A Woman “Bee-friended”

Kindness is NOT Overrated

9 responses to “A Woman “Bee-friended”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. When I first saw this, I thought what an amazing woman Fiona is. God put that bee in her garden for a reason. Amazing she actually had her 5 months.
    I wish more people would be more considerate of how important bees are to us.
    As the bee goes, so goes mankind.

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  2. ❤ ❤ ❤

    What an extraordinary and extraordinarily moving story. God bless this remarkable woman, Fiona, and God’s creature — the little bee.

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  3. A window of love in a world of barbarism.

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  4. What a great story!

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  5. Truly fascinating!

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  6. That was truly a story of love and selflessness. Awesome. Thank you for sharing TD.

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  7. There’s a reason behind everything that is. That is a honey of a story.

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  8. So beautiful.

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  9. I have learned much over the course of my life. I am a divorced person, but being from a very small village of less than a thousand, I had been friends with my ex wife’s family long before she and I ever started dating, and so was friends with all of her older sisters. One of her sisters married a biologist who worked for the Kellogg wildlife sanctuary here in Michigan. He was a very gentle soul, who was always trying to get all of us to understand the role that each animal played in the ecosystem, and that we should not indiscriminately kill any animals simply due to our own ignorance or fear. Water snakes here in Michigan were a big one.
    As I got older, I began to understand what he was trying to teach and started to become more intelligent with how I lived more in harmony with God’s creatures. I would still hunt animals and catch fish, for food, as that is simply part of stewardship. And people can hate hunting if they choose, but a steak from a humanely harvested deer is no worse than the Big Mac that someone buys at the local fast food joint, except perhaps for the fact that I make every effort to kill any animal for food in as quick and painless of a way that I can, often passing on a shot that I am not completely sure of.
    I started to look at not only the animals that I eat, but also the animals that simply exist as part of our world, in a different way. A snake that is simply acting like a snake, and eats a frog in the pond out back, is no reason for me to try and kill anyone that I see. And an insect that is doing no real harm to me, doesn’t have to be killed, just for existing. Certainly, if a dangerous insect like a hornet, gets into my house, and I have family members who are allergic to their sting, I have reason to kill them. But I simply do not have that, and so I am not so quick to just kill any insect that I see.
    The video of this woman treating this bumble bee with kindness was actually very moving. And it shows a tangible way of stepping up and treating the least of these with the kindness, that God said we often served Angels unaware. Are we serving an Angel when we treat one other creature in God’s kingdom with kindness? I could not tell you, but I can say that we are teaching ourselves about how to treat others.
    I am always touched when I see a person with such a humble, kind, and self sacrificing heart. It is those kinds of people that I most often associate with what being a Christian is all about.
    My former brother in law has passed away now, after a very difficult with cancer. He died around a year ago, at the age of around 60. One thing that I am glad about is the fact that my former sister in law, and he, were both able to make a commitment to Christ, and to be forgiven of their sins, well before his death. That from 2 people who were both college graduates, and were very liberal, of the type who seemed to have no need of a God, or a Savior.
    As I said, I knew Anna long before I started dating my ex wife. And I have remained friends with her until this day. So I was able to write to her and express my condolences and to also tell her how her husband had taught me a lot, because of his attitude, and not because of an attempt by him to brow beat me. A lesson that many of us could stand to learn. There is a time and place for the fire and brimstone type of evangelism to try and get people to understand the fact that they are lost. But there is also a time for compassion and kindness, and showing by example that to follow Jesus is not the legalistic, humorless, rigid and painful life that many seem to live. Instead it is a life of freedom, and of hope, and of assurance, knowing that not only am I forgiven, but also I am a child of the King, and the King knows me and only wants the best for me. And so I can live a life of peace and joy, so long as I remember to just follow Him.
    Does anyone care to make a small wager as to how the hateful, spiteful leftists would feel if they ever got to see this video? I could imagine that they would say that this woman was a nut case, and that insects should not be protected, but many insects are so harmful to humankind that they should be wiped out. We should tell them, ” Good job, save your compassion for the LGBTQ crowd. They deserve it more.” I am not saying that we should not be compassionate to all humans, no matter what we think of their actions. I need only look at my heart, and I realize that it is black with sin, that could only be acceptable to God because of the Blood of Christ. But I also understand that the word that is missing from the pulpits today more than any other is the word repentance. And even though I can be compassionate to those who sin, I can also realize that often compassion involves holding people accountable for their actions. Just like raising children often means holding them accountable for their actions, to prove that you love them and want only what is best for them.
    On a closing note, now that I have gone on long enough, here in Michigan, we have an election to replace our term limited governor this fall. The Democratic party has 3 serious contenders for the nomination. A man named Shri Thanadar, another Muslim, and a woman named Gretchen Whitmer. Gretchen Whitmer is running television ads, extolling her superiority to the Republicans running, and then, at her last line, states that with all of the other things, there is no reason that our state government doesn’t ” fix the damn roads” . From the way she says it, it is obvious that she has never swore in her life, and she only says the word damn because someone in her campaign decided that it would play good with us basket of deplorables. What a transparent candidate.

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