Texas mom shot man who tried to take off with her car & kids


From NY Post: Don’t mess with Texas.

A Dallas woman shot a suspected carjacker in the head after he tried swiping her SUV at a gas station — while her two small children were inside.

“I’m not a killer, but I do believe in defending what’s mine,” explained Michelle Booker-Hicks.

Speaking to FOX 4, the mother-of-two recounted what happened Wednesday night at the local Shell station near Interstate 35 — where she nearly lost both her car and children in one fell swoop.

Booker-Hicks had been paying for gas when she saw the male suspect climbing inside her SUV and attempting to drive away, according to police. Her 2- and 4-year-old sons were in the backseat.

“I proceeded to jump in…and asked the gentleman to stop, to get out the car,” Booker-Hicks said. “He would not get out of the car.”

The suspect turned around and looked at the frantic mother — “with his eyes bugged” — but kept going, she said.

“I reached into the middle of my armrest, to get to my glove compartment,” Booker-Hicks told FOX, noting how she had a gun inside. “That’s when I fired at him.”

According to police, Booker-Hicks shot the man once in the face and caused him to crash into a nearby telephone pole. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment and is expected to face kidnapping and carjacking charges.

“I hope that woke him up,” Booker-Hicks said.


24 responses to “Texas mom shot man who tried to take off with her car & kids

  1. BRAVO!!

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  2. DCG so glad you picked up on this watched the interview with her yesterday and the lady has it going on. Maybe this will send a message out take my kids and take a bullet. Either she is a great shot or a bad one the guy went to the hospital and is doing ok at the last I read. So if I was in the seat sitting right by you and shot you in the head there would be no need for a hospital so not sure which it is. But you try and take my children like that you get what ever that parent brings KUDOS for the lady.

    Heck over the 4th we had 9 shot and 4 deaths out of it seems no one even thinks of what will happen when you kill someone I just do not understand it.
    I know they have a whole different set of morals (oops) they have no morals.

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    • You guys are soon going to beat Chiraq in shootings…

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      • You are right about that the taco bell shooting was less than 100 yards from where my office is and thankfully I was off work on the 4th. I know one yr they came close but no cigar Chiraq, beat us at the last with about 100 more. How sad is it that we even have to talk about who is leading who in the violence that is being put on us by the evil one. Thank you for this post more people need to see the real truth and not the fabricated garbage from the so called media.

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  3. The only downside to this story is that he lived. Better he be pushing up daisies and no further cost to the tax payers, but I suppose now he has to be fed, clothed, housed, given medical care–so the taxpayers are punished right along with this dill weed.

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  4. I also wish this guy was pushing up daisies but for the sake of the mother it may be best that she doesn’t have the haunting feelings that may accompany the taking of one’s life.

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    • Excellent point-many people don’t even think about that-until THEY have to go through it themselves.

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      • Yeah, it’s easy to talk about, but a life is still a life. Even a scumbag like this guy. In this case you have two innocent lives saved. In my view it is always permissible to kill in a situation where one is defending oneself or others.

        She should be comforted by the thought that she may have kept the kids from being harmed. I have no sympathy for someone messed up enough to do something like hijacking kids in a car.

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  5. Hey, just sayin’…

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    For your information.


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  7. In Texas a woman can protect her children from harm. I ran across an article, and while I admit I didn’t check it for accuracy, it looks as if the left in other states are not so willing to allow parents to protect their young children from predators.
    I was aghast also, to think that kids of that age would be exposed to those things. But I don’t know why I should be so shocked, looking at the way of the world. I should instead be listening for the sound of trumpets.

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  8. If there was a more perfect example of why people should be able to pack without being harassed or arrested, I don’t know what it is. The liberal left doesn’t understand the love a mother has for her children, when was the last time you saw a liberal woman more involved with her children and loving and protecting it than she was showing the world her private parts and screaming profanities?

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  9. mike domnanovits

    As to the last line of the story ; too bad she wasn’t able to say : ” I hope that put him to sleep , permanently ” …

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  10. Great job defending your babies! but methinks you need to get a larger caliber gun ;P

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  11. Many among the elite ruling class and their friends say they want to empower women, but they do not want them armed like they are. They consider them empowered by allowing them to kill their unborn child for any and all reasons, but deny them the choice to carry the means to protect their own bodies and those of her children against the robber, the kidnapper, the rapist or the murderer. What incredible evil!!

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