2019 Darwin Award: Famous bikini hiker froze to death in mountain

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We are only in January, but already there is a candidate for the 2019 Darwin Award.

The Darwin Awards are conferred posthumously on certain individuals for improving the human gene pool by accidentally removing themselves from it in a spectacular manner.

Gigi Wu, aka Wu Chi-yun, 36, was an exhibitionist who captured a legion of followers on social media as the “Bikini hiker” for hiking — and taking selfies — in the mountains of Taiwan wearing only a bikini.

Photo of Gigi Wu from Facebook

RT reports, January 21, 2019, that sadly, while hiking alone, scantily clad, in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park last week, Gigi Wu froze to death after falling  into a ravine.

On January 11, Wu set out on a solo hike. Last Saturday, after 8 days trekking, she made a distress call to a friend after falling more than 65 ft. into a ravine, unable to move from her injuries.

Commander Lin Cheng-I, of the Nantou County Fire Department, told reporters that Wu activated her distress beacon at an altitude of 5,577 ft. above sea level, where night-time temperatures reach 35ºF (2ºC), Liberty Times reports.

The Taiwanese National Airborne Service Corps quickly scrambled a rescue team to the national park in a desperate bid to help Wu, but the rescue effort was stymied by bad weather. On three occasions a rescue helicopter had to abandon the mission due to the adverse conditions, Taiwan News reports.

The local fire department then sent in two search and rescue parties on foot to search for Wu. 28 hours later, after a lengthy trek, Wu’s body was found at the location of her distress beacon.

Photo from Facebook


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17 responses to “2019 Darwin Award: Famous bikini hiker froze to death in mountain

  1. Gigi WU is now Gigi WAS and she will be forever the real “FROZEN”, the Disney character was just a cartoon, a product of animated imagination. Young people are NOT invincible. How sad for a young life to end so tragic.

    • No, not tragic, but pathetic, in that she’d be so brainless as to try something so extreme, and do it alone!

      • Joseph . . . I absolutely agree with you—it is down right “pathetic.” I border on feelings of anger over putting search and rescue workers’ lives in danger in an effort to retrieve her. It is one thing for an individual to be a dumb head, but when you expect other’s to risk their lives in an attempt to save yours. That is just a bridge too far!

        Here in Oregon, we have time and time again, young people who are absolutely sure that they are invincible . . . time and time again the expense of calling out the search and rescue teams to save these stupid people is born by the taxpayers. I absolutely feel that those who enter into such sketchy endeavors should be required to pay a bond, or secure insurance that would cover the costs of retrieving them (dead or alive.) The rest of society who acts with greater prudence should not have to pay for the folly of the few.

  2. I noticed on the second picture posted here she is wearing bandages on her fingers. Kinda reminded me of Podesta and the spirit cooking crap.

  3. Horrible to die all alone and freezing like she did—as just another canary in the coal mine, an overly impressionable young woman who took to heart Hollywood and TV’s radically evil message that if you’re not rich or at least living on the edge, you’re nothing. Of course she personally paid the price for her bad choices, but that doesn’t make it any less tragic for her parents whose daughter might as well have been kidnapped and then raped 24/7 by Hollywood, substituting their sulfurous lies for the sort of real life she might have led at home.

  4. More proof that living (and dying) for/by social media leads to no good…

    • Well, maybe this is a sort of latter-day, transvestite version of an old morality myth. Looks like the same impulse to me:

  5. Chi Tu Dum, now Chi Ded.

  6. “It seemed like a good idea,at the time….”

  7. Anything for a few likes and upvotes.

  8. Reason why one shouldn’t do that.

  9. Tragic choices, tragic consequences. I’m sorry for her & the people who loved her—- and, sincerely believe she would not have made those choices maybe 10 years from now…..we all do dumb things when we are so young….but she didn’t survive her choices. Unfortuntely, social media and our young being so addicted to it, (it’s this generation’s “siren song”) truly gives everyone a chance to become “famous” for 15 minutes. Her 15 minutes were up.

  10. only three thing don’t get cold in winter, polar bears, penguins and …
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  11. Is this story really true? I hate to think that anyone can be that dumb.

  12. Sad.


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