Los Angeles County Sheriff’s badge has ‘boy lover’ pedophile symbol

The FBI publication of January 31, 2007, (U) Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences, states:

“Pedophiles…are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences…. These symbols have been etched into rings and formed into pendants, and have also been found imprinted on coins.”

Below are the symbols for “boy lover”, “girl lover” and “child lover” pedophiles, according to the FBI. Note especially the triangle-shaped symbol for “boy lover” on the far left:

Below is the Los Angeles County Sheriff badge (source). I’ve circled in red the “boy lover” spiral triangles.

Nor is the above image of an out-dated badge.

Below is a screenshot I took of the banner on the current website of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department:

Los Angeles County Sheriff's department website

Given the 2007 FBI manual on pedophile symbols and logos, please ask yourself why the L.A. County Sheriff still has that badge with the “boy lover” symbol.

Now we know why the Los Angeles police won’t do anything about the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood, which is a far worse problem than the #MeToo sexual abuse of women.

See also:


44 responses to “Los Angeles County Sheriff’s badge has ‘boy lover’ pedophile symbol

  1. traildustfotm

    Dr. Eowyn, I wouldn’t have believed it if you hadn’t pointed this out. But it begins to make sense why parts of California are so nuts.

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    • I couldn’t believe it either, until I looked up Los Angeles County Sheriff’s badge.
      I remain dumbfounded.

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      • To me this is one of those things that doesn’t happen “by accident”. Someone had to design that. The fact that the older ones don’t have it is telling.

        Either someone was commissioned to do the design or someone within the department did it and sent it to the manufacturer. The swirls are distinctive and not “normal”.

        My guess is that someone is having an insider’s joke. Just who that is depends on who made the changes. LA has one of the worst police departments in the country which is quite a distinction in a country full of lousy police departments. It has a long and sordid history.

        It wouldn’t surprise me to find that this was done when Gates was in charge. He is a piece of work. This is most definitely one of those “wheels within wheels” deals. There is the “surface” casual appearance element and the deeper meaning. Trust me, if this is deliberate, and I don’t see how it couldn’t be, at some point in their training each and every one of them would be told the meaning of those swirls. I wonder what that story looks like?

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  2. I am wondering how many years ago was the Sheriff’s logo designed? I find this news to be most disheartening. If you cannot trust policing units–then you really are up a tree. In any case, I think that the Sherriff’s logo of Los Angeles County needs to be redesigned. It is not appropriate for current times.

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  3. Anything CALIFORNIA smells dirty, reads dirty and is dirty. A good “shake up” will do miracles.

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  4. Gee-if the State and all its Counties weren’t BROKE,they could have new politically correct badges made.

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  5. I would say if they do not under take immediate action to redesign their badges, then the design is not coincidental.

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    • I don’t see how any design for a badge could be “coincidental”. It is like heraldry. Usually every element has a meaning. Somebody had to purposefully design those. From the examples below they weren’t “always” like that. I wonder when they made the change.

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  6. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Gee why am I not surprised?

    Oh, yeah, I know why: Because I know a good deal about police officers in general. And while there are a small number of exceptions, by and large, the police are not our friends.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  7. ManCavePatriot

    I would love to know who designed the badge, and who approved the design to be made into badges. I’m not confident that we will ever know the truth because it will be blamed on an anonymous commission where every decision in made.

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  8. Well, hold on there, pardner. That there motif has been in use since Egyptian times. Found in some Celtic patterns, too. And Amer-Ind. Now, if this badge was suddenly redesigned and reissued after the Man-Boy Love people started using it, then I’d have a snit-fit.

    Remember, one of the US Army’s divisions had an Amer-Ind sun symbol on their badge, which, unfortunately, looked just like the stupid swastika that the real Nazis used on their stuff.

    Sometimes parallel evolution of design is just that, parallel evolution. I mean, what the heck type of squiggly line thingy are you going to put into a triangle-shaped area.

    Conspiracies, they aren’t everywhere. Dial it back. Leave the barking over-the-edge stuff up to Those people.


    • Occams razor? I think we have a possible answer to this design. That being said, I won’t be surprised if it is proven that it is actually a perversion being hidden in the police badge. I am pretty hard to surprise anymore.
      I had to give you a link that I ran across with a fun little shot directed at a liberal parent. It made my day, so while I will put it here, use appropriate caution when viewing. No coffee in your mouth near your keyboard, etc.

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    • Do explain why the LA County Sheriff still has that same badge, despite that FBI manual on pedo symbols, which was published 9 years ago in 2007. The screenshot below is from the LA County Sheriff’s department’s current website:


      • The research by Disgusted, below, really puts this in a new light. The change was deliberate. Only question is what was the inspiration? I have three theories:

        One, it’s at the command from some evil person in charge.

        Two, the artist who designed the badge is a sicko who took pleasure in secretly pranking the Sheriff’s Office, who failed to notice it. Compare, for example, the Jewish contractors who installed the Air Conditioning units on the roof of an Iranian government building in a Star of David design not discovered until satellite photos revealed it.

        Three, it’s completely innocent.

        If this gains traction and there’s an outcry that goes unanswered, it’s probably the first one.

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        • Can anyone honestly think that nobody gave this any thought? Even if they ordered from a catalog, they would look over every detail. I’m sure that during their officer training they do something similar to Boy Scouts or any other organization, and explain the elements of the symbolism.

          Since they had older badges with more “normal” accouterments it is difficult to imagine them just arbitrarily doing this. Why would you change it? Of course, it is never wise to discount stupid.

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    • The heathens used crosses as symbols long before Christ died on one. I was making six-sided stars in second grade when I didn’t know what a Jew was.

      This and several comments above are a decent example of safety in a multitude of counsellors.


      • When someone joins an organization such as the police, they receive training. It would absolutely floor me to learn that they never discussed the elements of their “seal”. Since they’ve been around longer than the swirls, why did they make that change. If they were trying to accurately portray themselves they would have used dog’s hind legs.

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  9. Don’t know how far back that symbol goes.

    Appears in the 50’s one Sheriff had a custom version with it:

    “To protect, and serve, the pedos”. Would correspond with the freefall in Hwood starting in the 50’s and earlier.


    Old ones without:


    They even make cakes with it.

    Bet some badge collector’s forum could pin down when it came into use.

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    • Great research!

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      • Since the first badge I found with the pedo design on it was made for noted Sheriff and founder of the CHP, Eugene W. Biscailuz, maybe that’s a starting point:


        He was a lawyer and was reelected 7 straight terms.

        Certainly he was aware of “indiscretions” in the Hollywood crowd (i.e.the casting couch and worse). Maybe he ran with that crowd in their other diversions?

        Suggest parallel paths of inquiry:

        1) when was the FBI pedo symbol first used?

        2) when was that symbol added to LASD badges, and by whose order?

        Other notes:

        “pronounced “Biss-ka-lose”

        Apparently the Sheriff was a bit of a celebrity himself.

        Feel free to repost to any boards digging into the pedo problem.

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  10. Those designs look a little overly spot-on, unfortunately, but then use of occult etc. symbols by even military divisions etc. is nothing new (consider how often a patch for a miltiary division shows up, such as the “night stalkers” whose icon is the 4th horseman. Nevermind the overlap between such groups and secret societies, etc.) There is a lot of pollution in the police departments, not just from organized crime elements but from secret society elements as well, consider the “fraternal order of police”, (a freemasonry type knock-off) that got exposed a little while back with a “fraternal order of police” leak, that went largely ignored.

    I’d suspect that as with any attempt to consolidate power, control of the law enforcement divisions is basically required, perhaps not full control, but enough to have the majority without any “real opposition”, same as control of media to promote the ideas. In specific though, there are homosexual secret societies in the past, like the uranians, order of chaeronea, etc… it would not be surprising if groups like this were still slithering around, and making sure to infiltrate & corrupt police departments, who would ideally, in times past be the first line of defense against criminal & degenerate activity.

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  11. Just as every design on each flag, piece of money and badge stands for something, I would love to hear their explanation for this one. I am hoping long ago that design stood for something else entirely and was adopted for these badges.

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  12. My initial question was just like Auntie Lulu’s and others here: When did the logo originate? If it was in the 1950’s or earlier, I would say it’s a coincidence, although a strange one. I especially liked Disgusted’s post of the photos of the various badges.
    Ultimately, who knows—at this point. But one thing we do know about many civil service agencies, especially in law enforcement, in the United States and around the world: Many of them are Masonic organizations to some degree or other: Not that one must be a Mason to be employed by them (as has been reported by Dr. Makow of police departments in England, as an example), but that they may have been founded by Masons, or at least are “Mason-friendly.” This is not an exaggerated claim: Many politicians and CEO’s have been and are Masons: One does not rise to the top of his field without their help or endorsement, a good deal of the time.
    But this post is still very important, at least for this reason: As Vigilant Citizen has said, “Symbols rule the world.” It’s a site I recommend, along with David Icke’s You Tube videos. So the triangular design may have been just a weird coincidence, but the symbolism DOES matter.

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  13. Let me just confirm that this badge is indeed current and plastered 3 feet tall on their inmate transport bus amongst other places. I’ll add that having been released from their dank, dingy, rank, inhumane, roach and termite infested, filthy, humid, overcrowded, 8-floor (if not more) nightmare-dungeon facility with matching basement “courts” (that railroad you through and don’t allow u to speak on your own behalf to the judge, treat you like an ignorant swine, and behave as though you are in receipt of a personal favor if not awarded more time incarcerated at the county jail, then force you to wait [in even worse conditions] until 6pm for release, regardless of when u saw a judge) on E Temple just yesterday evening, that they are a highly sadistic department. They harass and berate anyone who stands out or requests anything. I saw them deny an eldery inmate with ulcers and a recent gunshot wound both food and a wheelchair, they misled all of us that were being released (late by an hour or more on top of the already excessive wait time) saying that our personal belongings were with LAPD when by law they are to go to court with us and be returned upon release. I still have to go see what the fuck happened to my wallet, keys, money and cell phone i signed for, but after speaking to LAPD (not itself anything to be respectful of) I found flowing from every LAPD officer I spoke to regarding the Sherriff’s, an utter disgust and venomous, unprompted highly negative commentary on the Sherriff”s Dept. To be perfectly clear: the LAPD think the Sherriff’s are absolute trash and running a house of horrors, and LAPD is an undisputed awful example of their own. Let’s see what else did I see, Oh I saw a SUSPECTED gay inmate that seemed less gay and more mentally ill personally, that had been thrown into a cage and left screaming on his own and open to the verbal harrassment of the more sadistic and homophobic inmates who spit on him and threatened to beat him up as he incoherently lashed back at them. They openly laughed at inmate individual suffering and got a kick out of the utterly reprehensible food which was given out in sick repetition and caused many men diarrhea and that means liquid mandatory shitting in a filthy corner toilet with only toilet paper proided by INMATES well-thinking enough to bring and share a roll.
    I didn’t see pedophelia in action personally, obviously… but there is ample space and no oversight in this goddamned dump-tower downtown disguising itself as a place of fair judgment by objective counsel. I wanted to make the point while it was fresh in my mind from yesterday evening’s release and the three day detainment by them and LAPD for an illigitimate or computer error generated warrant I was hauled in on, an insignificant misdemeanor from five years ago that i completed all requirments for but was threatened with a 90 day sentencing if I don’t prove once again that I completed my mandated class, that these (mostly the males) Sherriff’s are sicko assholes. All of them were inconsiderate bullies, and foul rancid sadists. They are the scum you LOATH and have nightmares about taking your daughter or niece out on a date.


  14. Disgusting on all levels the, Sexual exploitation of children should be the death penalty. My 2 cents sorry.

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