New York Times calls for war against President Trump using mafia Godfather tactics

The New York Times has abandoned all pretenses at objective journalism or even decency.

On July 6, 2018, the Times‘ editorial board published an editorial titled “Democrats: Do Not Surrender the Judiciary,” calling on Democrats and progressives to go to war against President Trump by deploying unscrupulous mafia tactics.

The editorial says:

With Republicans controlling the Senate and the judicial filibuster dead, the Democrats’ odds of denying President Trump a second Supreme Court appointment are slim. Barring some unforeseen development, the president will lock in a 5-to-4 conservative majority, shifting the court solidly to the right for a generation.

This is all the more reason for Democrats and progressives to take a page from “The Godfather” and go to the mattresses on this issue.

NYT editorial Democrat war on Trump

The New York Times tells Democrats to “take a page from” the 1972 movie, The Godfather. The following are the tactics used by the Corleone and rival crime families in the movie:

  • Spying
  • Garroting
  • Shooting (gunning down)
  • Ambush with machine guns
  • Car bomb
  • Sending a dead fish as a message that someone had been murdered (“sleeps with the fishes”)
  • Decapitating a horse and putting its bloody head in the bed as a warning

As Breitbart‘s John Nolte points out:

The term “going to the mattresses” means going to war.

The Urban Dictionary accurately describes the phrase as meaning “preparing for battle” within the context of a mob war, a violent mob war involving firearms, assassinations, and bombings.

The anti-Trump New York Times describes this editorial as a “call to arms” and adds that the “fire now raging against Mr. Trump and his nominees can’t be sustained indefinitely.”

As of July 7, Breitbart News has documented 190 acts (this list continues to be updated and now numbers 254) of media-approved violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters during the last 31 months.

The establishment media continue to ignore, downplay, encourage, and even justify violence against their political enemies on the right, and the result of this indifference and wink-wink encouragement is an epidemic of violence and harassment.

Simply put, the media have declared “open season” on Trump supporters.

And now, we have the “esteemed” New York Times editorial board calling for Democrats to use the mafia as their inspiration to stop a judicial appointment.

Keep in mind that the same media encouraging this violence against everyday Americans is the same media constantly campaigning to have those same everyday Americans left helpless by disarming them.

The New York Times‘ despicable editorial is reproached by a reader, “Walked away,” who wrote this comment on July 7, 2018:

As an African American man, I have lived in the DC for a considerable period of time, and I have never seen the type of vulgar, mean spiritedness rage after an election. After the election I went to my place of work, and the police told us to remain in the building because of the riots taking place.

When President Obama was elected that never happened. Yes, conservatives hated it, vowed to make him a one term president, but no burning cars, broken windows, bullied people because you wore an Obama or hat shirt.

Now we have a Congresswoman openly endorsing harassment of cabinet members – at their home, and while they carry out their daily duties! What if a child is involved?

For the first time in my life we have our own elected officials advocating for people who are not American citizens more them than American citizens.

From where I’m sitting, the Dems are positioning themselves for a great loss during the Midterms and quite possibly the General. The vitriolic narrative is one thing, but assaults and harassment are another. You cannot act or be like what you don’t want in the White House, and yet; that’s what the Dems are doing. When you endorse harassment, censorship and hatred, the sleeper effects of the silent majority will nail you, just as it did election night.

In my opinion, fix both your narratives and optics if you want to win the SCOTUS and in the voting booth. What I am witnessing from the Democratic party is not just unAmerican it’s scary.

Here’s a screenshot of the comment:

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62 responses to “New York Times calls for war against President Trump using mafia Godfather tactics

  1. Your time to get armed up is slowly slipping away. The liberals, if left un-checked will continue to use their “ resist tactics” in an increasing manner until it explodes into a unimaginable violent Civil War. Your safety and survival and that of your family, friends and community depends on the sane to step up and step up armed, to be able to stop the “crazies”. You can still buy guns, ammo and get training on how to safely use and employ them. For goodness sake don’t be caught unprepared!

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  2. It all just makes me wish I had one of them orange “Make America Great Again” hats.

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  3. NYT is just showing who and what they are – mafia thugs without moral consciousness. Anyone who agrees with them and/or acts out accordingly, is the same as them – an immoral mafia thug! This isn’t a political action but intense anger, hatred and intent to harm. This is exactly what the Democrat/communist party has become. If people aren’t of that mindset, then why in the name of all that’s holy, do they vote for anyone in that party! Even if their candidates say they are a moderate (during a campaign), there’s no way on earth that they will be able to vote their conscience. The party chair won’t let them – the candidate does know this, so they are just a con person lying to get elected. Why would anyone vote for them – but they do still believing the Democrat Party is for the little people. They are some of the wealthiest and unscrupulous people in Congress. If someone believes in God, why do you vote Democrat? During the 2016 election, they took God out of their platform. Many elderly Dems continue to vote for candidates and a party that doesn’t hold to their values. Wake up!

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  4. Careful what you wish for, lefties. Millions of us out here in Deploraville have been good-to-go for years. We’re strapped, sighted in, and ready to reach out and touch someone. [I don’t hold out much hope for the fence-sitters who are always late to the party.] So bring it, comrades. It’ll be over by lunchtime. In the meanwhile, I’m still munching my popcorn.

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  5. ALL the prophets,saints,and watchmen have been SHOWN WAR IS COMING,even the unbelivers are being shown whats coming,BUT AMERICANS are the dumbest people on earth,,even though they can’t see it,their UNARMED,and even though they were commanded to be armed 24-7,,(luke 22:36-38),if the people understood mass death is coming, maybe they would be armed,,but they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer either,THE LORD said AMERICA you have crossed the Rubicon,get your seatbelt on,,,Are they…NO they don’t believe it,they have no clue who the LORD is,THIS will be the worse Bloodbath in history coming……

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  6. John Kernkamp

    It IS an editorial, not a “news” piece, so they can be as unhinged as they want.

    But it’s still not right to call for actual physical attacks on anyone.

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    • Actually, John, an editorial writer does NOT have a free ticket to say anything he or she wants simply because the piece is an editorial. There is a vast difference between the sentences “Politician X is a bad person is a . We think you should resist him, “and the sentences, “Politician X is a bad person. I want one of my readers to go out and kill him.” The first example is an opinion; the second is soliciting someone to commit murder.

      The New York Times calls pinko libtards to take their fight against President Trump as if they were in the Mafia. They take a page from the 1972 movie “The Godfather,” which followed the criminal career of a Mafioso whose ruthless string of murders and mayhem included killing enemies with pistols, shotguns, stilettos, machetes and garrotes. The criminal gangs “go to the mattress,” which simply means get ready and make war.

      Editorial writers, in times past, were chosen from the top of the newspaper’s editorial staff. They were generally considered to be among the best writers, and the most knowledgeable. Sadly, those times are long gone. Today, newspapers, as well as electronic media, carry their editorial opinions on the front page, not the editorial page.

      What we get today from most all of the mainstream media is little more than left wing, biased, inadequate and mendacious diatribes in which everything socialist is wonderful, and everything rational and constitutional is abhorrent.

      I am telling you this not from the prospective of conservative or Republican, but from the prospective of a journalist who spent more than three decades in the business. Had I done, just once, what The New York Times’ editorial staff did on June 6, I would’ve been thrown out the door so fast, I would not have heard the door slamming shut behind me before my face hit the pavement.

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      • Absolutely. An “opinion” must be based on something akin to reality. If it is irrational, hysterical or devoid of fact, it isn’t really someone’s opinion. Or, that person is unqualified to write opinion pieces.

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  7. From where I sit all I see is “imaginary outrage”. I’m not a huge fan of some of Trump’s actions, especially foreign wars and support for Israel. Nonetheless, I don’t know where all this rhetoric about “racism”, abuse of children, etc., comes from.

    I know where it “comes from” but it isn’t based on reality. I think the article is correct to say that this outrage can’t be sustained. They have created a false demon to rail against. All of this is the lowest form of contrivance.

    I really don’t do “politics” because it is all contrived. I can see that this is really about their owner’s having given them their marching orders. If they think they need a war to usher in their tyrannical communist state, they will do so. Time will tell.

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    • lophatt,
      I know that some will not agree with me, but I don’t share your dislike of Israel. But that is neither here nor there. The fact is, the United States simply must be on good terms with the nation of Israel, even if we don’t like them. There are simply too many strategic reasons for needing to be aligned with them in the middle east.
      But rather than get into a discussion of that, I know that we can agree that if a conservative news organization were to call for violent tactics against the Obama administration, say that Fox News called for the old KKK tactics, and it would be understood to mean that white people should start to lynch black people or drag them behind their cars, the resulting screaming from the left could be heard on the ISS.
      And I wonder how long it will take the Dept. of Justice to begin an investigation into the NY Times and their promoting violence. My guess is forever.

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      • You certainly have a right to your opinions, as I have a right to mine. Thanks for the comment.

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        • The wonderful thing about FOTM is that we all can express opinions and be respected for what we think regardless of whether we agree or not with other readers. This is the way the closed minded, pinko evil libtards should be carrying on. As we all know, the left is insane and has no respect for those who disagree with them. In fact the commies aren’t satisfied if you just agree with them; you have to religiously believe exactly as they believe for the to be satisfied. If you are not a libtard yourself, they hate you.

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          • Yep. Can’t argue with that.

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          • Couldn’t help but notice the prescription you gave of the libtards ( you have to religiously believe exactly as they believe..) is exactly the way malignant narcissists behave. If any one has known one, they will know what I am talking about. Truly scary. Whomever they can’t control they are compelled to try and destroy.

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  8. As the “African-American man writes, “You cannot act or be like what you don’t want in the White House, and yet; that’s what the Dems are doing.”

    (Actually an “African-American” is a person who has legally emigrated from Africa to become an American. Otherwise regardless of our race, we are Americans)

    Yes, that’s a major part of their agenda:
    “Accuse your opponent of what only you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion, cloud the issue, and inoculate voters against any evidence of your guilt.” –Saul Alinsky

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    • I read “Rules for Radicals” a few years ago after waking up. It really does say its dedicated to lucifer.

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        • If this business with the NYT isn’t “seditious” I don’t know the meaning of the term. Until Trump they wouldn’t have dared say some of the things I’ve heard said about this President. Many of them are slanderous and actionable.

          I am more amazed at the “show” of watching this day in and day out and nothing happens. All I can say is that, if I were King, you wouldn’t be seeing it. The media are making a laughing stock of the Presidency.

          Just because many of us know better, that doesn’t mean Joe Sixpack “gets it”. Many believe that “Trump is torturing children”. They think that this whole thing is his idea. They believe that Roe v Wade is some sort of absolute “God-given right”. The Second Amendment (by the way) apparently is not.

          Many, if not most, believe that illegals have “due process rights”. I would be a LOT more radical than this administration. I would simply say, “fine, you want to make a fuss? Henceforth we will no longer consider applications for asylum. Just turn them around and boot them right over the border. It can be Mexico’s problemo.

          Here’s the deal, whether any of this is on the up and up or not, we had an election and a candidate won. To live here one needs to learn to accept that and deal with it. Lord knows, we dealt with the Obongonoids for eight years. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

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        • Who was it that Hillary did her thesis on?

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      • ManCavePatriot

        And one of his greatest admirers wrote her graduate thesis on his book and maintained a close relationship for years, while her future husband sat in Prof. Quigley’s Georgetown lecture hall being immersed in his 1,300 page tour-de-force “Tragedy and Hope”, which laid out the globalist history and agenda.

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  9. Mafia tactics most generally killed by guns. The lefties want gun control??!!! Guess the outcome!

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  10. TheTruthBurns

    As a White Man of 55 years I plan on Targeting White Commies 1st since they are Traitors to their own Culture & are Far More Dangerous than any Minority. They should Not be Allowed to Reproduce & infect us with any more Self Loathing America Hating Insanity.


  11. how can anyone vote for these demorats…..they have no agenda, they are pure violent, racist, morons, and stupid, real stupid…..and support child pedophilia… can anyone in their right mind vote for such a party….you can not let these scumbags into power…they will ruin america for sure…..period

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    • Sorry yep, the LEFT is not stupid and they DO have an agenda, unbeknownst to some like termites, they are busy working their way through until it collapses right into their hands, a little here with marches and a whole lot like San Francisco. Let’s not fall into the hands of the left, that scourge is the hardest to rid off if we have any strength left to fight, by then it will be too late. I know it well.

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      • Not stupid and they do have an agenda, is pretty much right on. But the one thing that the right has going for us is that the left allows their horribly clouded judgement to not allow them to understand that in any kind of face to face battle against us, be it armed with weapons of war or of wits, the left will surely lose.
        Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
        I never really thought that I would live to see the nation tear itself apart at the seams like this. But I should have realized as I watched the left slowly but surely move the culture ever farther to the pit of hell, that the only possible outcome had to be a battle, for the very soul of this nation.
        I also never really thought that I would willingly stand ready to fight, both physically and spiritually, against this evil onslaught, that any Christian simply must realize comes not from the hearts of men, but from Satan himself. There can be no other excuse for the wickedness that we see set loose upon this once great and mighty nation begun as a Christian nation.
        We must know the kind of strength that soon will be required from all of us, as we prepare to do battle with the forces of darkness. We may not all be called to fight a military battle, but it is pretty certain that we will be called to battle a great spiritual battle, the likes of which the world has never seen.

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  12. NYT’s is Following the lead of serial rapist and co-Zionist Harvey Weinstein, who, hopefully, may spend the rest of his life in jail:

    “In a speech accepting the Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s National Tribute Dinner earlier this week, the producer said, “We better stand up and kick these guys in the ass,” referring to present-day anti-Semites.

    “We’re gonna have to get as organized as the mafia,” he continued. “We just can’t take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards.”

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    • Well…., no one is “required” to buy Israel’s B.S.. No matter HOW loud they whine or hard they “gnash” it won’t change my thinking. They actually don’t want people to SAY what they think.

      Let’s see those numbers again. U.S. = approximately 3%, worldwide .4% (four tenths of one percent). That’s a pretty small number to wield that much influence.

      The more they try to stifle other’s rights the less they should be respected. This is a very old game and it is entirely stale.

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  13. Just a thought….there was a time when I was doing academic research…both undergrad and then grad….that you could cite the NYT as just the “TIMES” underlined, AS THO’ it was a primary source/book. It was the only newspaper extended this “honor.” HAH. Now it is a scandal rag.

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  16. I wonder if the idiots at the NYT understand they are calling for war with over half the population of America?

    We elected Trump for a reason – actually several.

    -And I have yet to regret my vote even for a second.

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    • Yeah, I think that was my point earlier. They have become so drunken with the sound of their own droning mindless rage that they think they’re HUGE. All they are is “irate”. It isn’t the same thing.

      I know that I’m tired of listening to them. “Drunk on their own whine”. Kamikaze SJW’s. Making the world safe for non-whites. It looks like they got their army of idiots.

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    • The Times’ owners and editors know perfectly well what they are doing, Dave. They just don’t care. They honestly believe they are smarter than we are, and that anyone who doesn’t think their way is stupid, ignorant, uncouth, and illiterate.

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    • Dave, and a war with the half of America that has all the guns.

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    • The useful idiots at the NYT and ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA have always been controlled by the Money Mobster Parasites. Does anyone think FDR would have been elected if the press told the truth that he was crippled and used a wheel chair?

      The OSS was the errand boy later assigned to the CIA when they headquartered in Switzerland after WWII.

      When the 1907 bankruptcy took place then later the new owners took over their “booty” in 1913 cleverly disguised as “The Federal Reserve”, a private for profit corporation, THE PRESS WAS SILENT. The parasites only had to buy control of 12 newspapers and bribe their goons in positions of power in the other newspapers.

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      • Zip, you are on the money. There are thousands of errands the Jewish York Times has done for their central banking brothers- esp supporting banker wars. When I read you post this is the first that came to mind…..
        The book by Theodore Kaufman titled ” Germany Must Perish”, which incites hatred of Germans, and advocates genociding Germans including the howtos was reviewed by NYT as a ” Plan for permanent peace among the nations” and a ” sensational idea by Time Magazine. They were slime then just as they are now.

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        • Lana, I didn’t read “Germany Must Perish”; hhowever, the Parasitic Pharaohs that migrated to Switzerland [Sister Land of Issis] were banging on Hitler to get the Hebrews out of Germany and settle in Israel long before the war. Hitler did not want war as he became a financial genius even with the burdensome reparations from WWI. At that time, the wealthy Jews had no desire to move to a desert which upset the Lord Balfour Agreement from the early 1900’s, so the boogieman “scapegoat” had to be created. NOTE: England always appears at the bottom of the heap of instigators when you go back in time.

          Along comes the influx of cash from the NYC Banks, Prescott Bush [GHWB’s Father] Rothschild’s Banks and the Sister Land. Oh yea, good old nasty neutral Octagon Switzerland.

          The parasites have always relied on money to move their agenda [the greedy heart of man never changes and the parasites always bribe/extort/murder, etc.] thereby follow the same historic patterns as they lack creativity. Our God given creativity is one the things they hate about us.

          The 3 Abrahamic religions are their boogieman scapegoat tools whenever they embark on their extremely profitable wars. The parasites have NEVER embrace any of these religion; it’s merely pretend wearing the cloak of the most useful RELIGION to promote confusion.
          Rev. 3:9 – I will make those from the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews and are not, but are lying–I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I have loved you.

          JFK asked 13 top industrialists to explore a permanent plan for peace. When the “Report From Iron Mountain” was delivered to the White House, LBJ ordered all copies destroyed. One of the industrialists held on to a copy, published it and now on the internet. The press claimed it was a hoax. They lied as usual and most of it came true by the 90’s. I recall a feeling in the 70’s when I read it as though I was “kicked in the guts”.

          You’re absolutely correct, the slime parasites never change. Thank you for your comments concerning “Germany Must Perish” as I want to check out that book because the outstanding German people’s industrial production was one of the things alarming the parasites.


          • Here is a little overview.

            and online….
            Just last year Arthur Topham a Canadian was forced to shut his website down because he had created a parody version of the above book, Germany Must Perish” substituting Israel for every place it said Germany. As you can imagine they drug him to court on ” hate speech”.
            Lesson: It’s OK when THEY advocate genocide, but when anyone points the hypocrisy out, it’s a crime.

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  17. Democrats:

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  18. I just love how NBC placed a banner at the bottom of their screen 5 minutes before Trump’s announcement last night, letting everyone know that he’d chosen Brett Kavanaugh for the SCotUS spot, and then pasted a bigger banner on-screen at the beginning of the actual announcement, again before Trump made it. Just to scoop him. Immature twits.

    ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS all withheld the information, despite it being released Sunday night, in reverence for the decorum of the ceremony. What is it about NBC? Did any cable stations do a similar crap move? I’d be willing to bet MSNBC did… gotta show they’re “on top of things”.

    I’d thought maybe the judge from PA (Thomas Hardiman) would get the nod, having had more experience and being less “elite”. I have slight fears that Kavanaugh may end up pulling a Souter down the road, but we shall see. Kavanaugh did work in the White House just 2y out of law school — to help Starr prosecute Clinton, so there’s that. Pretty impressive. Connections.

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  19. Why the NYT’s seditious attack on the Office of the President? The pending SCOTUS appointment is a smoke screen. There is a much larger global picture. On January 17, 1980, President Carter along with the Treasonous Senate confirmed another “Constitution”; namely, the “Constitution Of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization” found at Senate Treaty Document No. 97-19 [97th Congress, 1st Session]. A perusal of this Foreign Constitution should more than qualify the internationalist intents. The “Preamble”, Article 1, “Objectives” and Article 2, “Functions” clearly evidences their intent to direct, control, finance and subsidize all “natural and human resources” and “agro-related as well as basic industries” through “dynamic social and economic changes” by the unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable oligarchy of expatriates and aliens, who fraudulently claim the establishment of a new international economic order.
    When someone mentions the word “Constitution”, ask: “Which one have you sworn allegiance to?” This 60 page book with dates and reference citations contain all the proof in the well-established public record of them.

    Does anyone remember the phrase your teacher gave you when you first sat down to a typewriter? “NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR NATION”. We may not have another chance in view of Obama’s 2015 bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and subsequent bankruptcy of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA especially with current internet changes. Please join me in perpetual prayers for our President Trump.

    Perhaps these 2 videos and 2 links will bring the picture in focus and you will observe Ephesians 5:11

    ABBY MARTIN ~ SERCO presentation October 2012

    JOHN B. WELLS ~ interview Field McConnell March 2017

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  20. Everyone send a dead fish to the nytimes.

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  21. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    The NY Times has officially taken sides. Nice! Good luck with that.

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