Academy Sports manager fired weeks after intercepting gun thief in Florida store

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UPDATE: Dean has been rehired by Academy after the company faced public backlash for firing him.

Bad move, Academy. We were thinking of purchasing a firearm from one of your stores. We’ll now make that purchase somewhere else.

From Fox News: A sporting goods store employee, who last month helped catch a suspect allegedly trying to swipe a weapon, was suspended and later lost his job at the Florida business following the incident, his lawyer said.

Dean Crouch, 32, was working at the Academy Sports store in Tallahassee on June 29 when robbery suspect Jason White allegedly tried to steal a gun, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

After White reportedly tried to flee with the stolen firearm he’d requested to see, Crouch stepped in and ultimately detained him.

Crouch, an assistant manager at the store, was nearby when the incident occurred and heard employees yelling “stop that guy,” his attorney, Ryan Hobbs, told Fox News. While police made their way to the scene, the suspect was relocated to an office at the business, he said.

Hobbs said the suspect had attempted to make off with a .40 caliber handgun and matching ammunition.

The Tallahassee Police Department, who arrested the suspect, wrote on Facebook that “employees detained a man who tried to run out of the store with a firearm, ammunition, and a backpack, which were stolen from the business.”

The suspect also allegedly stole two weapons from a pawn shop earlier the same day, police said.

Hobbs claimed his client was placed on suspension in the days after the incident amid a policy that prohibits employees from placing their hands on customers (how does this thief qualify as a customer?) while they’re in the store. Crouch lost his job on Tuesday, he said, adding that his client had been “suspended and terminated for preventing this thief from stealing this weapon.”

“Academy has decided to, instead of treating him like a hero he is, they terminated his employment effective immediately because he put his hands on Mr. White,” Hobbs told the Tallahassee Democrat.

Left without a job, Hobbs told Fox News that Crouch – who has a wife and two small children – put their home up for sale as “a direct result of him losing his job at Academy Sports.”

“They’re just scared,” he said.

A representative for Academy Sports did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. But company spokeswoman Elise Hasbrook told the Democrat that Academy’s treatment of the former employee’s conduct, as well as his eventual firing, complied with company policy.

“While the incident ended without injury, actions inconsistent with corporate policies were taken,” she told the outlet. “We addressed the matter with the local store and individuals involved.”

Hobbs told Fox News that they are “exploring” their “options” but at this point, no lawsuit has been filed. At the moment, he said they’re more concerned with “trying to protect his rights” and finding him a new job.

Hobbs also told the Democrat that Academy’s policy might warrant a reexamination.

“My instincts tell me they are concerned more about people like Mr. White suing them for being stopped in the course of a theft than they are about rewarding or acknowledging in a positive manner that Mr. Crouch may have saved lives,” he told the outlet.


35 responses to “Academy Sports manager fired weeks after intercepting gun thief in Florida store

  1. More Corporate PC Tomfoolery. These retail outlet stooges are so afraid of lawsuits and bad press they would just rather a felon have made it out onto the streets with a stolen weapon and committed murder than to have it reported he was “Handled in an aggressive manner while in the store by a store employee. Political Correctness is literally killing us folks.

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    • I would hope that anyone who normally shops at any of the Academy Sporting Goods stores boycott any further support of this business. This nonsense of being so fearful of being sewed by thieving thugs is going to be the ruination of our country.

      Furthermore, any idiot who sits on a jury and votes to give COMPENSATION to anyone who has been injured while they were involved in criminal activity is a traitor to their community. Criminals need to suck it up and live with all of the consequences of their criminal activity.

      I am scheduled for Jury Duty in early October. I feel sorry for any fool whose case is heard by any jury I am on . . . all of the “milk of PC kindness that I may have ever had is done dried up!” I will never vote to give a criminal so much as a nickel for injury they sustained during criminal activity–no matter how pitiful their life has become. They better just learn to suck it up.

      Liberals have infected our communities with all this “PC nonsense . . . it is up to good men and women everywhere to push pack against this insidiousness that plagues our country..

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  2. Message to shoplifters…
    Academy Sports supports your shopping pleasures.
    We will make our employees fear getting in your way.
    Tell you friends and please come back soon !

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  3. Well guess you can say that Academy Sports promote domestic terrorism by letting then seal guns and ammo and just leave to use on the American Public. That can be construed as collusion in domestic terrorism. So boycott them for what they stand for giving the crook a chance to do more damage.

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  4. There is a real possibility that Mr. Crouch saved a life or lives by what he did.

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    • So true no telling how many he did save in the long run.

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    • marblenecltr . . . Academy is so afraid of being sued by shoplifters, but what if this thief had gotten away with stealing the gun and ammo, and if they had shot and killed innocent persons, would their families not be entitled to seek monetary compensation from Academy for their failure to stop the thief of gun(s) which killed their loved ones. In today’s world, that is not so far fetched.

      It angers me greatly that this young family man is now out of a job and his family life is so negatively impacted by his heroic actions. I would wish that someone would start a “Go Fund Me” campaign for him. I am sure that many of us would gladly chip in to help him and his family.

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        • DCG . . . Thank you for adding the “GoFundMe” page info. When I went there, several of those donating and leaving comments said that Academy Sporting Goods has rehired this gentleman. Thank goodness they came to their senses. Evidently, there was quite a firestorm on social media, which was extremely negative to this business. Thank goodness, we do have citizens in this country who see things correctly, and are willing to speak out when they see injustice.

          Then I tried to verify the fact that he had been rehired . . . it was very interesting to see the mug short for this perp. It turns out that he is a black man with a very silly smile. As a consequence of his having been stopped at Academy Sporting Goods, the police recovered the guns that this joker had stolen earlier in the day from the pawn shop. Since when does one person need three stolen guns? This leaves me thinking that he may have been stealing them in order to sell them on the black market.

          Another thing that is extremely interesting to note . . . this perpetrator made the statement, “Yea, I stole the guns, and as soon as I am out of jail I will go back to stealing!” This is exactly the kind of person we need locked away from society . . . it would seem that he is just a one man wrecking machine, what with an attitude like that.

          Knowing these additional facts about this thug, makes the heroic action of Mr Crouch all the more important. Who can say how many lives he saved by his quick thinking and swift action. God Bless this Hero!

          I think this story points out the fact that the mindset of far too many of these large American companies is absolutely anti-citizen, anti-safe community. It is high time that the American people let these fools know just how we feel about their slant on “shop lifting.”

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      • I know it isn’t part of Broward County, but does Florida have Broward County similarities on this?


      • Auntie. That is exactly what I was thinking, what if he loaded that gun and went back into the store and killed them all. It would seem to me the guy was a habitual offender and the store,clerk was a hero.
        The company might want to rethink their policies, they are asinine. Doing it the right way, no court in the land would punish them.

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    • That is exactly the first thought that crossed my mind. How do we know the thief was not about to commit a crime soon after his theft?
      This is one ultimately that we can blame on the courts. These liberal satanist judges who have repeatedly come down on the side of the criminal after things didn’t go according to plan, and the thugs were injured or shot by a business owner, or home owner. They are the responsible parties for turning the law upside down and having everyone and his brother terrified of doing what is right and protecting themselves.
      What a travesty for the hero of this story. I am just glad things have worked out for him.

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      • Yes, its one thing if he stole a catcher’s mitt, its another if he stole a gun and ammunition. Rules are nice but they don’t replace morals. It’s like carrying in places where it isn’t allowed. If I think they’re dangerous, I’ll carry. No one can tell me that I can’t protect myself or others.

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      • Lana . . . . You hit the bull’s eye when you mention the role “liberal judges” have played in making our communities less safe by coddling and issuing verdicts that side with thugs, rather than peaceful citizens.

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    • marblenecltr . . . Your comment is right on the money! Thank you. If this thief had been able to get away this the gun from Academy Sporting Goods, he would then have had THREE firearms in his possession. We will never know how many people Mr Crouch saved from tragedy by his actions.

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  5. James Anderson

    Tallahassee manager deserves better! So long to Academy and employees out there watch your backs as management is a definite misnomer

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  6. “2011 – Academy Sports + Outdoors is acquired by KKR, a leading global investment firm”


    Dick’s sales plummeted after ticking off firearms owners.

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    • Disgusted . . . There is nothing that sends a message that is quite so startling than impacting the cash receipts of a business that just doesn’t quit get it!

      When you think about it, it is rather perverse . . . these large businesses would rather increase their prices for goods (which the rest of us have to pay) to cover the loses incurred by these thieving mongrels.

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  7. Makes one wonder why they sell firearms if it is so counter to their social philosophy. Perhaps they should just convert all their stores to “produce” stands.

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    • When they see they will lose money they back track and eat crow tells you how they feel about their policy’s its all about money.

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      • Well it certainly provides insight into their moral make up. Faced with a “moral dilemma” they opt for blind protocol. Punishing a loyal employee who did the right thing means nothing to them.

        If they chose to fire him they should have given him a generous separation package or, better yet, found a place in management for him away from the retail outlet. This is what constitutes loyalty in today’s world. It is also why so many employees are so lousy. Why bust your hump for an unappreciative employer?

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  8. John Kernkamp

    There are very few people in our country who have not made a decision based on the possibility of a lawsuit.

    This is why we need Tort Reform. There are only two countries in the world which do not have a “Loser pays” civil lawsuit system – the U.S. and Sweden.

    We need to get rid of our system of legalized extortion!

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  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  10. They could have been ‘politicly and libialy correct’. Terminate him without cause, pay him a year’s severence. and see that he gets a similar job elsewhere. He may have violated company policy and so deserves disipline of some sort, just to protect the company. On the other hand he may have prevented any further crimes being committed – to be sure, that’s what the perp had on his mind – thereby providing a service to the community which should be subtlely recognized.

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  11. Clearly the so-called “management” of this operation does not have its employees backs.

    I would have turned down the re-hire, accepted another job, then turned around and sued the hell out of Academy Sports.

    I am pretty sure there are a few attorneys out there that would take the case pro bono.

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  12. Oh hey, I have an idea; let’s hire people that would assist criminals in their quest to deprive others of their property. /s

    ….Not asking anyone to put their life on the line…..quite contraire, just looking for some common sense which seems to be in real short supply by today’s standard.
    I am actually sick and tired or how the leftists have pussified todays adolescents.

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    • Yeah, they could just hand out guns and ammo to thugs. Sort of like Starbucks and their bathrooms. That’s the leftist way. Capitulate before a fight. Nobody’s supposed to “own” property anyway, right?

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  13. His mistake when I think of it. He should be carrying and not touch the thieve, just put a bullet in him, right between the eyes. I read somewhere that Tibetan monks speak of a third vision, a third eye, that gives those who open it special powers. This thieve would have reached Nirvana! He would have attained enlightenment and seen through his new acquired powers what happens to thieves.

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