For the climate: Tax on big Portland retailers will likely make November ballot


They tried this tactic in 2016 and voters rejected it. But they want your money so try, try again.

From Oregon Live: Supporters of an initiative to increase business taxes to pay for eco-related causes say they have gathered enough signatures to put it on Portland ballots this November.

If they earn a spot on the ballot, supporters of the Portland Just Energy Transition Initiative, officially called PDX 04, would likely ignite a fierce and expensive campaign against businesses that would pay the tax.

The tax would apply a 1 percent surcharge to all Portland sales by businesses with at least $1 billion in annual revenue, at least $500,000 of which must be made within city limits. Money raised would be set aside for eco-friendly building and energy projects and job training for women and people of color.

Supporters say the tax would raise about $30 million annually. Most groceries and medicines would be exempt.

If approved, Portland businesses would be taxed under a mechanism similar to the one proposed in Measure 97. Oregon voters soundly rejected that measure, which proposed a statewide tax on certain business’ income, in 2016 — but only after the most expensive ballot measure campaign in state history.

It’s likely supporters of PDX 04 have gathered enough signatures. During a press conference on the steps of City Hall, sponsors of the initiative announced Thursday that they have collected more than 60,000 signatures — far more than the 34,156 required to get on the ballot.

Proponents said they are prepared for a hard-fought campaign and expressed their confidence that Portland’s electorate will vote in their favor. “We can do this,” the Rev E.D. Mondaine, a chief sponsor of the initiative, said to a cheering crowd outside City Hall.

Campaign finance records show tax supporters have raised more than $110,000, with contributions of $25,000 each from the Sierra Club and Green Advocacy Project, a group led by Michael Kieschnick (who has ties to George Soros), a California entrepreneur whose companies give a percentage of their earnings to progressive causes.

Opposite them is the anti-tax contingent of Portland’s business community, which was able to unite against Measure 97. It was during that campaign that Portland businesses and residents contributed more than $5.3 million to the successful campaign against the tax.

A new business-oriented group called Keep Portland Affordable has emerged to fight PDX 04. Its spokesman, Rick Thomas, said Thursday that local consumers will pay higher prices at checkout if the tax passes. Portland leaders should instead work to address the housing and homelessness crisis, Thomas said.

Keep Portland Affordable has opened a fundraising committee, registered at the address of the Oregon Business Council, an advocacy group for Oregon’s biggest employers. The committee lists a single $40,000 contribution filed Monday from the campaign that spent more than $26 million to defeat Measure 97.

According to a commentary on Street Root News:

The NAACP’s Portland branch, Native American Youth and Family Center, the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Portland 350 and Verde all back the measure. 

JoAnn Hardesty, the local NAACP president and a candidate for City Council, said the intention is to create a response to climate change that’s rooted in fairness. Hardesty said the measure would tax only the largest of Portland’s box stores, those with global retail sales of $1 billion or more and Portland revenue of at least $500,000 per year.”


26 responses to “For the climate: Tax on big Portland retailers will likely make November ballot

  1. Taxes for “climate change” are just the beginning. Never forget that in 2016, the Democratic Party’s platform calls for criminal prosecution of “climate change” deniers.

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  2. Ed “Apostle” Mundane is following in the tracks of Al & Jesse.

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  3. Is for “social justice,” comrade!

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  4. So White males who are unemployed are worth nothing? What has happened to Oregon? My guess, housing became too expensive in CA so after ruining that state, the loony left is taking over Oregon.

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    • Is today’s Diversitry & Inclusion ethic, comrade!

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    • JudyNM . . . As a resident of Portland, Oregon, I can assure you that your synopsis of the loonies who are leaving CA, do indeed come up here to Californicate the State of Oregon. They don’t seem to like what is going on in CA, but then they bring that same mentality up here. Unfortunately, there are now enough liberal votes all up and down the valley (Portland, Salem, Eugene) that they can out vote us conservatives. It is just a horrific problem.

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  5. One of the more disgusting things about liberals is they never quit pushing, much like a school-yard bully.

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  6. Besides the idea of a “selective tax” being potentially illegal (and for good reason), taxing for so-called “Climate Change” is like taxing for eventual extinction. We all know that things change over time. There is no real reason to believe that humans are the cause. If (and its a big if) it could be proven that humans are responsible, what would the “cure” look like?

    Selling “credits” to pollute is obviously not a “solution” to the problem. It is a money maker, however. These guys can all go pee up a rope. This is foundational material for the “I hate humans” crowd. It’s like being ashamed of being white. Same idea.

    All of these actions are part and parcel of communism. They are right out of the playbook. Generating chaos and inciting unrest is what they’re about. Once they are firmly in power its all about control.

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    • lophatt . . . Bravo! Well stated. It really is not about changing whatever the problem is — it is about using the chaos to position themselves in a position of power so that they are able to “control the rest of us.” Unfortunately, we have so many people who are ignorant and unable to see what is going on, and thus the Progressive movement keeps going.

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  7. Look at the proponents of this initiative. I bet they’ve got more money than oprah or are politically connected. What percentage of their income will it effect? Who is it going to help? See what businesses are likely to profit. Then see who owns/controls the businesses. Then see who they are related to, as well as who their business associates and political affiliations are with. Who’s profiting and who’s greasing the wheels of gumment to support such a plan?
    Wanna bet the same names and relationships keep coming up?
    With the help of politicians, major commercial media, lobbyists and others with a chance to get in on the graft, useful idiots fall into line behind a feel good cause, giving them some sense of usefulness. Too bad they confuse usefulness with uselessness and abuse.

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  8. “Okay, people, what do we want?”
    “We want it all!”
    “When do we want it?”
    “We want it now!”
    “What will we do to earn it?”
    “I repeat, what will we do to earn it?”

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  9. It is really sad that liberals are so stupid that they don’t even have the smallest grasp of how the financial world actually works. Even I, a common foundry worker,( CFW ), realize that you cannot tax a business. Any attempt to put a tax onto a businesses net receipts is simply shifted onto the consumer, with no net loss of profits to said business. Therefore, the tax that the liberal Mecca of Portland wants to place on the huge retailers will instead be passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices on goods that are necessities, such as food and consumables like laundry soap, etc.
    We can use Walmart as an example, although just about any major retailer with a footprint in Portland will be affected. Walmart has the lowest prices by far of just about all the retail chains, due to the way that they negotiate their purchasing contracts. For example, years ago, they were selling deer rifles here in Michigan cheaper than a small gun dealer could even buy them wholesale. The did this by going to a Winchester, or a Remington and telling them, ” we will buy 100,000 of your rifles, at such and such a price.” If the manufacturer wanted to sell the guns they had to meet the price point, or risk Walmart simply going to Ruger or Stevens to buy and sell their guns. Walmart does this with virtually every product that they sell, and so can undercut just about any small retail store.
    Now you get Portland, who says, ” Hey Walmart, you must pay us 1% tax on all the goods you sell in Portland.” Walmart then raises the prices on everything that they sell by the amount that covers the tax and just like that, the NAACP, and the Native Americans that the brilliant people want to help with this windfall suddenly are paying more for their groceries.
    Well, they can just shop at Kroger or some other store. Now there is the beauty of this for a huge retailer like a Walmart, that has over the 1 billion $ in sales that Portland set. Even with the 1% increase in prices to the consumer, the price at Walmart is still cheaper than the neighborhood mom and pop grocery store.
    It is just such a fantastic thing, that these liberals are doing. They can look to the poor and say that they are helping them, and point at the tax that raises 30 million$. Not mentioning that the prices to the poor are raised by, you guessed it, 30 million $. And then they can go to the wealthy behind the scenes fat cats, like George Soros, and the like, and tell them that there is no need to worry, the profits from their investments are safe, and actually going up.
    They of course can only get away with things like this with a cooperative news media that is not willing to expose the sham of what they are doing. But never worry, they are safe on that front. Liberals are wonderful at claiming that there is no such thing as media bias. I know, I tried to show it to someone this past few days, and made the mistake of showing them 10 examples of media bias, using video clips from the news media. Sadly, I used a source that compiled them that the people deemed too conservative, and so rejected the evidence. I tried to explain that it didn’t matter who compiled the truth, if it was still the truth, to no avail.
    After all this time, you would think that I would have learned that no matter what the topic, the leftists are not interested in truth, only in what supports their narrative. The gun debate or the abortion issue are 2 perfect examples.

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    • You made some sound points. Like you mentioned, sadly these liberals are too stupid to realize they are shooting themselves in the foot….again. With all the money they have already taken in, they are showing no positive results. Throwing good money after bad will do nothing.
      Look at all of the once grand cities and towns of this country and see who is in charge there, all being ran by wacky liberals and the people keep voting them in. Wake up time is long overdue.

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    • pigpen51 . . . . Congratulations! That was an excellent synopsis of just how this proposed tax would effect the very people at the bottom, those women who cannot afford their own schooling/training–they will be stuck paying higher prices on all the necessities of life!

      What really irks me is that it has only been a couple of years ago that those of us in Portland had to fight off the last big scheme to steal from business via tax increases. It is terrible that the opposition can come at us time and time again with these big plans to rob us blind.

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      • Auntie Lulu,
        Michigan did the same thing to us with gasoline taxes. They wanted to raise the gas tax for road repair, but our gas taxes were already some of the highest in the nation, and our roads the worst. The people voted on their proposal, and gave them a resounding no, as they wrote a terrible proposal, wanting to also use the money for other things, all of it pork barrel spending.
        So what did they do? They spoke about trying again, only with a better worded proposal, and then, simply figured out a way to bypass the people, and passed the gas tax increase without asking us to vote on it.
        We still have some of the worst roads in the country, and our gas taxes are nearly at the top. People wonder why I vote NRA. Never Re-elect Anybody.

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  10. seems fair to me to tax the companies with a billion dollar profit for project that will benefit the whole city


    • The cities of Seattle & SF have taxed every citizen in order to spend millions of dollars on the homeless to benefit the whole city. Both cities have miserably failed.

      Not buying that another liberal-run city can actually improve their conditions by taking more taxes to redistribute under the guise of fairness.

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      • seems like both cities have mismanaged the funds. They haven’t learned the only way to get the homeless out of the street is to subside rent.
        Otherwise the money from the corps is not directed to programs for the homeless …

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    • True George,
      You might think that, except when you start to get real about what you are really doing, and that is picking winners and losers.
      Let’s get real with people like you and I. Say that we are both owners of hot dog carts, in Portland. You have gross sales of 10,000$ a year, and I have gross sales of 20,000$ a year. And the city of Portland looks at us and our gross sales, and decides that in order to help people who have a hard time affording hot dogs, they will subsidize their purchase of hot dogs. To get the money for this, they are going to charge a tax of 1 dollar per each hot dog sold. The cost of a hot dog is 10 $, so that is a tax of 10%, just to keep the math easy. They only are going to charge this tax on hot dog carts for those who have gross sales of 15,000$, so while you don’t have to pay the tax, I do. Now, you might think that is only fair, after all, I make more money than you and so I can afford to pay a little more in taxes to help the less fortunate. But you are not taking everything into account.
      Because I have twice as many sales per year as you, I can’t keep up, and so I had to hire some help. Right there, I have given a person who didn’t have a job a chance to earn an income, who otherwise would have been one of the people who needed that dollar per hot dog that the government was going to take from me to help them afford to buy hot dogs for themselves. It is just better to let them work and buy their own hot dogs, than to have the government take money away from someone else, and redistribute it to them.
      However, I am paying my hired help 5,000$ per year as a part time worker, and so, even though I have sales of 20,000$, I actually only have the benefit of 15,000$ of that money, since I have to spend 5,000$ in order to generate that 20,000$ in sales.
      Your hot dog stand is across the street from mine, and when the government gives the people their dollar per hot dog to help them buy hot dogs, they don’t go only to my hot dog stand, the one that subsidizes their hot dogs. They also spend that dollar at your hot dog stand as well, since the lines at my hot dog stand are sometimes longer than yours. So in effect I am being robbed of part of my profits and having the government give them to your hot dog stand, thereby picking winners and losers.
      I could take this further, but I am sure that you get the spirit of the whole thing. Whenever you have a progressive tax, such as this is, where you tax a person or a business at a higher rate the higher their level of income, you risk isolating that business or person, and causing them to choose to leave the entire region of your tax base, thereby actually reducing your level of tax money brought in. I predict that just like in many other places, the longer we see places put burdensome tax policies in place that hurt business climates, the faster you will see businesses leave their area of annexation for places more favorable to business.
      If you were to look at the top 5 or so places who are attempting this kind of tax, you won’t be surprised to find that all of them are run by one political party, and they are all utter failures in regards to social quality of life for the people on the lowest levels of income. Homelessness and poverty run rampant in many of the cities such as Seattle, Portland, Detroit, LA, New York, and the list goes on. And Democrats continue to pour money taken from others into the problem, always with the end result of utter failure, and increases in crime, homelessness, and poverty. If instead, they would allow the free market to work, and give the poor a chance at work, with the ability to then lift themselves up out of poverty, with no governmental interference, people would have a much better chance at not only getting out of the cycle of poverty, but of staying out of it. With the social programs that the left likes to hold up as doing ” something”, there is little to no incentive at getting out of poverty, since that would mean losing the free stuff.
      The last thing I must point out is that a company with a billion dollar profit sounds like a big deal, but not when you consider that the company is usually not owned by any one person, but by hundreds or thousands of stockholders. So while as a whole the company makes a billion dollars, in reality, any one person who owns that company by way of stock actually makes much less money from that billion dollar profit.

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  11. If this bull-squeeze passes, the commies won’t stop at a mere 1%.

    If you doubt me, go back and look up what the percentage was intended to be when the 16th Amendment passed.

    You’ll faint when you find out what it actually was.

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  12. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Good luck with that Portland!

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