Illegal alien who killed FBI agent and fire marshal while driving in an “imprudent” manner receives just a $280 fine

sander cohen and caros wolf fox 5 dc photo

Sander Cohen (l) and Carlos Wolf (r)/Fox 5 DC photo

In early May I told you how ICE arrested an illegal alien from Guatemala who killed two American citizens in a car accident. The illegal has been punished while the American citizens he killed are permanently separated from their families.

The Maryland statue for negligent driving states, “A person is guilty of negligent driving if he drives a motor vehicle in a careless or imprudent manner that endangers any property or the life or person of any individual.”

I could not locate the penalty for negligent driving on the Maryland statues web site yet did find this on an attorney’s web site: “The penalties for negligent driving are less severe than those for reckless driving. Like reckless driving, negligent driving is a misdemeanor. But the scheduled fine for negligent driving is only $140, and the maximum fine a judge can impose in court is $500.”

From Daily Mail: An illegal immigrant alien who ran down and killed an FBI agent and a fire marshal on the side of a highway has avoided jail. 

Roberto Garza Palacios, 28, who arrived in the US in Guatemala and has overstayed his visa, paid just a $280 fine for killing Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Sander Cohen and FBI Special Agent Carlos Wolff in December.

Garza Palacios did not appear in court and the case was closed on June 25 when he handed over the financial penalty, according to court documents obtained by the Washington Post

.(More from the Washington Post: “As Garza Palacios drove up on the two cars, he should have reacted more quickly, according to the state police findings.

When he tried to react, he told investigators, a car was to the right of him. He then veered left, striking Wolff and Cohen and sending them over the concrete wall. He told investigators he had not seen the men.” Read the whole story here.)

Wolff and Cohen were standing on the side of the road on I-270 in Montgomery County when they were struck by a Honda Accord driven by Garza Palacios. Wolff had crashed after reaching for his cellphone, and Cohen had stopped to help.Driving up behind the scene, Garza Palacios told authorities that he couldn’t swerve right and went left – not seeing the two men.

Cohen was hit by another car and died at the scene, while Wolff died at the hospital. 

Prosecutors found that while Garza Palacios drove in a ‘careless and imprudent manner,’ he did not do so in a way that was a ‘gross deviation’ from driving carefully. They couldn’t find that Garza Palacios had a ‘reckless disregard’ for human life which would prompt more serious charges.

‘This case is about an unfortunate accident. Mr. Garza Palacios feels terrible about the situation,’ his attorney, Asim A. Humayun, said.

Garza Palacios, a native of Guatemala, still faces possible deportation.On May 3, immigration authorities arrested him after the accident and charged him with overstaying a visa that expired in 2009.

In 2015, Garza Palacios was arrested in Montgomery County and ICE asked him to be placed on hold but that request was not honored. Humayun stated that the immigration case is still ongoing.

Garza Palacios pleaded guilty to driving while impaired in 2015. He served a four month stint in jail after smashing windows on 16 cars and lighting a sofa on fire near a construction site. 


19 responses to “Illegal alien who killed FBI agent and fire marshal while driving in an “imprudent” manner receives just a $280 fine

  1. Democrats make illegal border-crossers into not just a protected, but a PRIVILEGED class.

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  2. I have seen people pay more than that for a traffic ticket that didn’t even involve an accident, much less someone being injured or killed. This illegal alien should not have even been in this country. They have more rights than citizens and literally get away with murder.

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    • Yep, here’s a $500 parking fine…

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    • HELLO Maryaha….over 25 years ago, I paid $350 for a speeding ticket on CA interstate 15 South as I crossed the San Diego County line…( I was going about 70 downhill in a new car to me… a THEN-era 55 mph zone…..But, had I been stopped a fraction of a mile sooner, in Riverside County….the fine would have been less than half that ). I guess I am in league, at least as the legal system evaluates, with an illegal alien who illegally, willfully overstays his/her visa as the first infraction–and then kills 2 American citizens with my driving behavior as an encore. We are “equals” in the eyes of the law so far as “punishment” goes…….

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  3. What do they mean “…faces possible deportation”? He over-stayed his visa. He should be deported. What’s to decide? If they had done that first the two men would be alive today.

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  4. I think the only real justice in this case, seeing as our “Justice System” seems to favor,encourage& even hide the real crimes by illegals these days, would be to have a citizen/citizens anonymously .…. People are getting fed up with being abused& hearing about these kinds of incidents.

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  5. Wondering if Hellary Clinton will face possible deportation too, for the imprudent use of a personal private server through which delicate emails were sent…

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  6. I am astonished. We look at the nonsense going on in Germany, France, nd England . . . . yet here in our own back yard we have egregious goings on.

    I am wondering, does this joker work, and if so where? Since he overstayed his VISA — how can he be gainfully employed, legally? Or, does he receive Welfare benefits, food stamps, etc.? Somehow, some way he needs to be corralled and sent back to where he came from!

    Perhaps we do need a citizen board that hears these cases, and decides on an outcome. It is obvious that our courts are not quite up to the task of bringing true justice to the American people.

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    • Auntie Lulu, I am not sure a citizen board would be the best solution. Christ was before a citizen board of sorts, and it didn’t go well. When the populace, aka, citizen board, was asked who should be set free, Christ or Barabbas, the voices shouting Barabbas were louder than the voices voices calling for Christ. There are, unfortunately, more voices calling for murderers (the Clintons, for example?,) con men and women (the Clintons, for example?,) liars (the Clintons, for example?,) scum (the Clintons, for example?,) etc., and their followers and supporters to be set free to keep killing, plundering, stealing, illegally crossing borders, and supporting all things illegal and unlawful, then the other way round. Ten simple commandments that can be scribbled on a piece of paper the size of the palm of a child’s hand (that was no accident, was it!,) are all it takes to make this world a decent place and save man from himself, and instead, we have more man-made laws on the books that can fit in a million dollar mansion, confusing and misleading mankind, intentionally, muddying the waters, manipulated by attorneys, lawyers and politicians for evil, twisted purposes. I think the human race, collectively, has crossed the line, the point of no return. Christ help us!

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  7. Blue State open borders mania…

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  8. sixlittlerabbits

    This man should be deported; he is here illegally, having overstayed his visa. Send him home.

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  9. The so called farce of a penalty seemed to ignore the fact there were deaths involved. Did he even have a legal driver’s license? Reading his past crimes proves he is an habitual offender and will never stop.
    Not a loss if he should suddenly end up at the bottom of a mine shaft.

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    • Oh, “burn,” as kids say these days! (No pun intended – would be in bad taste.) But isn’t it convenient how the MSM (Mostly Shite Mentality) reports these days!

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Apparently tht killing of a federal agent and a city official is “negligent driving”! WTF was that! And a fine?! GTFOH! Nope! Real deal. Insanity. So I have to guess he will be deported now? You can’t make this stuff up.

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