How’s that “green” design working? Brad Pitt’s Hurricane Katrina homes are falling apart

brad pitt

Brad’s going to have to do better to “drive new industry standards for green buildings.”

From Mercury News: Brad Pitt’s image as the architectural savior of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina’s destruction is being questioned in a new report that alleges that a number of homes built by his nonprofit in the Lower Ninth Ward are falling apart.

The report by the Daily Mail also suggests that the actor, in the wake of his nasty breakup from Angelina Jolie, has lost his passion for fulfilling his original commitment to build 150 affordable, durable and environmentally efficient homes.

The Daily Mail recently visited New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, where many homes belonging to black and low-income families were swept away after levees of the city’s industrial canal were breached during the hurricane 13 years ago.

Post-Katrina, the humanitarian-minded Pitt and Jolie swooped in to the city and bought their own elegant French Quarter mansion, while Pitt set up the nonprofit Make it Right to help regenerate the Lower Ninth Ward.

Architectural enthusiast Pitt, 54, promised the nonprofit would build 150 new homes using cutting-edge design that would emphasize safety and adherence to LEED platinum building standards.

Make it Right spent at a minimum of $25 million to build brightly painted, architecturally distinct homes that were sold to Lower Ninth Ward residents at a discount, though residents told the Daily Mail they cost around $150,000 each — or market value.

Now, residents are telling the Daily Mail that some of the homes didn’t live up to the promise offered by Pitt or by his nonprofit, saying that the homes contain structural flaws and are now falling apart.

Daily Mail published photos showing some of those homes, with roofs caving in, wood rotting and walls collapsing or falling away from the house. Some residents used their life savings, combined with federal relief funding, to buy the homes. But some found they couldn’t keep up with the repairs and have abandoned them, the Daily Mail added.

Resident Constance Fowler told the Daily Mail that her next-door neighborhoods in a Make it Right home had to move out because the wife was getting sick from the mold. Make it Right promised to renovate the house, but workers found its roof was beyond repair, Fowler said. The house was left unoccupied and rotting away. Fowler told the Daily Mail she had to repeatedly petition Make it Right and the city to tear it down.

“Make It Right says this is the largest green community in the United States,” Fowler said to the Daily Mail. “Look how many are boarded up now or abandoned.”

“People have problems with porches, roofs, walls falling apart,” she added. “There’s six out of seven homes right next to me that have had significant repairs.”

Another resident, Doris Wyman, said she and her husband Henry are only able to stay in their Make it Right home because Henry is a skilled handyman. “I’m concerned about neighbors’ homes,” she said. “Just because mine is holding up, I know others are falling apart, their walls, roofs and porches.”

Wyman said Make it Right may have brought people back to the Lower Ninth Ward, but ultimately failed in its mission if people can’t stay in their homes. She acknowledged that the intention probably was “beautiful” but asked, “Where did they go wrong?”

Read the whole story here.


20 responses to “How’s that “green” design working? Brad Pitt’s Hurricane Katrina homes are falling apart

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  2. A whole lot of folks made a lot of money down there I saw trades men going just about every day and it caused a supply problem with building materials here since they needed so much it let most of the hardware stores with out a lot of things like plywood and sheet rock here. But a lot of those folks that made a lot of money were like fly by night workers once they got the bulk of the money they cut and run back to were they came from leaving poor workmanship. Kinda the saying “Long after the sweetness of low price is gone, the bitterness of poor quality remains.” Sad to say but I am sure a lot of that went on down there at the time. 13 Years later it comes back to bite them in the backside.

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  3. DCG . . . Great article! I think altogether far too many of the Hollywood crowd want their names in print, so they enter into these “humanitarian efforts,” then we find out it was in the end all smoke and mirrors. My heart goes out to those who spent their life savings to finally purchase a home they could call their own–only to have it fall down around their ears. That is truly a profound shame.

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  4. Shoddy workmanship + inferior materials + poor oversight, (inspectors), = a waste of time and money.

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    • You just answered the question, “Where did they go wrong?” & I was thinking the same thing:

      Who made up the building crews?
      How much experience did they have?
      Were they local or brought in from outside?

      Who were the building companies hired to do the work?
      Were they local companies?
      Who were their heads & CEOs?

      If the NOLA Building Inspection Dept. was as “efficient” as the NOLA Police Dept (Ray Nagan?!), then no wonder the houses are a mess.

      I wonder how much “hands on” work Brad Bitt did? Did he do the seeking/choosing of companies & crews, or did he just “throw money” toward his non-profit & let them do it?

      Did Brad walk the streets of New Orleans & hire any inexperienced homeless &/or low-life &/or druggie/drunk he could find to do the building work? etc. (He being a Libtard, it wouldn’t surprise me.)

      This story should be tweeted to Bill Pulte @Pulte who may find it interesting. He’s the grandson of the Pulte Homebuilders “empire.” (The granddaddy/founder, Wm. J. Pulte, just died in March at age 85.) Grandson Bill Pulte is on a mission to rebuild inner cities. One of his recent tweets:

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      • This is like a typical “government” operation. Zero thought. All show and no go. Let’s face it, NOLA is not the “ideal” building site. It’s a hole below sea level with soil that’s basically “gumbo”.

        So here comes a Hollywood celebrity. What could go wrong. Gee, I don’t know. I worked with a guy once from Louisiana. He flew home to reroof his house in hurricane season. Need I describe how that turned out?

        I know some FEMA people who were there. There were scam artists coming out of the woodwork. This was as effective as the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

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  5. Brad Pitt will never realize himself in life, he is a failure in all his endeavors, the Make it Right project proved to be “made wrong”, he will bury his failure in drugs, what a tragic end to an unproductive life.

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  6. When you kick GOD out of the equation, things tend to fall apart.

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  7. I live in a New Orleans suburb and these houses started falling apart a year after they were built. It’s not surprising. A lot of sub-standard housing was built after Katrina. More than 80% of New Orleans was GONE after that storm so, of course, building materials were scarce when the rebuilding was in full swing. That’s why toxic drywall was imported from China for awhile before it was discovered. And it was only discovered when people were getting sick from living in the houses and the plumbing and electrical materials were corroding to dust from the toxins off-gassing from the drywall.
    Poor workmanship was the result of illegal immigrants pouring in from Mexico who were hired by unscrupulous contractors to work on rebuilding houses and places of business. These illegals could be found in droves standing outside big box home improvement stores where these contractors would hire them as day laborers. The quality of work was not good but contractors hired them below minimum wage.
    No one would believe half the illegal and unscrupulous stuff that went on after that storm wiped us out. Two-thirds of my neighborhood, including my own house, was gone after Katrina.

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    • @ My BrainHurts: Thanks for the up close & personal local details post-Katrina & so sorry to hear you had lost your own house!!

      Amazing that off-gassing China-drywall could corrode electrical & plumbing. I wonder what the hay it was made out of!

      “…illegal immigrants pouring in from Mexico who were hired by unscrupulous contractors…”

      I’m glad you (as a local) said it & not me, but I did wonder the same.

      Part of a new months-old Mall in Mexico has collapsed. No injuries as shoppers were evacuated in time. It was the offices section that caved. That section was built hanging over a freeway (not smart!?) which, fortunately, they blocked off traffic in time. The building began making scary noises which was a clue. Authorities are not sure yet if it was a beam that caused the collapse or the “sandy” foundation:

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      • Sad that China has no pride in their products. It is all about the money, they use drywall as a filler in food products. They found it in jars of hot eggs in Hawaii. And the amount of dogs that died from their treats is awful. So I expect nothing honest in their construction products.
        A friends of mine from the Midwest went with her church group to NO to help build and repair houses, while the church people worked their rears off, the people just sat there and watched them. Did zip.
        Things like this happens after every disaster, those wanting to profit come out of the woodwork like they do Everytime in Florida after the Hurricanes.

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  8. What a disgrace.

    So is “I made a pact with the Devil” Brad Pitt going to do something about the only 13-years-old but already falling apart “green” homes?

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  9. SSSSssssssssshhhhh……I think I hear the pitty-pat of little Attorney feet as they race to the scene to “Make it Right”….I hope every person who trusted this PITT-iful outfit collects HUGE for this.

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