Illegal aliens wanted for gang rape of two teen girls in Ohio

illegal aliens

This is why we need ICE.

From Bowling Green (Ohio) Police Division:

The Bowling Green Police Division is seeking assistance in identifying the females in these photographs (click on link above for photos).  They were seen with David Ramos Contreras on Saturday (6/30/2018) at approximately 2pm, at the WalMart located at the Spring Meadows Shopping Center in Holland, Ohio.  The females provided Contreras with a ride in a light colored vehicle (see attached photo).  Contreras has a nationwide arrest warrant for the alleged kidnapping and rape of a 13 and 14 year old female in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Anyone having information related to this incident, to include the identity of the females and their whereabouts, is encouraged to contact the Bowling Green Police Division (419) 352-1131, Wood County CrimeStoppers at 1-800-54-CRIME, or their local law enforcement agency. You may remain anonymous and if information results in the arrest and conviction of a suspect, you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1000.

The Bowling Green Police Division is investigating an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault incident that occurred in Bowling Green, Ohio.  The alleged female victims are thirteen and fourteen years of age.  One suspect identified as Simon Juan, DOB 11/5/1993, Guatemala, was arrested for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and transported to the Wood County Justice Center.  Three other suspects are also alleged to be involved in the incident.  At this time, detectives have identified one suspect as David Ramos Contreras, DOB 12/31/1990, Mexico.  The two other suspects identified themselves as Juan Garcia Rios Adiel and Arnulfo Ramos.  Adiel possessed a US Permanent Resident ID card out of Fellsmere, Florida with a listed date of birth as 9/13/98; however, the card was later verified to be fraudulent.

Nationwide arrest warrants have been issued for Contreras, Adiel, and Ramos on two counts of kidnapping and rape.

Anyone having information related to this incident, to include the identity of the suspects and their whereabouts, is encouraged to contact the Bowling Green Police Division (419) 352-1131, Wood County CrimeStoppers at 1-800-54-CRIME, or their local law enforcement agency. You may remain anonymous and if information results in the arrest and conviction of a suspect, you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1000.

h/t US Illegal Alien Crime Report


26 responses to “Illegal aliens wanted for gang rape of two teen girls in Ohio

  1. Those girls are 13 and 14? Good heavens! Sure don’t look like. As for ICE, I’m starting to think ICE is not enough. Need an army stationed along the border, making sure all illegals turn back and don’t enter the USA.

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    • Pat Riot . . . . I’m thinking that would be an excellent idea. We also need to start building the Wall. There is not a sane nation under the stars who would not carry out protecting their boarders . . . whuz up with us? I am sorry but I do not consider “due process” to be heard and plead your case to be a “right that needs to be afforded foreign nationals under our Constitution,” when you have come here and tried to circumvent our laws! Americans who are stupid enough to visit Mexico, do not have any rights, which is definitely how it should be.

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      • Auntie Lulu, I totally agree. I am also of the opinion that protections afforded by the Constitution should apply to all individuals equally, as long as they are in the USA legally. Any and all individuals who have illegally crossed the borders, or intentionally extended their stay against what their visas allow, should have no right to invoke any protections under the law. It may sound radical, but there is regretfully no other way. The wall I believe should be built is truly a human wall. How many VAs are out there, who are homeless, unable to find a job, etc.? I say enough to station them along the border, and put an end to this madness, if they would be given permission to just stop illegals as needed. I am sure in no time at all, coyotes, sicarios and wanna be illegals would give up! The bodies might pile up at first, but soon, it would be a non-issue. Another wall that needs building, but this one by bringing it down, demolishing it, is the wall of indiscriminate handouts and welfare. How come illegals in many, many cases – far too many – receive better treatment than citizens and those who are in the USA legally? It’s baffling, it’s immoral, it’s simply unjustifiable. No more handouts, food stamps or cards, free medical or schooling, no more money being sent outside the country, unless one is in possession of legal proof of citizenship, green card, or other similar permit. No processing centers. Illegals should be told to turn around and go back the same way they came. Those countries who allow them through, let them deal with the influx of illegals. Anyone caught dealing drugs, put a bullet in their heads. Murderers? Same. Why waste tax payers money? “Due process” and “human rights” and what not, have lost all meaning in this country, with the likes of Obama, Soros, Sanders, and their liberal, socialist, wanna be communist long list of brainless slaves, aka, useful idiots. Regretfully, even if Trump gets reelected, the next POTUS may well be just another zombie puppet with the PTB pulling the strings, and America will again be at risk of crumbling to naught! Sickening, to say the least. May well be time for another civil war; the Tree of Liberty is dying of thirst. It needs to be fed by the blood of patriots and traitors, tyrants and enemies periodically, to stay alive. How far away are we from the day of reckoning? Many of us know it’s not a question of if, just when.
        Oh, I could keep going on, rambling about this, and never shut up. Better get off my soap box!

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  2. And the left want to do away with ICE well they want all the good up standing illegals to have a chance here to rape-pillage-murder and what ever else they can come up with to maintain there life style and who are we to stand in the way of such out standing immigrants (scar) give me a break. Can the Oath Keepers lend a hand they don’t take prisoners and that in its self will save us a lot of court time and housing for the likes of these.

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    • Brian . . . . Excellent council. It seems we cannot even go one day without hearing about atrocities being committed against citizens of this nation. When I think about the Billions of dollars we are spending to feed, house, medicate these folks . . . I could just tear my hair out! I just cannot wrap my mind around the idea that We, the American people must shoulder this financial burden.

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  3. The photos of two females in the linked article are not the 13 and 14 year old rape victims, right?

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  4. People like Maxine protect these thugs. It is all about keeping votes so they can continue to fill thier coffers from the backs of the tax payers and thier illegal activities. We are labeled anti-(fill in the blank) , because we refuse to sacrefice our children to these monsters.
    I am not yet convinced Trump is the answer to my prayers. I want to see MAGA fullfilled, but I wont be convinced until I see some corrupt politicians go to jail and be held accountable. The waiting just makes me question if they are all protected and above the law.
    Dont get me wrong. I am happy we are moving in a new direction, but time will tell what direction that is….

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  5. Just like in the chicken farms 13 and 14 year old teenagers like the ones posted must have been fed tons of hormones from day one! I’m sure when found will be in a shallow grave. As for the illegal aliens, not until the law comes down hard these assaults will continue with deadly consequences. To send them to jai will means that my taxes will be distributed to maintain them in prison until the end of their sentences is met and then they’ll go on the national list, blah, blah, blah, hopefully they will be……deported? and my taxes will pay threefold.

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    • Private prisons is a major part of the problem with the war against ICE. Follow the money trail and who supports these prisons and it would make you head spin.

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  6. Captain America

    Contreras looks like the same dirt bag that assaulted the kid in Texas, stole his hat, used racial slurs, etc. I wonder if they aren’t brothers, at least in mentality.

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  7. I do not understand how a 13 and 14 year olds a ride since they had no drivers license. Close the border!!!!!


    • The young victims didn’t drive. The police are looking for other women who gave a ride to a perp. The older women are to be questioned re: the perp.

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    • I think the teens were assaulted,raped and kidnapped,but it appears they are working with Authorities,and the Women in the pictures just gave the illegals a ride somewhere. Sort of a confusing article as written….

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  8. Isn’t part of our MILITARY’S Oath “protect our Country from enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC”? Do those who illegally cross our Borders and ignore American LAWS not qualify as enemies? We should offer anyone in the US Military the chance to VOLUNTEER to work with Border ENFORCEMENT for a couple of weeks per year. I’ll bet we’d have plenty of boots on the ground to stop the onslaught of illegals,with lethal force if necessary. Since most LEO’s Swear a similar Oath,as do the Oath Keepers,they’d also be welcomed to donate some time. Once The Wall is done,we wouldn’t need as many Volunteers on the line.
    I STILL don’t see how Sanctuary States shouldn’t be facing charges of Sedition bordering on Treason.They’re BLATANTLY thumbing their noses at Federal Law and putting their Lawful People in grave danger.

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  9. What I see lately is a somewhat new meme. They are screaming about “denying” illegals their due process rights. They don’t have any. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this.

    We are now spending, God knows how much on DNA testing to “reunite” kids with their alleged families. They have managed to turn an invasion into a government crime.

    All over the globe we see rudeness, violence, stifling of rights, disregard for the public, etc.. This is all orchestrated. We must never succumb to the drum beat of the propaganda. This is a manufactured event.

    Obongo and his pals were making big money off of this during his reign. See how easy it is to “flip” this and now people are on the defensive over this. These are lawless criminals. Those wanting to immigrate have a legal way to do that.

    They will pound this drum until they get concessions. The concessions will be used as “proof” of error in the first place. In truth, it is the Border Patrol that “separates” families, not ICE. Nonetheless, if you take your kids to your crime scene you should expect something like this.

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  10. What would happen if our Government just did the right thing in terms of legality and of looking out for the health and safety of AMERICA,and IGNORED the fruits and nuts Leftists who would “Rule by FEELINGS” rather than the “Letter of the LAW?

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