Transient man in Washington state arrested for sexual assault, released next day on condition he stay away from victim & show up for court


Get this: The perp has an extensive criminal history that includes 50 arrests.

Progressive politicians and bureaucrats in charge of King County have left the prosecuting attorney’s office (PAO) short staffed. Yet they claim that “gun violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and homicide remain the highest priority cases for the PAO.”

Or so they would have you believe…

Amy Clancy at KIRO reports that a man was arrested for a violent sexual assault and attempted kidnapping on-board a Metro bus in May. From KIRO:

Thirty six-year old transient Samuel Eugene Lawrence was arrested by King County Sheriff’s deputies just after noon Tuesday on a $100,000 warrant.

Lawrence is suspected of sexually assaulting a 23-year old intoxicated female bus passenger on board Metro coach No. 6100 about 4:20 a.m. May 6, officials say.

According to court documents, the bus was driving north on Pacific Highway South near 316th when the driver noticed “a commotion” and saw Lawrence pulling the woman to the rear of the bus.

In surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7, the woman can be heard saying “I really need help, I’m bleeding everywhere.”

After allegedly assaulting the woman, Lawrence pulled the cord for the bus to stop, grabbed the victim’s arms and hands and “threw her off the bus” then “tried to drag her away,” according to the incident report.

However, the surveillance video shows at least two passengers intervening to stop Lawrence.

Lawrence was arrested nearby and booked into the King County Jail at 6:16 a.m. that day, but released the following evening under the conditions he have no contact with witnesses or alleged victim, no new violations and must attend all court hearings.

According to King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ryan Abbott, the detective working the case didn’t even know Lawrence was out of jail until he saw Lawrence mid-day Tuesday on Pacific Highway South in Federal Way, not far from where the alleged attack took place.

“So he just ran his name real quick and it came back with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest,” Sgt Abbott told KIRO 7. Lawrence was booked into the King County again.  He’s been charged with one count of indecent liberties.

Meanwhile, this attack was not an isolated incident. In 2017, there were more than 100 reports of sexual assaults on Metro passengers and drivers, which is why in April King County launched an effort called “Report It To Stop It,” aimed at curbing attacks on-board Metro buses.

According to the KIRO report, Lawrence has an extensive criminal history, with more than 50 arrests for criminal trespass, assault, malicious mischief and disorderly content.

Read the whole story here.

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37 responses to “Transient man in Washington state arrested for sexual assault, released next day on condition he stay away from victim & show up for court

  1. My wife was reading a german news site this morning and it had a simular story. A 50 somethig yr old transit worker raped a girl. She doesnt remember it since she was pretty drunk, its on video, he admitted he did it. The court released him. But the 90 somthing yr old lady who spoke the truth in an interveiw about the hollahoax is in prison.

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    • Yep. Isn’t that disgusting? Having lived there for over two years once upon a time, I just can’t believe the populace puts up with that. It isn’t an improvement.

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  2. With out laws you have nothing. If this is how they take care of their citizens then we are headed for serious trouble down the road if this is not fixed. Your giving them a license to do it. I mean heck just slap his hand on the spot and say no no no little johnny has to learn not to be bad in class. Give me a break if I assault someone here with that much baggage I would be in the county jail for 11/29 and do every day of it. When victims have no hope of justice the whole society will collapse around you.

    Someone in the DA’s office needs to wake up and soon or someone needs to file charges against the DA’s office. FBI do your job man these folks need to wake the heck up.

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    • Good article DCG thank you for what you do you’re a gem in a dull world.

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      • Thank you Brian.

        WA state always gives me plenty of material 😀

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      • I second that, good article DCG. Brian’s right. These things are actually hard to believe. What are we paying for? They’re out looking for DUI fees and property seizures. They should be dealing with violent crimes like this.

        Freakin’ animals on the streets. Then they have the nerve to say that citizens shouldn’t be armed? If she was armed she could have taken this trash out and saved us a lot of money.

        I really don’t know what’s going to happen to these lefty towns. I don’t want anything to do with them. They can’t survive this way forever.

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  3. Right, and the socialists want to run the governor of Washington for president in 2020? I get the picture from the this article Jay Inslee isn’t fit to be governor let alone be president.

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  4. Why is law enforcement so abysmal in so many of these U.S. cities? Is it just part of the plan to destroy our country, lack of concern for victims of violent crimes, or just plain old wickedness being condoned by the wicked? Or all of the above?

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      • Yep. And that way they are even less beholden to those that pay them. I keep pointing this out but I don’t know if people really understand that this agenda is in place already. Just because we have Trump and they’re screaming doesn’t mean we don’t have Trotsky (or a reasonable facsimile) running what used to be the country.

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      • And Obama was pressing hard to make this a reality during his administration.

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    • Maryaha . . . I think that the various government jurisdiction’s plead that they do not have the resources to send all these perpetrators through the judicial system, they do not have space in the jails, they do not have manpower to oversee so many offenders, etc.

      I think in the older days, before liberal idea took hold, justice was swift. There was not the dragging out for months, and years before justice was done. Justice delayed, is justice denied–there is a great deal of truth in that sentence.

      I honestly think if we would bring back “whipping” as a punishment. The administration of which should be swift, and then you let the perpetrator loose. This business of writing tickets for infractions and hoping that the perps will show up for court is ridiculous.

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      • Ah, politicized law enforcement:

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        • Yes, indeed:

          This is a zealot. Just like every other zealot in history, he doesn’t believe in democracy. He has no respect for the will of the people. HE, knows what’s best. He is utterly shameless. He should be fired immediately along with Rosenstein and Sessions. This is truly disgraceful.

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          • I got so angry watching the hearing I wanted to reach through the TV set and throttle him. For all his hatred and condemnation of Trump, I was really wondering how he got past the Hillary porn on Wiener’s computer which he had to be aware of. For anyone who criticized Trump because of his financial dealings, my response is, ” well at least he’s not a murderer like Clinton.” Apparently killing, witchcraft, and pedophilia are lesser crimes than criticizing a gold star family. The only answer to his behavior is what you have stated: he an insane zealot. The still photos of his face in that link capture the evil perfectly.

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            • Yeah, like I said, a zealot. He is truly crazy. I think he really believes he should decide for us. An utterly shameless hypocrite.

              But, what about Rosenstein? Trump wouldn’t let Sessions fire him. I think the Jews have something on him. Rosenstein has asked “hundreds” of U.S. attorneys to review Kavenaugh. Wray is not turning over requested documents. In other words, the whole Just-Us department is seditious and nobody is doing anything.

              They say that Congress is going to ask for impeachment of Rosenstein. That’s good but Trump could fire him tomorrow. That whole thing needs an enema. We can live without an FBI.

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              • “That whole thing needs an enema. ”
                LOL, yes. I hate to laugh about something so serious ( and vile) , but then you rather named it didn’t you?
                The only other reason I can remotely think of that Trump hasn’t fired Rosenstein is that he is afraid that it will give the left fodder. We know he is perfectly entitled, but for the left and their moronic supporters facts don’t matter. All you had to do is look at those Londoners demonstrating. When asked why they didn’t like Trump, all they could do was parrot the talking heads- ” HE’S A RACIST! HE’S A BIGOT! HE’S a HOMOPHOBE!!!. Nary an original thought in their heads.

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                • You know, I don’t claim to know, but SOMETHING keeps him from doing what’s necessary. I would rather think that they are blackmailing him than to think that he’s part of the whole play. I simply don’t know, but I don’t see how anyone could make a legitimate case for keeping Sessions, Wray, Rosenstein, et al.

                  The “left” will scream no matter WHAT he does (or doesn’t do). That is, I believe, another related problem. I know that can be fixed too. I’m trying not to decide that the game is simply to show rebellious eaters what happens when they leave the reservation.

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        • There are two horns sprouting from Peter Strzoks’ eyebrows!

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  5. “Hear me…….don’t do it again, now go on and don’t bother me, I’m busy with something more important……”

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  6. Why would anyone worry that a transient, with no ties to the area, might not show up for trial, now that he is free and able to run away? I never knew that Washington state had such close ties with California, that they would follow their method of criminal detention, i.e., kick a–, and take names, then quietly let them go, hoping that they will return in time for trial.
    Or are they hoping that the ” alleged” criminals will leave the state, so that they can ignore the problem? Because THAT would tell me that WA has truly learned from California.

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  7. The bum probably played a get-out-of-jail-free card by claiming he was an “undocumented immigrant”.

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  8. So, I guess my main “take-away” from this article is that “Report it to stop it” in Washington State is publicity sham drummed up by the State to make people, especially sexually assaulted victims of their public transit, “feel better” about it all—like they followed “the rules” and really did something about it and Washington State “has their back.” Too bad it just all goes into that age-old “circular file” and the creeps are dumped out right back to the site where they prey…….

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  9. Nothing says protect the innocent like releasing a violent criminal back into society. Who in their right mind would do that? Is that person still employed?
    With over 50 known arrests, no telling how many crimes he really has committed.

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    • Well all those cops involved in keeping him incarcerated could be out fining citizens and growing the coffers. They don’t care about “protecting” anyone, at least not eaters.

      They ought to duct tape him to the mayor’s car.

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