Animals’ unspoken love

Just because animals don’t speak our language, we assume they are without feelings.

But if the animals in this profoundly moving video were human, we would readily interpret their body language as expressions of love, friendship and gratitude:

  • A child nuzzling against the parent.
  • A cat licks the face of a horse.
  • A dog gazes at a newborn baby.
  • A lion and a tail-wagging dog greet each other by touching their paws (1:00 mark).
  • A dog gently rocks the cradle of a baby.
  • A parent dog embraces her child (2:04 mark).
  • As she nurses her baby, a monkey repeatedly kisses her baby on its face and mouth (2:24 mark).
  • A pound dog touches the hand of its new owner after being adopted. The story and full video here.

H/t Kelleigh


27 responses to “Animals’ unspoken love

  1. That was precious.. thank you for sharing this.

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  2. A very sweet and touching video. I always cringe when I see large dogs and small children and/or infants together. I am a dog lover extraordinaire. If I had the resources, there would be no stray or unwanted dogs. Have raised, trained and shown dogs on an amateur basis. Large dogs, small children and infants need to be watched very closely. Things can go south in a hurry.

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    • When it comes to dogs & children, I trust a big dog much more than a small dog with kids; maybe it’s just me, but bigger dogs recognize the size difference and know the kids intend no harm when playing with them, and maybe also due to its herding & nurturing instincts.

      One of my favorite pics that I just recently had made into a customized phone case, is one of my daughter when she was very young, lying on the couch along with our German Shepherd. He laid his sleepy head on her chest, and she curled her arm around his head. I was lucky that I saw it when I did, before either of them moved.

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  3. Thank you Doc. words can not describe, Animals move the heart in many ways, and my eyes . . . now I can see the key board.

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  4. I believe the species have been wrongly classified, “they” the animals are soooo human……..and we are soo inhumane.

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  5. So beautiful and sweet.

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  6. So much sweetness!

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  7. Words actually fail me, a semi-professional writer, to adequately describe what I feel watching this video. I managed to get to 75 years only through grace: God looks after fools & babies, and I’m not a baby now. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve witnessed so very much, likely too much, that when I think back on all my animal contacts & relations, then review this video, my heart swells and breaks, but from joy, or empathy, or just what is impossible to say.

    We’ve done so much harm that in my poem, ‘The Spotted Owl’, from the early 90s, I wrote “…perhaps humans are God’s first mistake,” but it would be more accurate to say that through the operation of our free will, too many of us have fallen to be as deviant as some are. The Duo of Duplicity leaps to mind: Herself loathes dogs who attempt to befriend her. Tells us all we need to know, doesn’t it?

    Finally, God & Heaven bless the fellow who found this, Eo for posting it, and all you commentors who said what I cannot.

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  8. traildustfotm

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  9. Beautiful. I had to put my precious Pig (my 14-year old French bulldog) down a couple of weeks ago and my heart is still broken. He loved me like the animals in the video…damn, I miss my little guy SOOOO much I can hardly believe it.

    Love ‘em while you got ‘em, that’s the lesson, I suppose. (Sigh.)

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    • I’m so very sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. I’ve lost several over the years. We lost three in one year a couple of years ago. All from “old age”. There’s nothing anyone can say to make it better. We are all better for having known and loved them.

      I think of every one I’ve ever had (its quite a few). We have three wonderful dogs now and two cats. I had to take one to the vet today for an ear infection and it cost over $400. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t spend that much on myself.

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      • What is the deal with vets?? Every time I take a dog (for anything other than vaccinations), they’d always push antibiotics. When I questioned the practice, I was told it was for “secondary infections”. I said, “Is there a PRIMARY infection, and if so, are you sure it’s bacterial?” I was told that they were “following protocol”. (Insert eye roll here.)

        We’ve had many pets in the past, but Pig was “mine”. We were inseparable: he used to come to work with me, I took him in the car whenever I ran errands, he’d follow me around so closely that if I stopped short, he’d run into the back of my legs. He hated (but put up with) my husband and son, to my delight. Once, my husband taunted Pig (verbally) while hugging me…and Pig peed on his briefcase. 🤣 (Served him right!)

        Dang, he was a great dog. Oink. 🐷🐽

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        • We had a wonderful vet for over 20 years. It was a husband and wife team . They were bought out by some sort of conglomerate and I changed vets. I notice, however, that they’re all essentially the same now. There is a computer program that does the pricing and lists these “protocols”. I’m sure it is a “boon” for the vets.

          When our animals were sick our old vet would try to minimize costs if possible and treated us like friends. Our new one is nice but they do the same thing as the corporate one we left. Ours DOES culture infections. There’s a hefty charge for that too.

          Ours is big on lab work. Two of our three dogs are female. I’ve had two spayed, one to go. By the time they do the lab work, then the procedure it is almost $1,000 each. There is a fee for EVERYTHING.

          I’m not really a tight wad, but I am retired. I don’t like to be gamed. Every once in a while I ask her about all this and she gets pretty indignant. The pat answer is “see, its right here in the schedule” (like that means something).

          I said to her, “you charge $55.00 for the examination, then (blah, blah, depending), what’s the $55.00 for?”. She just glared at me. I mean really. she does her examination and, if its an ear problem, theres a line item for that in addition. I wouldn’t be going there if there wasn’t a problem.

          Anyway, I am very sorry about your friend. I hope, after some time, you can find another to help fill the void. They can never be replaced, but there are a lot of little guys that need a life partner. They appreciate us as much as we do them.

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  10. What can I say other than you BLESSED my day again.
    Thank you Dr..

    USMC Vietnam Veteran 68-69
    aka Hardtimes 3/9 3rd Mar Div

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  11. I remember the “hand-holding” with my dog, too – one of the many things I miss about him.

    My daughter used to have a red eared slider turtle (the one common in pet stores) for 3 years, but didn’t take too good care of it, so of course I wound up doing so. Whenever I came home from work, “Shelly” would swim up, try to escape the aquarium, and I could see a little tail wag from it as well – maybe because I was the only one feeding it, but it was happy to see me.

    I don’t know if it’s common or not for cold-blooded animals to display emotions like warm-blooded ones, but seeing a turtle act like that was pretty neat.

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  12. Hands down…The best video I’ve ever seen, I teared up.

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  13. So sweet. It reminds me of my son’s potbellied pig, who shared a barn with my other son’s goat. The goat had a terribly difficult labour, and we had to call the vet. It was very traumatic for all, and through the whole ordeal, piggy watched and whimpered. Later, because the goat kid died, we gave the goat’s milk to piggy… but he refused to drink it — something he normally loved. Ever after he would drink any other goat’s milk, but not the milk from that goat. I know he grieved for her… As did we… And our doggy mopes around if my husband is away…

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    • All three of my children went from mother’s milk to goat milk, and their MDs all said they were amazingly healthy. I was present for all their births. We followed the protocols of Dr John Thompson, inventor of SUPERthrive, so from his hair analysis of the two mothers of my 3 children, their diet & nutrition were optimal. When I told Dr Thompson about the MDs comments, he scoffed, saying “Your children are NORMAL, but delivering doctors rarely see a normally healthy infant.”

      Animals are no different. Before I undertook to rear animals [not cattle, they produce too much for a small family], I learned as much as I could about nutrition and consequences; we mammals are no different, the Creator doesn’t play favourites, nor are there quotas. I was present for all my dairy goats deliveries, and one had a difficult labour, so I had to assist in getting the 3rd one out. It was still-born, however, always a very sad time. Fortunately the mother was fully occupied w/her other two.

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      • Aawww.. Sounds like you have been a very involved dad, another rare thing in today’s sick world. Good for you!! 😊
        Our Creator knows what he’s doing, and if we follow his pattern, he will bless us.
        I myself went with the fellow who wrote Husband-Coached Childbirth, and gave birth 100% naturally. The medical cartel likes to make pregnancy and birth another disease, so they can intrude with their unnecessary procedures!!

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  14. About Vets….we have an excellent vet w/excellent associates & excellent vet techs/front office. But, yes, they are very expensive (dah…it’s CA here) even tho’ they give us a “professional discount” b/c my husband is in the human allied medical field…..We keep pet insurance, which helps a LOT…(PetsHealth—of which I’ve written about previous here. ) But still…. sometimes I think you have to be your own judge: our beloved GSP/Lab mix, Jack (now gone, but not forgotten) was diagnosed by our vet as having beginning stage liver failure. He described/laid out a detailed, long decline for our Jack…but only LONG if we kept a strict diet for him. Vet prescribed an expensive/evidently terrible quality canned, “specialty” food for him that we could ONLY buy from the vet. It was mostly CORN. Our Jack went crazy, running around the house stealing ANYTHING he could…hangers, mail, washclothes, the newspaper….that he could “TRADE” for “real food.” So, my husband & I made an executive decision….thinking we’d just enjoy him as the calm & loving dog we knew for a short while, compared to the desperate/begging dog we had on the corn diet….so, we took him off the vet food, & as an “uneducated compromise,” started feeding him what we ate every day. If we had meat/veggies/rice…that’s what he got….bacon& eggs for breakfast….stew for supper, PBJ for lunch…& so on. After a month, we took him in for his pre-planned check up/blood work for the liver problem ….& they came out saying they’d NEVER seen anything like it….he had no SIGNS of what they’d detected before,,& so they ran the tests again….they said they’d never seen a “reversal” of this early liver thing……….but that’s what happened. Jack lived another 6 years with us—to age 12, almost 13.

    To Redynd—-condoleances and I hope you can call on happy memories through the years that remind you of what a great time you had with your little French Bulldog, and what a great choice he was to bring into your life.

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    • I found an excellent, very knowledgeable vet after my then-vet showed no empathy and gave my then-cat only a month at most to live after Gabe was diagnosed with congenital kidney disease. My new vet got me to give Gabe daily IV-fluid injections, which kept my beloved cat alive for another 4 months. The vet also shows a concern for costs: At our last visit, because I was worried about Gabe’s successor not eating (which is a seasonal thing), the vet recommended that instead of a full panel of tests, to keep costs down only a blood and urine test be done on Gabe’s successor, so that we’ll have a base to compare future numbers. The test results came back: My beloved cat is in “excellent health”!

      Moral of story: Not all vets are uncaring, order unnecessary tests, and jack up costs.

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