Trump-hating feminist confused over black man driving a BMW w/pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers

kimberley johnson tweet

Doesn’t take much to confuse libtards.

From Daily Mail: A white feminist activist has been dubbed a ‘racist’ after tweeting that she was ‘confused’ to see a black man driving a BMW which had pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers on it. 

Kimberly Johnson, a Washington DC-based author and activist, published the offending tweet on Thursday. It said: ‘Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers. ‘One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, “Don’t tread on me.” This left me very confused.’

She was immediately bombarded with complaints from followers who accused her of racism. 

‘It’s your kind that do not have a mind of their own and are followers.Blacks and Hispanics do have a mind of their own.’

‘You are a RACIST. Your actions and words confirm that,’ fumed one critic.

‘Kimberly Johnson: “Stop explaining how women should behave or feel.” Also Kimberly Johnson: “An affluent black man should not support this or that.”

‘That should tell you how much energy you should waste trying to convey logic to this person,’ another said.

Johnson deleted the tweet after being inundated with complaints. 

In a follow-up post, she sought to explain herself and said she was confused over an African American person supporting the Republican party when President Trump was in office.

She said it was because the president is racist and has supported white supremacists in the past.

‘Okay. I deleted a tweet that questioned why African Americans would support the Tea Party, and people saw that as racist.

I do not see the GOP working in the best interests of people of color or women.  ‘I never said anyone should vote any particular way. I said it confused me.

‘I deleted it because people were putting words in my mouth and changing my original intent. 

‘FOR THE RECORD: I do not believe everyone should vote the way I do. However, I am free to wonder what motivates people to vote,’ she said.


24 responses to “Trump-hating feminist confused over black man driving a BMW w/pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers

  1. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… ‘FOR THE RECORD: I do not believe everyone should vote the way I do. However, I am free to wonder what motivates people to vote,’ she said.

    She displays her lack of intellect and inability to reason EVEN when attempting to explain herself and do a bit of ‘Damage Control’.

    Speaking for myself, I DO BELIEVE that EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE THE WAY I DO!!

    Why wouldn’t I? Since I have done my research; since I know precisely what I believe and the solid reasons WHY I believe what I do; and since I always believe I am casting the vote that is best for the country, best for my fellow countrymen, and best for the world overall over the long haul, OF COURSE I believe everyone should vote the way I do! And that’s why I sometimes try to reason with and convince a person who will be casting a ballot that will cancel out my vote, to change their mind, based on the available evidence, and cast a ballot that will strengthen the cause I am supporting, rather than undermining it.

    Libs… they really AREN’T very bright. And this woman is supposedly a “writer”? Based on her lack of thinking displayed in her original tweet, as well as the follow-up tweet, I’d say she’s probably more of a “typist” than a “writer”.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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    • Stephen . . . . Bravo! Excellent comments. I must admit, I also believe that if others would vote the way I so–the world and my country would be better off. I agree about this “writer,” she certainly is not heavy in thinking.

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  2. Maybe she spotted Ben Carson driving down the road. Or former Sheriff David Clarke.

    (Humor: Not sure if 7th Day Adventists approve of guns. but as a former neurosurgeon, I’m sure Ben could afford a BMW. The opposite for Clarke: We know he’s pro-gun but as a former Sheriff, I’m not sure he could afford a BMW.) 🙂

    Either way, I hope every awake black person sees how narrow-minded libs are. If she could have grasped what she saw, she would have concluded, “Hey, black man, nice car, NRA, Tea Party. Hmmm. Maybe HE KNOWS something I don’t & I should find out what that might be!” (ding ding ding, bell goes off in her head).

    Great comment by Stephen & lol at his “typist vs. writer” finale. 🙂

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  3. Aren’t they all? I mean, confused; aren’t libtards all confused? They should all go live in a socialist/communist country like China for a while. Might clear the fog in their minds. These people should all give up living in the USA and move to their dreamland of OZ where streets are gold paved and you never run out of other people’s money. Morons!

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    • Pat Riot . . . . Excellent idea! I’m all for the libtards moving to someplace like Venezuela. They would have to stay minimum of five years. Far too many of these leftists just do not really look at the conditions in Socialist/Communist countries . . . . they really do need a wakeup call!

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      • I doubt they could avoid seeing what Socialist/Communist Countries are like-it’s in the News every night. The problem is THEY think that making THIS Country Socialist/Communist would somehow be BETTER than the rest of ’em. See,they’ve ALWAYS believed THEY could adopt LOSING policies and MAKE them WINNERS,just because THEY’D do it so much better. They just can’t grasp the fact that a BAD policy is STILL a BAD policy,no matter WHO is doing it.

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  4. It is more than obvious that they are basically totalitarians. They insist that all of their “followers” must be in total lockstep. The dogma gets stranger and stranger over time. It has reached a point where many are leaving them purely because they can no longer justify the idiotic tenets.

    It is long past due for a couple of new parties (in my view). Anyone who can align themselves with the demon-rats are beyond hope. Why bother?

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  6. See what happens when we let ’em vote?
    I rest my case!

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  7. Left/libtards’ way or the highway…

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  8. I really love it when the oh so enlightened ones on the left use the term People of Color. Not to be confused with the older term Colored People, which they are merely changing around a bit to appear to be less racist than they really are.
    I have to say, I know that I am one of the lucky ones. I grew up in a home where my parents genuinely loved each other, and respected each other. They also were involved with the community, trying to make it a better place for everyone. My dad, although dropping out of school in the 8th grade due to having to help support his family with his father’s illness, was on the school board, and was respected in the village as a person of character whose word was his bond, something that has carried over with me, even though it has cost me at times.
    I went through a divorce at the age of 30, and my parents let me live with them for a year, to get on my feet again. While there, I also worked in the foundry, and was playing music professionally. On the way to practice one night, I ran across a young sort of free spirit couple, the type you might see on a BMW auto commercial on television. Their car had broken down on the road just outside of town, and I stopped to see if I could help. They were from out of state, heading up north to Petoskey, MI for a week long hiking vacation. I towed their car downtown to my parents house, and my parents offered to allow them to stay with them until they could get their car fixed. They thanked them, but chose to set up the tent that they were staying in on the hiking trip up in their back yard. My parents then contacted a local friend who was also a mechanic, to fix the car for the couple. I think it was a transmission problem.
    My folks owned a restaurant in town for over 3 decades, and fed the people in their restaurant for the next two days until they were able to get the parts for their car and the friend was able to get them back on the road. My parents would not hear of letting these two pay for food or lodging. The mechanic, of course the couple paid him, he was a young guy with a wife and child, and they were sort of poor, and needed the money. These people went on their way with a neat story to tell, I’m sure, and my parents I am sure, thought nothing about it, since it was actually a normal thing for them. Growing up I had witnessed on many occasions someone crashing on my parents couch or in a spare bedroom, when they were in need of help, knowing that the one family in my town of less than one thousand who would help was mine.
    I actually feel sorry for this Kimberly Johnson, the white feminist, who now has the label racist. Had she grown up in a household with parents like mine, I bet she would not be the angry person that she is today. Because when I see these feminists or other social justice warriors, what I sense is anger, seething within. And not directed outwards, but rather directed inwards, towards some part of themselves that they will never be happy with. They really need an encounter with the Living God of the Universe. He can bring them peace.

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  9. I do not see the GOP working in the best interests of people of color or women…………………..hello?????

    lesson for this idiot: the history of the Democratic party.
    *Andy Jackson headed the democratic party with discontented of the Republican party
    *He proceeded to destroy the Native American tribes by shuffling them into reservations, stole their land, partitioned this land to democrats IF they join the democratic party
    *Andrew Jackson is recorded as one of the hardest, most cruel to slaves on his plantation-torture, rape, beatings, killings
    *Republicans, yep–republicans– fought to free slaves and were against destruction of the indians history
    *republicans DID NOT own slaves
    *13th amendment to abolish slavery was passed by 100% republican vote; 77% of democrats voted ‘against’ it
    *14th amendment to make blacks citizens was passed by 94% republican votes; 0% democrats voted to pass this bill(that means not one democrat voted to pass)
    *15th amendment that allowed blacks to vote was passed by 100% republican vote; EVERY dem voted against it
    * the first civil rights movement was in 1863 led by the republican party
    *the rights stated for blacks in the Constitution are all placed there by republican party
    *more republicans voted FOR the civil rights act in 1964 than democrats
    and lastly,
    *the KKK was started by the democrat party
    The dem party has really done a lot for blacks…right, Kim?? And who is this person??

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    • Sorry JJ…but US History is not taught in our schools today….and if /when it is ( 0nce in 4th grade, 8th grade and 11th grade) it doesn’t even pretend to cover the ground you just laid out…..

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  10. Kim should realize that there are blacks who are pro-NRA, in fact I personal think that a blacks should join the NRA and that way maybe they can get some help being a legal weapons owner instead of being arrested for having illegal weapons.
    There are many blacks the Republican part and the party doesn’t not belong to any one politician.
    Trump made is clear during the Presidential debates that he will not bow down to any one party or be on the party’s agenda. I suppose that is why he got the votes; it doesn’t whether he is Republican or Democratic the party won’t dictate Trump’s agenda.
    Tea party is dead now that Obama is out of office….

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    • True George, it should be remembered that gun control laws were put into place by the government first to keep guns away from the black population. The so called Saturday night specials were a big target specifically because poor black people used them not as tools to commit crimes, but as self defense weapons.
      As CalGirl pointed out so correctly, American History, when it is taught, hides things like this. And when the NRA tries to point it out, the left claims that the NRA just wants dead black people, preferably shot by police. Truth telling doesn’t seem to be a strong point with the left, does it.

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  11. How did she know he was an affluent black, maybe he stole the car, after all isn’t that how the liberals minds work?
    How Trump can be racist is beyond me. One of the first people he hired was a black man. With all the awards he has won from black groups, no one thought him a racist until he decided to run against a democrat. He promoted a Hispanice woman to run one of his largest construction jobs. He hired a black man to manage MarLago. His pride and joy. He stayed there until his retirement and had nothing but great things to say about Trump.
    Democrats are doing what they do, toss anything out until something sticks. She should really read up on history to see which party is truly the racist. Just ask LBJ.

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  12. I have a neighbor up the street that happens to be black, and has two really great kids that love the sizable in-ground pool in their backyard.

    He also happens to be an NRA member (he is always wearing an NRA cap) and cannot stand democrats, and had a TRUMP sign in his front yard leading up to the 2016 election.

    -And he drives a really sweet Lexus coupe, too. 🙂

    LOL – If komrade Johnson was to meet him, she’d probably drop DRT.

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  13. False East/West Paradigm And The End Of Freedom :
    Why do people so often demand leaders and heroic figures? What drives the institutionalization of hierarchy, celebrity and geopolitical idolization? I believe this condition is caused by three factors – fear, ignorance, and apathy.
    This is why the idolization of puppet leaders is so disturbing to those of us in the Liberty Movement. We witnessed the blind militancy of the so-called “right wing” in the support of George W. Bush after 9/11, only to be led into quagmire, economic despair, and a surveillance state based on numerous lies. We then had to witness the insane cult-like fervor of the so-called “left wing” as Barack Obama took office, only to continue and accelerate the same draconian policies of the Bush Administration while conjuring new methods for the division and destruction of American society and prosperity.

    As Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda said:

    “The great enemy of any attempt to change men’s habits is inertia. Civilization is limited by inertia.”


  14. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    After reading this it appears that libertards go all silly when they see people that don’t follow their train of thought! And they think nothing of Tweeting their inner-most thoughts. However twisted they may be. And thanks to the web people have no problem lighting them up over their misguided thoughts! And when they do the Boomerang effect takes place with the standard policy of a deletion and a “you misunderstood” response. And it usually just makes it worse. Welcome to the web Ma’am!

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  15. mike domnanovits

    If she is this easily confused , I wonder what would happen if you put her in a round room and told her there were 2 carat diamond ear rings in the corner

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  16. Carl R Hassell

    I would have loved to see her eyes spinning in different directions in her confusion!! LOL

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