Steven Crowder confronts transgender who threatened to slash his tires

Steven Crowder confronts a hostile transgender who threatened to slash his tires during Crowder’s recent trip to Austin. Hilarity ensues when people lose their minds.

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36 responses to “Steven Crowder confronts transgender who threatened to slash his tires

  1. Steve Crowder did an excellent job of confronting that creep. Interesting how those liberals all espouse violence yet are afraid to take ownership once confronted.

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  2. Viewers’ comments on the video’s YouTube page say the coffee shop is JuiceLand, 1900A E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Austin, Texas; Ph: 512 519 9806

    The Other McCain says the “transgender” is Celine Camille Zinante who has apparently undergone sex-change treatment to become “Cameron” Zinante and may be associated with a Communist “antifa” group called the Revolutionary Student Front. Since the incident with Crowder, Zinante has taken down all its social media.

    According to Truth Finder:

    Celine C. Zinante, 24
    Email addresses:,,
    Address: 2500 Jackson Keller Rd 203e, San Antonio, TX

    JuiceLand’s owner is Matthew S. Shook, 40
    Home: 808 Blanco St., Austin, TX 78703, which he purchased in August 2016 for a whopping $1,125,000.
    Shook’s criminal record includes disorderly conduct (2001) and giving alcohol to a minor (1999).
    He owns several businesses, incl. another JuiceLand in Austin, TX (7409 Scenic Brook Dr), a Daily Juice company, among others.

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  3. Seems this is the general mentality of the left my way or I’ll slash your tires. it all comes down to violence if they can’t make the point or have no point they use violence to push the narrative .it’s all geared to shut you down and shut you up. Push back at each turn. if we stop they get a foot hold and others might even believe them. Like in high school stand up to the bully if you can that is. some I know are not able that’s when others need to step in.

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  4. John Kernkamp

    We need more of this. I would like to see a follow-up on what action the Police took in response.

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  5. Bravo!, Stephen.
    Show them for the jackasses that they are.

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  6. We need to boycott this business, the way we can hurt these people doesn’t fall into violence but in the pocket, once we stop going in sales will go down and we’ll see how fast they close their business.

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    • Alma . . . . Very true statement. Why would a freedom loving, law abiding individual want to patronize this business. Call me goofy, but I would not want to have any food items prepared for me by someone who is so seemingly unhinged as this he/she.

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      • Auntie. Anytime I walk into a business and the gaydar goes off, I turn around and retreat. Not all those folks are mean spirited, but I feel better off not taking chances. Beside their mental illnesses (homosexual, liberal, depression, mania, etc. there’s the real concern that those they associate with may not have the best hygiene either. A great example is the Red Hen in Lynchburg. Full of deviants. And the owner went along with the disgruntled employees most of whom are heterophobics. EEyuk.

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      • I feel the same way about a stupid person, who wanted a baker to bake a wedding cake for them, when the baker did not agree with the sexuality of the 2 getting married. It’s like, ” You must bake us a cake, even if you don’t want to. The court tells you that you have no choice, even if your beliefs and your God say our marriage is wrong. It is just tough.”
        Tell me now, which one of you would want to eat that cake? One time I myself bit into an apple, and I found the worst thing possible. No, not a worm, half of a worm. I can just imagine what a baker, forced to bake a cake for someone that they did not want to bake it for, could do to that cake, and the people might never know, but the baker sure would.
        I think that I would only buy my cake from someone who is more than happy to bake it for me. But of course, we know that it was a politically motivated set up. It would have been a hoot if the baker had said, ” Sure I will bake your cake. I have to get you the new price list, they just went up.” Then just make sure that you raised the prices enough to scare them off.
        To be honest, most gays would probably rather avoid the kind of publicity and trouble that follow cases like the baker and the wedding cake. While I am not their champion, I do know that there are those who are militant, and those who are timid, and only try to hide in the shadows, and live a quiet life, with as little trouble as possible.
        Again, I try to not judge anyone, unless it affects me. When they force Christians to lose their freedom of religion then that affects me. I don’t understand or agree with their lifestyle, but it is not my place to force them to live any certain way. If I can lead them to Christ, He will convict them of sin. I just found out that a woman a year or two younger than I , who died from cancer a decade or so back, was led to the Lord by another dear friend from high school. This woman who passed away was married to a man that I graduated with, who also lost his son in Iraq while serving in the military, in a firefight. So he lost not only his son, but also his wife. I was just touched that I found out that another friend had led her to the Lord, and now I have more peace knowing that she had made a profession of faith. Hopefully, she had been honest, and real with God, which I can only trust that she had.
        I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stays safe in the heat, and with the traffic. I will pray for those who the Lord brings to my heart, that God works miracles for them. Sometimes we can all use a special touch of God’s hand.

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      • I used to work with a Swedish guy who frequented these type of places. He and his wife were into “enemas”. It was a big deal with them to “cleanse” themselves at a juice bar each day.

        Long story short, they both died early. I’m sure they left “clean” corpses though.

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      • Freedom includes the freedom to mouth off on the internet unless it is a “credible threat.” You sound like the regressive leftists in the UK arresting people for thought crimes and immoderate internet postings.


  7. Yeah, it’s getting worse. I don’t know if anybody’s seen this yet? It’s the “usual suspects”, Fat Mike Moore and Bill Mahr calling for revolution and a million people to storm the Whitehouse.

    Apparently, if your a lefty you can get away with this. Anybody else would be a “Nazi” and jailed. Somebody needs to take some time out from NATO and address this. All it would take is a week to fire Sessions and Rosstein, jail a third of the Justice Department, put the Army on the border, jail the “Sanctuary Officials” and shut down this crap on TV.

    If they don’t do that I don’t guarantee that he’ll be around for 2020.

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    • blah, blah, blah, are they going to be the first stormtroopers? Fat Boy Moore at the helm will be ran over, splat!!!! and Mahr in front of the cameras watching it all happen. The WH is prepared to take on the enemy, and Fat Boy and Mahr need to sit their a@@ in jail for instigating crowds to revolt.

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  8. sixlittlerabbits

    LOL at Crowder telling the transgender “man” that part of being a man is “owning up to the actions.” The point is that SHE is not a man, just a lying woman with hormone-induced five o’clock shadow.

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    • True,but he has the good character to not step on her delusion of gender-inversion. If the roles had been reversed,the Alphabetist Libtards would have descended like a horde of piranhas on an injured baby water buffalo.

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  9. That was awesome! Good for Crowder, and thanks for sharing DCG!

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  10. I could smell the stench of too much soy through my laptop!

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  11. Google Steve Crowder in drag. He has a lot of fun in drag. Just more theater.

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  12. I thought USA was still a free country and that we still had free speech and that only “credible threats,” not some snarky off hand comment about violence to tires, weren’t protected by 1st A. Also thought conservatives weren’t pussies who go apoplectic for trivial insults and supported freedom of speech which includes jokey “threats” to the bodily integrity of our rubbery friends. I mean man up and stand up for freedom and pick on someone your own size (and who really deserve it) like antifa who are really violent.


    • Who sets the criteria for determining what is a “credible” threat? You? The internet police? Mickey Mouse?

      Aren’t you liberals suppose to respect the feelings of others? What if I FEEL threatened? Isn’t that enough for you?

      I’ve had threats on this blog and as a direct result of that obtained by conceal carry. The left are freaking LOONEY these days and EVERY threat is credible. See the following:

      ◾Florida man punched and dragged by car because of his Trump lawn flag
      ◾New York Times calls for war against President Trump using mafia Godfather tactics
      ◾Democrats Tom Steyer and Bill Maher wish for nuclear war and economic collapse to remove President Trump
      ◾Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters calls for mob attack on Trump administration
      ◾Democrat Rep. Tom Suozzi urges armed insurrection against President Trump
      ◾Rising-star Democrat senator Kamala Harris ‘jokes’ about killing President Trump
      ◾Unhinged demorats: NY man nearly runs over republican campaign volunteer and threatens to kill President Trump supporters
      ◾Antifa terrorist David Campbell nearly strangles Trump supporter to death
      ◾Left-wing writer Hamilton Nolan warns Trump admin that opponents will carry out bomb attacks against them
      ◾Peter Fonda’s movie bombs, after he threatened to put Barron Trump in a cage with pedophiles
      ◾More Democrat psychopathy: Red Hen owner pursued Sanders in-laws to another restaurant; burnt decapitated animal on DHS employee’s front porch

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    • sixlittlerabbits

      Real Liberal, read Dr. Eowyn’s comment above, which reveals that the idiot who threatened to slash Crowder’s tires may be affiliated with an Antifa group. Her threat (she is a woman who takes male hormones) was nasty, not “jokey,” and expressed real hostility and hate. LOL at your referring to tires as “our rubbery friends”; that is weird!

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    • “man up and stand up for freedom and pick on someone your own size (and who really deserve it) like antifa who are really violent.”

      Whatever makes you think we don’t? Why don’t you “man up” and tell your fellow “real liberals” to stop behaving like the sore-loser thugs that you are? One would think that you, a professor of “ethics and philosophy” at Metropolitan State University of Denver would surely know that.

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    • I dont like Hillary bumper stickers. I am entitled to verbally threaten violence to every car I see one on? How is that trivial or even logical ?
      There is nothing trivial anymore when it comes to the left. Wake up! Thats how they attacked our freedom in the first place.
      Children are getting suspended for hand gestures that resemble a gun. Getting in trouble for saying words like His or Hers.
      You ONLY have freedom of speech as long as it agrees to Liberal thinking.
      Run from the left’s idiology before there is nothing left that belongs to you.

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