‘Migrants’ repay Italian rescuers by threatening to decapitate them

No good deed goes unpunished.

A private Italian ship answered a distress call and rescued 67 “migrants” off the coast of Libya.

But when the ship tried to hand over the “migrants” to the Libyan coast guard, the “migrants” threatened to decapitate the ship’s crew.

Alice Cudder reports for EuroNews that on July 8, 2018, an Italian oil rig supply ship Vos Thalassa, owned by international shipping company Vroon, responded to a distress call off the Libyan coast by taking 67 migrants, including six children, onboard.

According to an account by Vroon, when the vessel turned to meet with the Libyan coast guard to transfer the migrants, the migrants “started to threaten the crew, surrounding and pushing them and making ‘cut your throat’ gestures. Because of these threats the vessel returned to its position and reported this situation to the MRCC [Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre] in Rome.”

The “migrants” were handed over to the Italian coast guard the next evening.

The shipping company said being “severely outnumbered on board a merchant vessel by an angry crowd that has very little to lose is very frightening. We are very proud of the professionalism of our crew in these very challenging circumstances.”

The Italian coast guard echoed the merchant vessel’s account in a statement to EuroNews, saying the commander of the ship “reported a situation of serious danger for the security of the ship and its crew… caused by attitudes threatening the crew by some migrants”.

Italy’s Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said on Twitter that he was proud of the Italian coast guard for taking the migrants “who were endangering the life of the Italian cruiser Vos Thalassa. Now onwards with investigations to punish troublemakers.”

News of the incident comes as Italy continues to clamp down on migrant arrivals. In a recent interview with an Italian radio station, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said the country’s ports would “be closed all summer” to NGOs transporting migrants and that the ban would include “the furnishing of fuel” to their vessels.

Last month, Libya, with the backing of Italy and the European Union, quietly took ownership of a large area of the sea migrant route into Europe for search and rescue operations, in a move critics argue will block asylum seekers from reaching safety. Prior to the change, there was no official search and rescue zone in the area, with the coordination of responses to migrant crises there typically falling to Italy.

More than 640,000 “migrants” have landed on Italian shores since 2014, but numbers have fallen dramatically in the past year, with around 17,000 people arriving so far in 2018.

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44 responses to “‘Migrants’ repay Italian rescuers by threatening to decapitate them

  1. Proving again, the invaders are not worth saving. Punch a hole in their rafts. Italy has been turning them around, they want their country back. There are enough of them to defeat anyone running their countries. They will never assimilate. Waste of time and resources thinking they will.

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    • we should load em up on old container ships and scuttle em about 10 days off shore no more problem…..

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    • Glenn47 . . . I truly believe that merchant ships, or others should not involve themselves in the recue of migrants out at sea. Obviously these folks knew what they were getting into when they left their own shores in un-seaworthy vessels. It is the height of idiocy for other’s to put themselves in harms way to attempt to “rescue” those who would turn on them and endanger their lives. Call this an act of “benign neglect,” other ships need to just go about their assigned duties and ignore any pleas for help from these “migrants.” They are part and parcel of screwing up their own countries–and now they wish to export that same criminality to other nations.

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      • I agree, the more anyone helps, the more they expect without any appreciation. To do so is only asking for heartache for the women and children of the countries accepting them. Many don’t even come from war torn countries. There is plenty of them to take their own countries back and make them flourish. I would rather they get help that way.

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    • Nobody seems to ask “why” they are coming. They are not “escaping” anything other than the normal life of poverty that they grew up in. Their own countries should be the ones responsible for alleviating their suffering, not the rest of the world. I see no movement to correct that.

      The true answer is that they are being used as human weapons to destroy Western Civilization. They must reduce all of us to poverty. This is one of the chosen methods.

      Any of these shipping vessels forced to carry them should arm themselves with automatic weapons and not hesitate to use them. That’s all these savages understand.

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      • True, they are going to wealthier countries. Funny, being Muslim, they don’t go to the rich Muslims countries, where they would have common life styles and faiths. This leads me to believe, they are being sent and financed. Who is paying for those boats, their nice clothes, expensive shoes and cell phones. Who is paying for those phones every month?

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    • You are right. As long as they keep rescuing them, they will keep coming- just like here. You keep giving them amnesty, they keep coming.
      I am thrilled for Italians they finally have someone who has the balls to start turning the boasts with the low IQ savages back to their own self created “shit holes” where they belong.

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      • I think we all “know” who’s behind this. I just notice that none of the “normal channels” bother to ask. Who’s paying for this? Note that they are all young men with new cell phones.

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        • Your points are not lost on me – I’ve thought the same thing. Everything is a charade. The fact is, everything that happens, happens on purpose. We could, and probably should just dispense with all the outrage. At times I feel like nothing more than a monkey jumping up and down in anger- and for what? Just like the hearings with Strozk today, it’s all a gigantic circus that results in nothing. These days I’m finding it less and less satisfying to hear myself rant on a comment section, and it more profitable to spend what little extra time I have in spiritual pursuits that will benefit my soul.

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          • I understand, trust me. The damage is very real. It’s just not due to the advertised reasons and, unless a person understands the cause, they can’t ever hope to fix the problem.

            These are ignorant savages. Somebody else, however, is using them. They’re still ignorant and dangerous, but they’re like dangerous animals. I don’t think they can be trained.

            If their so-called leaders allow them in, their so-called leaders should be held accountable. Better still, send them back and send their so-called leaders right along with them.

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            • lophatt . . . . This picture could show either the Muslimes coming from Arab countries, or change the color of the men in the picture to black and they would be Muslimes coming from African nations. The one constant is that they turn their backs on their Mothers, their wives, their sisters, their sons and daughters and leave them behind to encounter whatever in the heck it is that they are fleeing from. It is outrageous! Since they have few or no womenfolk–what do you think they do when they hit their new countries of choice . . . they start abusing the female children, the young woman, and the older women in the countries they are invading. They need to be sent back to their own lands, swiftly. These people are a product of the mores of their own countries and the way their own governments do things . . . why should this be a problem for the rest of the world? The answer is — it shouldn’t. We didn’t create the $hitholes they are coming from, and basically it is not our responsibility.

              When you see how many of these Muslimes have cell phones, and are fiddling with them, in addition to how many of these folks are smokers–it really strikes the observer as being most peculiar. How is it that in their war torn and hostile home environments of such poverty that they can still afford cell phones?

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              • That’s a good point, Lulu. Apparently, they leave their families (and that can include several wives) at home to fend for themselves. Just imagine!

                It is very clear that they want young males (military age) in these countries. I have a suspicion I know why.

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            • Yup:

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      • Lana . . . . Bravo! Excellent Comments.

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    • I’m not sure WHAT the motivation is in other Countries to tolerate these invaders;I know that HERE it’s VOTES!!!! Let ’em kill whoever they want with no reproach,Give ’em free food,free healthcare,free ID,free drivers licenses,free housing,free legal assistance,free Get Out Of Jail FREE cards,free Social Security Benefits that WE worked our whole adult LIVES for,Hell-give ’em stuff you don’t even OWN-if they’ll promise to vote DEMOCRAT!

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  2. It’s all about Kalergi population replacement plan. Do we still speak about War refugees or political refugees ?? no, not anymore but instead we all speak about migrants now imported to replace the still so expensive Europeans workers.. The euopean nativity is down because of vaccines, polluated water with fluorine and chemtrails, these imported people will be the slaves of tomorrow in europe and the native French, italians, spanishs etc will be an old story ..

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  3. Whoa, scary drama on the high seas.

    That’ll teach ’em to ignore future migrant-ship distress calls … unless the private shipping crews become heavily armed before the next time around.

    I wonder what the distress call was about on the original ship? Mechanical/Electrical failure or Migrant failure (ie, had they been threatening the crew on the original ship as well?)

    What a hero Italy’s Salvini. A man with a backbone. Close the ports & cut off the fuel! That sends a very CLEAR message if I ever heard one!

    Makow had a guest article a few days ago entitled “Human Shortage” re three countries FROM WHICH migrants are fleeing to Europe & beyond. It said the native elderly & older women in those three countries have been left to die “horrible deaths” because the younger generation who would normally care for the aging have all fled to “greener pastures.” All the more reason to send them back from whence they came.

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    • they most likly murdered the crew and damaged the boat in the process muzloids aint very smart……………………………………………………………..

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    • TPR . . . Excellent comments! I certainly agree with you, I admire “Italy’s Salvini” he may well be a savior of his country. There is no reason why Italy’s ports need to be open to this kind of murderous onslaught.

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    • TPR . . . . There is something truly missing in the character of these younger people who would desert the older generations to flee for “greener pastures.” It rather shows that $hitholes just seem to produce an over abundance of POS (as in plural.)

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  4. The term “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” it might be the same hand that wakes you up with a tremendous slap.

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    • Have you seen any of the videos of them in Europe? I couldn’t begin to accurately convey the stupidity and violent greed. They aren’t smart to begin with and someone has filled their little brains with ugly, greedy thoughts.

      Then these fearless EU members sic them on their native populations and threaten them with “hate crimes” for reacting. I’m a pretty good judge of dynamics and I understand human nature. But, for the life of me, I don’t think I could sit still for that.

      It is purely a “replacement”. They are letting them destroy their constituents so that their masters get cheap (or free) labor. Once they figure out what’s wrong, why do they sit there and take it? They should be rounding up these traitors like Merkel, using them as hood ornaments while they drive these savages into the sea.

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  5. John Kernkamp

    Just leave them alone – there’s no need to spend money trying to help them.

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  6. TheTruthBurns

    When you bring Filth & Subhuman Primates to the 1st World you are Actively Destroying Mankind. Pisslam is Shitslam.

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  7. Drown the hajis within swimming distance to the Libyan shore.


  8. Never welcome a stranger, specially those that look diff’rent, speak diff’rent and stink, they’ll take over and you’ll be gone!

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  9. Jesus says to pray for your enemies. So send them back whence they came and pray for em. Salvation is up to them, not us.

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    • Absolutely. To me its amazing to watch this. Out of “nowhere”, “all of a sudden”, so-called “refugees” (ha!), EVERYWHERE. Soros and his bosses are all over this. They all arrive with new phones.

      Their bought-and-paid-for political parasites have sold all of their own countries out and invited them in with open arms. On the other end they see posters inviting them to rape white women and telling them that they can’t get in trouble. They tell them that everything is free. It’s like a “European West Side Story”. “Everything free in Ital-ia”.

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  10. traildustfotm

    Someone I love plans to study abroad in Italy next summer. I am praying for his safety.

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  11. Dirty bast*rds.

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  12. best to start sinking those invaders ships rather than letting them in to cause havoc within your homelands…..let the migrants stay in the lands they have already wrecked with islam

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    • just wondering….could they have just “towed” them to the Libyan Coast Guard? Were they sinking, or just “in distress” b/c they were fleeing? Thinking that, if I were a merchant seaman or sea captain….I’d institute a “tow first” policy, allow boarding very last when/if the distress vessel is sinking.

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      • I wondered that too. I simply don’t know. Once upon a time someone rescued at sea would be grateful and wouldn’t threaten to cut your throat. Of course, now that we’re “diverse”, things have changed.

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  13. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:

    The ‘religion of peace?’ Hahahahahahahahaha

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  14. This is when “migrants” become “pirates”. Libya could have been more help if Hillary hadn’t killed their leader. These merchant ships have very few crew. It is a “law of the sea” to respond to distress calls. This activity puts a whole new wrinkle in it.

    Remember the “Somali pirates”. That ended right quick when they started opening fire on them. They understand that just fine. Any of these merchant sailors who let them go all “Zulu Dawn” on their ships is in trouble. They should feed them to the sharks.

    Lana is right. If they keep rescuing them they’ll keep coming. If word gets out that they’ll be thrown overboard they’ll try to improve things at home, or at least stay home.

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  15. ALL ocean going vessels should be armed in order to defend themselves against such things as this. All of these so-called migrants should be sent back to their country of origin and told to stay there and make things better for their country themselves. We will help but only to a certain degree. We are tired of being the world’s piggy bank. Terrible situation.

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  16. Thanks, progressives!!

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