Last year London police chief suggested non-English speaking crime victims be given priority

saddiq khan

This article is from August 2017 yet I don’t recall hearing about it then. It’s now making the rounds on the internet this week.

From Daily Mail: A senior police officer at the Metropolitan Police has said victims of crime who don’t speak English could be prioritised more during call outs.

Craig Mackey, deputy commissioner for the force, said the Met could decide who receives a face to face visit from the police depending how ‘vulnerable’ they are. He added the method was an ‘absolutely feasible’ way to help the force cope following cuts to funding.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said: ‘It’s absolutely feasible as we go forward that if my neighbour is a vulnerable elderly person who has experienced a particular type of crime, that she gets a face-to-face service that I don’t get. So we triage things… we assess people’s vulnerability. Vulnerability can manifest itself in a number of ways: people with learning difficulties, a whole range of things, some people for whom English isn’t a first language.

‘That’s about how we get those resources focused on the things you can make a difference with. But also as we go forward, as demand grows, you have to have a way of controlling and triaging.’

He added that the Met was also looking at selling off certain police stations, safer neighbourhood bases, offices and other sites as a way to cut costs, and that ‘nothing would change’ with people ringing the 999 service.

Over the past four years, the force has had to make £600m of savings and it is due to lose an extra £400m by 2020. In July, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced half of London’s ‘poorly used’ police station front counters will close to save £10million a year. Currently, there are 73 working counters, down from 136 four years ago.

At the time, M.r Khan said: ‘The huge government cuts to the Metropolitan Police Service have left us with no choice but to take drastic action to protect the frontline of policing. My top priority is keeping Londoners safe, and every pound saved by closing a front counter is a pound of savings that we do not have to find by reducing the frontline.’

The MailOnline has contacted the Home Office and the Mayor’s office.

A Met spokesman said: ‘MPS is transforming to be more efficient and effective and we have already saved £700 million. By taking tough decisions, we have been able to invest in more firearms officers, more officers investigating rape and other sexual offences, and the biggest cybercrime team in any UK force.

‘We continue to reduce the costs of supporting frontline policing, notably by a significant reduction in the number of buildings we own. We are equipping officers with mobile devices so they can spend more time on the streets and less time at a desk.

‘The Met is reducing the number of buildings it owns, and shutting under-utilised front counters in police stations, as this is the best way to maximise the resources we need to deal with violent crime. 77% of our budget goes on our people, so we can’t find all our savings without touching front-line policing.

‘Given the rise in violent crime – acid attacks, knife crime, moped-enabled crime, terrorist incidents – we must make sure that our resources are directed at the prevention and reduction of violent within all of our communities.

‘We are committed to providing the best service for Londoners to use, which allows us to deliver an effective and appropriate response. This means maximising the value the public gets from our resources, including officers, staff and our estate. However let us be clear, safeguarding the most vulnerable people in society, while tackling and disrupting crime and bringing offenders to justice will always remain our priority.

‘Our operational capability will always be given the utmost due-care and diligence

‘Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.’

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11 responses to “Last year London police chief suggested non-English speaking crime victims be given priority

  1. Again, the meme, tho not funny this time, is perfect, DCG.

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  2. Muslim mayor favors non-English speaking Muslim crime-victims. I’m shocked! Just shocked! /sarc

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  3. I thank God I live here everyday I wake.

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  4. Isn’t it an oddity that those who are probably the very ones who generate the taxes for pay for “police protection” will be the very ones who get left in the dust. So many of the “immigrants” are on government assistance, so they certainly do not add monies to the community tax coffers to pay for all the services they demand.

    DCG . . . Very interesting article! Thank you. Sure glad we threw off the shackles of “Mother England” so that we are not in the same boat!

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  5. traildustfotm

    CS Lewis wrote warnings about the evils of the Progressive movement in English schools and government. In reading his books it seems the UK was about 60 years ahead of the USA in its advance into madness (…with some exceptions).

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  7. Gee, I’m so glad we broke away so long ago.

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  8. Here’s another idea-Why not give ALL Crime victims priority?

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  9. The type of victims given priority no matter the type of crime or depending on the type of crime certain victims will be given priority? This would be interesting that the Met would give more priority to non aristocratic or poor crime victims. I don’t think it will happen, Police always put politics first over solving crimes


  10. The police chief is an idiot. Most of the crimes committed against the English speaking people are committed by the non English speaking people.
    I suspect he is pandering to their new wonderful and delightful mayor, sarc.

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  11. Sure, so long as non-English speaking crime perpetrators are similarly given priority.

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