Florida man punched and dragged by car because of his Trump lawn flag

Jeff Good lives in Boynton Beach, Florida, and has a Trump flag in his front yard.

On the night of July 4, Independence Day, Good was watching fireworks in the driveway of his home when someone drove in front of his house and started yelling at him about President Trump.

“He was saying vile things about our president,” said Good.

The driver of the car then told Good he had to remove his Trump flag.

When Good said no, the driver punched him in the face.

Good instinctively tried to punch the man back, but the man drove off with Good’s arm stuck in the car.

Good was dragged for about 30 feet.

Showing the scars and bruises on his hands and elbow, Good said: “I have some bumps and bruises that I don’t think you want to see. My political goal here is just to express my love for this president, and for somebody to punch you in the face for just presenting the flag to the public, that is enough said right there.”

Good said he was lucky to walk away with only minor injuries, but that the Trump flag is staying in his front yard.

Good said the car was a small silver model, maybe a two-door. Boynton Beach police are asking anyone with information about the attack to contact them.

Source: WPTV

There’s an eyewitness, Donald Tarca Jr., who confirmed Good’s account in a Facebook post on July 5:

Last Night on the 4th of July around 9:30 pm one of my neighbors was physically assaulted for the sole reason that he has Trump Flag in his front yard.

Jeff was standing outside watching the local fireworks when an older male with gray hair and a female in a small car possibly silver stopped in front of his house and began talking when Jeff walked up to the car the hear what he was saying the male in the car started complaining about Our President and told Jeff that he needed to remove the flag for his yard. When Jeff told he would not the male then punched Jeff in the face when the favor was returned the male stepped on the gas and drug [sic] Jeff at least 30 feet down the road before he became free from the car. This is completely unacceptable.

Tarca has an update:

The person has been found and lives in Gulfview Harbor he has admitted to the police that it was him but of course he says Jeff hit him first but he was found because he stopped on the road and was yelling at some young men that lighting fire works than they saw him drive 50 yards ahead and stop and saw when Jeff walked up to his car. The young men are the ones that came to me and told me the make a model of the car and when he came back later they saw what street he lived on I forwarded this information to the police. They contacted him. I will not give out the name I am hoping that he is willing to admit he was wrong and publicly apologize.

H/t GiGi

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57 responses to “Florida man punched and dragged by car because of his Trump lawn flag

  1. Hurray for the young men who were attentive to what was going on. While the gentleman who got beat up for his political views, and wishes to have an apology . . . I am sorry, but an “apology” is just not enough. Now, we are seeing on almost a daily basis, where Progressive/Socialists are answering
    “Auntie Maxine’s” call to action–to harass, to intimidate. to assault those who have political views other than theirs. This man and all the other’s who feel they can act the fool without regard to the laws of this land, or the rights of other people . . . need to do jail time. No “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” If those who prescribe this kind of anarchy are not punished to the extent that they “really feel the consequences of their actions,” this criminality will not stop. If he wishes to apologize in addition to doing jail time, that’s fine, but it should not be in place of jail time.

    Dr Eowyn . . . Excellent article. We definitely need to be informed of these ongoing acts of harassment and violence against those who love and support our President.

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  2. This is how it is in any of those countries Soros has funded a “color revolution” in. I read today that a news conference at the Supreme Court building had to be cancelled because of “protests” there.

    These are Soros/Brock brownshirts. I saw a copy of an advertisement for them for $15- $18 /hr.. We are at a point where we are either going to crack down on this or we are going to lose the entire country.

    We effectively have a “Communist Party” as a front runner in politics. Their agenda has grown ultra-radical. This is not by accident, it is by design and meant to divide. Those who choose them are announcing their abandonment of God and their embrace of Satan.

    This isn’t “politics as usual” in the Good ‘Ol USA”. These are the same tactics that have been used for decades by communist insurgents. Remember, Hillary did her thesis on Saul Alinsky. I doubt that’s coincidental either.

    We just finished eight years of queer-Muslim, racist rule. Now they are going for the kill. I alway expected something like this, but I couldn’t have foreseen the form it would take. They are now assaulting people in the street.

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  3. Everyday the proggies give me another reason to buy more ammo.

    These people are UNHINGED.

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  4. A lesson in there some where;… Seems it is the most patriotic and comprehending, that are the most targeted.

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  5. traildustfotm

    Seeing this stuff all the time. I honestly believe there is an effort to celebrate the centennial of the Bolshevik revolution by initiating the same thing in America. It won’t work.

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  6. well either you’re willing to fight for your convictions or not.

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    • You say “fight,” most would say “assault.”

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      • Unprovoked assault is punishable. Hope the law is applied to the offenders.

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      • I talking about the guy who got punched in the face. If he isn’t prepared to fight why would he display a political favorite….

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        • Maybe he’s just exercising his right to free speech.

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          • Rights wern’t just given, someone fought or died for it; and sometimes in the face of someone attempting to trample those rights one needs to step up and at least put up a to retain those fights….

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            • You call it “step up” yet a court of law might disagree.

              One should not feel threatened to exercise free speech. Someone did fight or die for it, so others wouldn’t have to do the same.

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              • That is the flaw to think that just because others who fought and died for the established rights under the guise that others wouldn’t is pure fallacy. The fact is if one isn’t willing to put their life on the line the establish rights cannot be maintained.
                So the dude want to support a politician exercised freedom of speech to make it be known. Someone else don’t like his choice; punches him in the face and takes down the sign; now what? does the person fight back to maintain his rights or give it away…..

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            • Well George, if you’re saying the flag guy should expect to be assaulted for expressing his 1st Amendment right to speech (at his own home), should his assaulter then also expect the flag guy to exercise his 2nd Amendment right to shoot his assaulter to defend himself and his home when attacked?

              I just don’t think we should assume we will be physically attacked in our own yard for expressing our political views or exercising our 1st Amendment rights…. but if that’s the case, we should also be able to defend ourselves, right? Doesn’t that sound a bit extreme on both ends?

              Why not just let the guy express his beliefs on his own property and maybe curse under your breath and drive away? It’s not like he put up a flag of Hitler; it was of our democratically-elected PotUS. What if this were 8 years ago and the flag guy were black and the flag were of Obama?

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              • Correct; on all points I’m glad you understand what I’m saying….
                Yes, 1st amendment is constantly under attack and one should expect some type of opposition and be ready to defend it…
                Florida is a stand your ground state…..
                Yes, if attacked on their own property they should exercise 2nd amendment rights…..
                Yes, the driver could have let him express his beliefs and perhaps exercise his first amendment rights and curse; but he has freedom (another right) and choose to take the right of speech from another by force. The other person should defend even if the flag he put up supports Hitler or Obama……

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                • “Yes, the driver could have let him express his beliefs and perhaps exercise his first amendment rights and curse; but he has freedom (another right) and choose to take the right of speech from another by force.”

                  Ah, but there’s the fault in that logic: we have NO RIGHT to take another citizen’s right to speech by force (unless you’re part of the police force or another recognized authority, which still have rules they must follow); it’s ILLEGAL to punch a man in the face — or elsewhere — just because we disagree with him. I’m sure you were being sarcastic…

                  Unless the homeowner physically attacked (A&B) the driver (which he may have; I don’t know the whole story), the driver did not have the right to punch him… even if the driver were a cop or other authority (outside of a totalitarian state). Of course, some cops do, then get off. But I digress.

                  I saw another story on MSN about a guy driving his lawn tractor after his neighbor with whom he had a dispute. People are just acting nutty. Dude on the tractor was 72; his “victim” (whom I suspect deserved it) was 52.

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        • No, no, no,no,no! To blame the victim for getting punched in the face, because he chose to exercise his fundamental right to free speech, is a page right out of the play book of the regime of the German propaganda machine. The next thing you are going to say is that a woman who wears any clothing other than a burqa is looking to be raped, and is responsible for it herself.
          I agree that at times, a person who is attacked has not helped to ensure his or her safety, by planting that Trump flag, or in the case of a woman, by daring to wear a dress that actually shows her femininity, instead of hiding in shame. The thing is, the person who attacks them is the one responsible for their crime, not the innocent victim. A person who has a pro life bumper sticker doesn’t have to be prepared to fight. A person who has a pro choice bumper sticker doesn’t have to be prepared to fight either. In our country, we must all live under the same constitution that guarantees us the God given freedom to peacefully protest, without fear of retaliation, either from the government or from our fellow citizens. While that seems obvious, what we must remember is that it includes protests that we find objectionable, such as protests against the conservative government, or against the flag that represents the nation.
          Unless everyone in our nation is free, then no one is free. That includes being free from fear of attack for their political opinions.

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          • Oh, dear, all that reading is conducive to the Constitution of the United States of America to be the best ever written document by MEN OF PRINCIPLES and for us to the defend it with blood.

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          • The victim should stand up and fight to exercise the rights if someone is infringing those rights. That way he won’t be a victim but a patriot…..
            In the case of women who decided to wear provocative clothing in a particular setting make them become a marked target. They should exercise prudent judgement. That’s why no one feels sorry for Bill Cosby’s victims. They knew what he was all about, yet went with him and drank what he gave them…but then again no matter what women wear there are always predators who will attempt to rape them; in this instance it is the predator that is at fault….
            Well I hate to tell ya, everyone in the nation isn’t free and the nation is a Police state; the state can even seize your private property without proof that you committed a crime….

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  7. ManCavePatriot

    Their constitutional right to protest ends at the tip of my nose or my property line, whichever comes first.

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    • ManCavePatriot . . . . Excellent comment!

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    • I wasn’t meaning provocative clothing. I was just thinking about a woman who chooses to wear a dress that actually allows people to know that she is a woman, and not the kind of clothing that we see all of the feminists wear today, that makes them look like they are ashamed of being women, and are trying to hide from their gender. I believe that God intends for women to dress modestly, but to appear feminine, and not masculine.
      And even if a woman wears clothing that is what you and I would consider much too inappropriate, such as the filth you can find in most supermarket checkout lines magazine racks, it still does not take the guilt of a rape off the man who committed it and place it on the head of the woman. That is like saying that it is my fault that I was robbed, because I should never have had so much money in my pocket. Like I said, you simply cannot blame the victim for the actions of the criminal. That is how the left always tries to distort the truth of the assault, and instead let the lie be ignored. Once again, finding any way possible to blame the conservative, no matter how ridiculous it seems to be. Kind of like, ” Hey mom, he punched me, after I punched him back!” Or, ” He took his baseball back that I took from him!”
      Bill Cosby’s victims? I have a hard time when the claims of rape are only shouted 40 years later, when the idea of money claims get tossed around. That doesn’t make Bill Cosby into some kind of a hero, for doing what he allegedly did. He is still funny guy, who never had any self control, and found that he didn’t need any, with so many beautiful young women, were available simply due to his position and wealth. I know that in my case, I would never have been able to hold onto myself control, given similar circumstances. That is why, when I was younger, and at times found myself on occasions counselling women, as a sort of unofficial assistant pastor, always made sure to never allow even the slightest appearance of impropriety in my relationships. I never allowed a closed door with only myself and a female in the same room. I would never meet a woman for a meeting, when it was just she and I at the church or other building.
      It is not so much that I didn’t trust myself, and not that I didn’t trust the woman. I just knew that I could never again be helpful as a counsellor, if I were not super cautious about any appearance of evil.
      As for the statement about this nation not being free unless everyone being free, I hope that you understand that I realize that this nation is not totally free. What I am hoping for is that everyone here can at the very least agree that we must have as a goal to be able one day see all men and women free from not only sin, but also from oppression. And unless and until all mankind stands together in recognition of that, we will to struggle.


  8. I think some of these people are so arrogant, afterall we just had a President that showed the world what arrogance is, that because Maxine told them it is okay to confront and harrass people, that they can get by with it without any ramifications. I suspect these paid shills will even ramp up as the year progresses to the election. We are witnessing some severe desperation from the left.

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  9. Dems, or proggies, whatever—-behaving badly again. (They seem to be pshychologically just like wife-beaters: control freaks who can not adequately/logically express themselves in words…..so, they resort to violence against those whom they would control/hold hostage to their views). Tsk. We can STILL outvote them if everyone of us shows up to vote. Keep that in mind when you wake up on an election day….local, mid-term, national, whatever….and it’s a lousy day for you or you think, surely, even if you don’t vote, it’ll all be “OK.”

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    • CalGirl . . . . Amen to that! The fight we are engaged in will take each and everyone of us, no matter what!

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    • They have ALWAYS been control freaks. Until recently they’ve justified it by basically claiming superior morals. Now they just hate. Either way, its THEIR way or nothing. They take great pride in being rude and demanding.

      You watch. The first time someone gets fed up and lets them have it they’ll be howling and screaming and “Chris the Screamer” and “Reggie Madcow” will be wringing their hands and yelling “white supremacists….”.

      This is rapidly becoming a “he hit me back first” moment.

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  10. Typical commie-lib scum.

    Good’s only mistake was to get too close to the goober’s car.

    I would have backed away and hoped the punk got out of the car.

    That’s when the fireworks would have started.

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  11. I’m so glad to hear that the thug was identified. Muchos gracias to the fine young guys that helped locate him. I hope Mr. Good presses charges against this moron. He has zero right going around and dictating what other people can do and then getting violent when they don’t obey him. What is with these old commies coming out of the woodwork? A bunch of old bed-wetters.😸

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  12. I’ve noticed that SO FAR we haven’t heard of any Pro-Trumpers actually bringing a strong defense against these assaults. What’s gonna happen when these “Tolerant Democrats” begin stopping bullets in answer to Leftist assaults? The Cops don’t seem to want to arrest ’em,the victims seem reluctant to sue their asses off,is the plan to just sit on our hands and “suck it up” every time one of us gets the painful end of a political disagreement? Seems to ME that just tells ’em to go ahead and escalate their misbehavior,there won’t be any serious repercussions. I believe when we start considering this what it IS and employing our self defense,be it a revolver or a semi-auto,THEY’LL start seeing it for what it IS,a VERY poor return on their investment of violence against the Right. (Hey-there’s a REASON we’re called the RIGHT. The LEFT is just WRONG.)

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    • You’re right. It’s past time for him to come out and take a position on this. He should state that any acts of violence, including assault will not be tolerated. I’m pretty certain there are some serious charges for threatening officials of the government he could use.

      He could make it a federal offense and have the feds arrest them on the spot. A little time spent in GITMO would probably put an end to this nonsense.

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    • This is what we’re dealing with:

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  13. Something to consider:

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  14. There was a confrontation in Richmond VA. Steve Bannon was shopping at the Black Swan Bookstore when an unhinged liberal started to berate him. The Owner, though not fond of Trump, asked the woman to leave and when she refused and kept on at Bannon the police were called. Of course being the dedicated liberal she was, fled before the police arrived and the call was canceled. The owner said something on the order of ‘everybody is welcome in his store no matter their views, however it is expected that everyone treat everyone else with respect’ or something like that.
    Do they rally think these antics are gonna play in flyover country?
    This sh&t is gonna get someone killed.

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  15. Trump 2020 flag… $6.95 + shipping (make Bezos conflicted):

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  16. From my hearing of the Alex Jones radio show the day after this incident happened, it sounds to me that Good made the tactical mistake of leaving his property in order to approach the vehicle whose driver dragged him 30 feet. This is no excuse whatsoever for the perpetrator—not Mr. Good—whom I hope is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Moral of the story: Stand your ground but stay on your ground: Next time, let the driver come over to your property and assault you there. And yet, there is always an exception to this rule: Years ago while driving for a neighborhood car service, there was the true news story of the bus driver who, once off-duty, went to a bar. The bus driver had words with the bartender over something, and the bus driver went OVER the bar, whereupon the bartender reached for his gun and shot him—only to be prosecuted.

    But as I have said with replies to other posts, what we are witnessing here in America is the incremental institutionalization of mental illness. I have also said that the Left has become everything they used to hate: The Left, once the champion (of sorts) of free speech, has turned against it. They have become MORE than “unhinged”: They are PSYCHIATRICALLY DERANGED. So we need frankness and candor. Alex Jones and others have mused, opined or ruminated that America is “headed for” or “is in” “a Second Civil War.” Not so fast: We’re in a CULTURAL WAR. It is a war of competing ideologies, or, to be more precise, of the leftist Marxist-Leninist Cultural War of the Left against what is left of America, and, just as important, against itself—its own members. The outcome at this point is unknown, but we need our champion. As Michael Savage has said, “The Right will not fight.” This is the primary reason why we keep losing! We need to go on the offensive, and we need the right leader.
    Expect episodes like this to continue, given ANTIFA’s recent announcements to go on the offensive.
    So we need the Rule of Law restored. But we also need President Trump to step up to the plate. As long as he is (necessarily) preoccupied with fending off the attacks on his administration, he won’t be able to step up to the plate. Not without help. He had better find a team to position himself, because a good part of the Nation is, clearly, going insane.

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    • Steven, You stated:
      “The Right will not fight.” This is the primary reason why we keep losing! We need to go on the offensive, and we need the right leader.”

      Key word there is leader. We have no leaders; no one to champion our side. Rhinos are in the bag with the Demorats. Trump, though he is doing a lot of good things, is essentially still part of the club; the placement of John Bolton to appease Sheldon Adelson, etc. What more evidence do we need than this:
      Henry Makow tweet
      ‏Jul 10
      Swamp dweller Judge Ken Kavanagh covered up Vince Foster murder
      Thank you Donald Trump


      • I think part of the reason the right doesn’t go on the offensive more, is that it sees the left getting away with murder (sometimes literally), and yet if the right did the same things the left does, they’d be sued to financial ruin, and/or get thrown in jail for a long time.

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  17. I think the time has come when Conservative, Patriotic Americans will start getting shot at walking out to the mail box. There’s actually 100’s of isolated incidents like this that occur every day across the Country. When families become divided over political views, it’s an E Germany type atmosphere. In the 1st American Civil War, brothers fought brothers, cousins, sisters, parents, and neighbors. From a globalist’s view, we’re all infighting, and totally distracted, mission accomplished.

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  18. Why is it that Clooney is impervious to injury? Looks like somebody knocked him off his scooter but he continued to yell at his rescuers. What an ass hat.


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    • I’ll use the above as an example. Here decent people are assaulted in their own front yards. In the article above, this paid whore travels the world spouting garbage that he knows nothing about (other than he’s paid to say it), but he’s still an asshole even after having his head bounced off a windscreen.

      I always assumed he was hard-headed (or there was nothing between his ears). I suppose this proves it.

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