Hollywood Blacklist: Conservative actor James Woods dumped by liberal agent

Actor James Woods is one of a rare breed in Hollywood: conservatives.

Nor is Woods a closet conservative, as Hollywood conservatives are forced to be so as to get jobs. See “Secret Republicans in California’s Silicon Valley and Hollywood“.

Last year, Woods tweeted that his Republican “actor friends are terrified of losing their ability to provide for their friends” and that he himself was forced to retire due to the blacklist.

Instead of being closeted, Woods is outspoken in his political views and has become something of a darling of conservatives because of his informed, intelligent and fighting tweets.

Below is one of my favorite James Woods tweets, about President Trump:

Yesterday, Woods tweeted that he was unceremoniously dumped by his talent agent Ken Kaplan, who is a political liberal. Kaplan couldn’t even be bothered to properly inform Woods in person or via a formal letter. Instead, Kaplan did it in a tweet:

“It’s the 4th of July and I’m feeling patriotic. I don’t want to represent you any more. I mean I could go on a rant but you know what I’d say.”

To which, Woods tweeted this gracious response:

“Dear Ken, I don’t actually. I was thinking if you’re feeling patriotic, you would appreciate free speech and one’s right to think as an individual. Be that as it may, I want to thank you for all your hard work and devotion on my behalf. Be well.”

Breitbart‘s John Nolte points out:

Breitbart News has been covering Hollywood’s blacklist of conservatives for some time, but what we are seeing now is the most brazen yet, especially when you are talking about an actor with the status of a James Woods….

Woods, who is only 71, has been nominated for two Oscars, eight Primetime Emmys (winning two), and nine Golden Globes (winning one). He has worked with directors, such as Elia Kazan, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone (multiple times), John Carpenter, Richard Attenborough, Sergio Leone, and Sofia Coppola.

No one can question Woods’ work ethic, his talent, or his accomplishments, and yet his agent can unceremoniously drop him as a client without fearing any professional consequences. If that is not a blacklist, nothing is.

See also:


27 responses to “Hollywood Blacklist: Conservative actor James Woods dumped by liberal agent

  1. James Woods is a tough guy that doesn’t need Ken Kaplan, who, more than likely hasn’t been working in James’s favor for a long time. No one can compare to the come back tweets that Woods can produce.
    James has a huge following and he will bounce back with a vengeance. He will survive and we will be there for him.
    Onward Mr. Woods, Onward, the people need you, this the perfect time to back away from Hollywood and all the filth attached.

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  2. He’s a LOT kinder than I believe I would be.
    I would have sent Kaplan THIS little message.
    “Thank you so much for saving me the need to write the message I was searching for the words to convey. I was most of the way through a message telling you I was dropping you as my agent,because it actually physically sickens me to be represented by an agent who is one of the mindless,short-thinking UN-Americans employed in our Craft. Don’t worry though,I’m SURE you can find an UN-American actor to fill my spot-there are a LOT of them in Hollyweird these days.
    Continued success in the coming years.
    (Don’t forget to THANK PRESIDENT TRUMP for his efforts to save you and yours from yourselves.)”

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  3. Woods is a class act, and a genius, too. I read an article that said he has the highest recorded IQ in the U.S.

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    • While Woods undoubtedly is smart, his alleged IQ of 180 (which would make him smarter than Albert Einstein) is not verified by Mensa. As in the case of Sharon Stone (who also claims to have genius-level IQ), Mensa says they have no record of either Woods or Stone.


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      • While Woods undoubtedly is smart, his alleged IQ of 180 …. is not verified by Mensa. …. Mensa says they have no record of either Woods or Stone.

        From the little that I know of James Woods the man, as opposed to James Woods the screen persona, I’d actually be more surprised if he were a Mensa member. There’s a metric boatload of smart folks who have no interest whatsoever in that organization.

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        • IQ has to be measured by some organization. All I’m saying is Mensa doesn’t have any record of Woods or Stone, so the onus is on them to produce the evidence. While Stone had claimed having genius-level IQ, I’m not aware that Woods did that. Supposedly, the original source of Woods having a very high IQ is some Indian (India in Asia) site, then it was picked up by other sites and disseminated, so that it’s now a presumed truth.

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    • For years the person with the highest IQ in the country according to several records was Marilyn Vos Savant, with a number over 200.
      I have read several times that James Woods is very high also. It was before his recent exposure.
      I suspect Woods is capable of taking care of himself.

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  4. James Woods is pretty cool with his tweets. I check in on him now & then & get a kick out of him telling off the “bad guys” (& “gals” like Hillary) in his own clever ways.

    How his anti-American Hollyweird “agent” can feel “patriotic” is beyond me. I’m guessing he was being snarly sarcastic. And how utterly cheap & unprofessional to not even send a letter to end a business relationship. Libs have no “class.”

    I suspected Kaplan could be a Jewish surname. It is.**

    James Woods, meet Senator Joe McCarthy. He has something to tell you.

    **Asking Google if Kaplan is a Jewish surname causes this to show up at the top of the search page:

    “Kaplan or Caplan is also a surname common among Ashkenazi Jews, usually indicating descent from the priestly lineage (the kohanim), similar to the etymological origin of the common Hebrew surname Cohen. One of the earliest modern records of Kaplan as a family name is that of Abraham Kaplan in 1698.”

    From priestly lineage to Hollywood agent. There’s a stretch! 🙂

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  5. But you better bake that cake!!!

    Proggies better be careful what they practice (harassing people in public, getting them kicked out of establishments, not working with them). The favor could one day be returned…

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    • Absolutely right! They really don’t know how lucky they ARE that so few of us will lower ourselves to THEIR level;if we ever DID,considering that we typically do things BETTER than THEY do,just imagine the damage they’d suffer…..

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  6. no damage done here, James will just get another agent…..

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  7. James Woods has been recognized and awarded for his talents; his answer to the agent’s note reflects the character of a real gentleman. The role of an agent is simply that of a go-between, in the end it is the actor who gets the awards.

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  8. Yeah, no.

    1) Woods was announced in the piece as “retired”.
    Telling me his agent dropped him, for any reason is, a massive yawn-fest.
    A retired actor doesn’t need an agent.

    2) At Woods’ level, the number of up-and-coming agents who will hapilly and rapidly represent him vigorously, and probably better than the schmuck they’ll replace, should he decide to work again, is about a yard long entry in the representation section of the industry “411” book.

    3) That said, dumping him via twaddle twitter on the 4th of July is a classless act of a classless boob, but he’s already a Hollywood liberal, so that’s a triple redundancy alert right there.

    This is basically fake news, on the level of hot dog filler.

    Just saying.

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    • Ken Kaplan didn’t say the reason he’s dropping James Woods as a client is because Woods is retired. Instead, Kaplan was pointedly political in his tweet.

      For someone who’s retired, it’s interesting that Woods is a voice actor for the 2019 “Kingdom Hearts III” video game.

      My guess: “retired” is euphemism for “blacklisted”.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Since he announced his “retirement” a few weeks ago, I think he knew good and well that his agent was not working for him, and the various studios were deliberately avoiding him due to his political beliefs, and the fact that he spoke up. I certainly do hope that if he wishes to have work, that projects will come up for him, and if he wishes to enjoy his retirement–that he is able to pursue that. There is no doubt that he is intelligent, creative and the rest of us will be all the poorer for not being able to see him in various projects.

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  9. Captain America

    I can’t quite put my finger on what Ken Kaplan reminds me of. I’m leaning toward naked mole rat.

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  10. I follow him on twitter…. I check his tweets a couple times a day. He’s a cool guy..

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  11. Who’d want to work for a leftwing jewish progressive that would throw you under the bus in a new york minute, anyway?

    And for the most part, what I’ve seen in response to the unhinged left’s attacks on conservatives, is polite response, or witty redoubt. Not the screaming, name calling, outright lying in order destroy one’s character, low down dirty tricks and violent confrontation.

    And conservatives are the ones that are always painted as mean spirited, offensive, racist, misogynist, cheapskates that want to oppress everybody else. Sheesh!

    Mental Illness is truly a Liberal Disorder.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . The more we see of these various outrageous actions on the part of unhinged Progressives — an intelligent person can come to no other conclusion but that Liberals definitely do suffer from mental illness.

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  12. Left/libtardery:

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  13. Once again, James Woods demonstrates that he is CLASS PERSONIFIED, this time against a LITTLE WORM of an agent.
    The blacklist of the 1950’s came and went, and liberals of that time never forgot or forgave: They held on to their hatred until death. (They never forgave the State of New York for executing the Rosenbergs, either).
    This blacklist will trend and crest, and, hopefully, fade relatively soon. Let us also remember that the Left, once the Free Speech champions, have become everything they used to hate. I think Mr. Woods understands this, and has good reason to stand tall. He has something Ken Kraplan does not, and that is CHARACTER, which CANNOT BE BOUGHT AT ANY PRICE.


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  14. Just makes me wonder, exactly what kind of unassailable principles liberals hold that incite such patriotic fervor?

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  15. traildustfotm

    What a good surprise James Woods has been to conservative Americans! When fake macho types in Hollywood pretend to be courageous as they preach to their leftist cronies, Woods is showing real grit by speaking truth to those who prefer lies.

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  16. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    As I stated earlier – it’s the Jews and Meathead – stupid. The Jews are in charge of Hollyweed/#METOO movement and their dope, the fake communist news media, the educational system, and the fake Democrats who are really communists. We are going to have to continue the good fight because we were fooled by the Bushes (RINO’s) . It all stems from the One World Order Crowd and wealth distribution fakery.

    Thank you – James – for helping fight the good fight.


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  17. Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo, James Woods, Tim (Tool Man) Allen… show a conservative (or moderate or just plain-old logical) view in Hollywood (or college) and you’re out.

    Watch for (Super Man) Dean Cain next, as he’s in the coming movie exposing the Abortion Doctor (Gosnell) who was convicted of murdering babies who’d survived his abortions. Cain just joined a small-town Idaho police force reserve, just out a sense of “doing the right thing” in these days…

    Interestingly, I’d just been googling Woods, Robert Davi, and John Diehl (Miami Vice) Thursday night, thinking they were similar in looks and age.

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    • I suspect Dean Cain has been blacklisted for some time. After “Lois & Clark: The News Adventures of Superman” (1993-1997), Cain never achieved the same prominence and popularity.

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