 months ago

I worked with a number of homeless vets. There is a shelter here for them that’s actually pretty nice. But it’s privately funded, The State couldn’t care less. I’m not surprised to see MA fairly high up the list. MA is a welfare state, it’s hard to be homeless here, there are all kinds of services. Not for these vets apparently. A shameful thing. Trump is changing that. I love the GIF of him hugging the flag. I think I’ll send it to my brother, trigger him and ruin his day. Maybe not, he’s a veteran

8 months ago
Reply to  William

At LEAST it’d leave him with a colossal attack of Mixed Emotions to sort out. Are ANY Psych Professionals anywhere close to learning WHY this is happening? Since they seem to believe they have the answers to everything that troubles America,it’d seem that there’s SOMETHING we can do to change this epidemic down to an occasional problem. I have a couple of theories,but I’m not a Veteran-I turned 4F with Diabetes,Asthma and early stage Emphysema early in life-and I notice a LOT of Veterans say stuff like, “If you weren’t THERE,you’ll never understand”,but then they won’t TALK about it (or… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  Truckjunkie

I’m not a vet either. When I came of age they had the lottery system and my number didn’t come up. When I tried to join the army a few years later I was 4F’d for a skin condition. They were getting picky at that point. I had many friends who went to The Nam and their stories confirmed to me that war is horrible in all of it’s manifestations. In recent years the wars and low-level conflicts that the US has been involved in have been initiated at the behest of, shall we say, foreign entities, and have had… Read more »

8 months ago

Yes, veterans, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.