Sorry proggies, Oprah isn’t going to run for president (bonus Photoshop Award)

oprah on vogue

From Daily Mail: Oprah Winfrey has revealed that she has no plans to run for president in 2020 because she believes the current political landscape would ‘kill’ her. 

The 64-year-old media mogul has graced the cover of British Vogue, and inside the pages of the magazine, she has opened up about whether she would ever consider making a run for commander in chief after becoming somewhat of a dream candidate for Democrats earlier this year.

‘In that political structure — all the non-truths, the bulls**t, the crap, the nastiness, the backhanded backroom stuff that goes on — I feel like I could not exist,’ she said. ‘I would not be able to do it. It’s not a clean business. It would kill me.

The media icon appears on the cover of the magazine’s August issue, dressed in a white, off-the-shoulder, custom-made taffeta Stella McCartney gown.

Her hair is pulled back to reveal Buccellati earrings with white and yellow diamonds as well as emeralds, while the headline reads: ‘Oprah’s next act — an audience with a global powerhouse.’

Although perhaps the most candid interview she has given on the subject of her potential presidential campaign, it is not the first time Oprah has addressed the furious speculation that she would make a bid for the White House in 2020.

In February of this year, she told People that it would take a divine intervention from God to convince her to run – despite both her long-time partner Stedman Graham and her best friend Gayle King appearing to push her towards a campaign.

‘I pay attention, and when you have that many people saying something, I thought gee, I never in my life, ever, ever, thought I would be in politics. I’ve always said no no no no no,’ she said at the time. ‘Am I at least supposed to look a that question?

‘I had enough people, billionaires calling me, saying I can get you a billion dollars, I can run your campaign. And I went into prayer. God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it.’

After opening up to Vogue about how she reached her decision, Oprah also weighed in on feminism in the wake of the Times Up movement, noting that she has opted to focus on the positives that have come from it.

‘People talk about “these are such dark times,” but what if we shift the paradigm? Because I see it differently,’ she said. ‘I see, “Isn’t this remarkable that we’re waking up?”

Read the whole story here.

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21 responses to “Sorry proggies, Oprah isn’t going to run for president (bonus Photoshop Award)

  1. That Vogue cover is hilarious. Ah, the miracle of photoshop! It should get the Photoshop of the Year award.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . That was the first thing I thought . . . that doesn’t even look like Oprah! When we see all these magazines while standing in line at the grocery store–showing a svelte Oprah . . .then we see a real life shot of her. I mean REALLY!!!!!!!!

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  2. She has to fear many of her secrets would come out and her relationship with Harvey baby. Not good for her businesses. She is so racist it would be Obama on speed.
    She should thank the stars for great photo shop work.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Oprah called the Trump administration – THE DARK TIMES. It is sad that a person who is ‘SUPPOSE’ to be so influential in helping her people open the box of matches and light a fire for them is still trying to keep them in the slave box. That is the way with rich black people – they forget those behind them who could use the help. Instead of helping build a school for young black women she strikes off to Africa and builds a school.

    She also has drank that FarrakhanObama kool aid whereby they are helping the muslims not her own black people in the U.S.

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  4. Hahahaha!!! The dark times were when Mustafá and the tribal clan occupied the White House along with his personal houseman SharptCON, literally It sure was a “dark” time for America. When the hell has Oprah look glamorous? She look bad and trashy when she went to England.

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    • Alma . . . .When she attended the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Megan. she looked like a lower middle class woman wearing a house dress. It was rather an unusual sight. Frankly, with all her money, I would have expected her to be better attired.

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  5. “bonus photoshop award”

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  6. OK OK you got me. Not having seen Oprah’s mug in quite awhile, I just HAD to turn browser-Images-ON to see what the fuss is all about, lol.

    And I must say, my oh my, what a difference a day at the “Glamour Shots [PhotoShop] Salon” makes! A slight sideways turn of the head & neck will “miraculously cure” wrinkles & little rolls of neck fat. Now let us see her bottom half in that WHITE dress (“they” always say, chubbies should never wear White as it makes people look fatter).

    And what’s with the “sleepy seductive eyes”? Hopefully she has Stedman on her mind & not a world of dupes, hoping to “entice” them to “embrace” her as their “irresistible” New Age goddess.

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  7. Hilarious Contradiction in Terms:

    Oprah “…believes the current political landscape would ‘KILL’ HER.”


    Vogue: Oprah is “…a global POWERHOUSE.”

    “Powerhouse” google definition: “A person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.”

    You can’t have it both ways, baby!

    A more accurate Vogue front cover headline would have been: “Oprah’s LAST Act — an audience with the coward who is running away from the political climate SHE helped to create.”

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  8. “And I went into prayer. God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me…”
    –Oprah 2018 to Vogue.

    “I believe in the FORCE. I call IT God.”
    –Oprah 1987 quote at: “The Universe According to Oprah” (2009): (a long page with numerous quotes by & between Oprah & her MANY “New Age” guests).

    I went & read the Mail Online article to see if it gave more details of how exactly did Oprah’s “God” let her know NOT to run for President, but nothing more there. (I guess I’d have to buy the Vogue rag mag, not.)

    Unless Oprah has gotten saved in the past 31 years & learned WHO (not IT) the True God is, then I’m glad her “IT God” told her NOT to run for President!

    Oprah as a “channeler” of “spirits”:

    From 1998:
    Richard Roper, columnist for Chicago Sun Times … from the Star Bulletin 10/1/1998 re Oprah’s “infatuation with the spiritual and self”:
    “She’s really getting goofy with all the spiritual questing. Winfrey told TV Guide she’s so happy she’s ‘splendiferous’ but it seems to me we’re watching a woman go through an almost frantic search for spiritual bliss and higher consciousness. Consider the antidote in time about Winfrey’s ‘go there,’ in which ‘old spirits are trying to get in touch with,’ Oprah says she hears the voice of slaves, they even have names and ‘she has come to know each of them and calls them in at will to guide her in her work.'”
    Source: CHANNELING article at:

    More, from 2005:
    “I ask God for grace, and the power of the spirits… Calling on you. Calling on you… I really believe I can call HER up. Her and so many others. I’m counting on them.”
    Time magazine wrote of these spirit guides: “Oprah Winfrey calls these her ‘go there’ moments, spiritual episodes of divine guidance that far transcend the chatty exchanges with her studio audiences. Sometimes the epiphanies carry the voices of Negro slaves, Joe and Emily and Dara; Sue and Bess and Sara. Winfrey says that she has come to know each of them personally and calls them in at will to guide her in her work. The spirits began visiting her a few years ago…”
    “I tried to empty myself and let the spirit of Sethe inhabit me… Every morning, before my scenes, I lit candles and said the names of these slaves. I prayed every day to the ancestors.”
    Beloved’s Director, Jonathon Demme, who is also the director of The Silence of the Lambs, recalled: “Oprah had explained to me when we originally met that it was her goal and intention to channel the spirit of Margaret Garner… This very infusion of humanity past accounts to a significant degree for Oprah’s stunning alchemy, her astonishing abandonment of self in her Beloved performance.”
    – (link now dead though site still up).
    –10/5/1998: “Cinema: Oprah Winfrey: Daring To Go There … To adapt Toni Morrison’s novel, Oprah needed persistence, guts and help from her ancestors” – TIME Magazine (subscription needed to read full article):,9171,989225,00.html

    Side Note: The Mail Online article said (re April 2018) that Oprah had a new series called, “Love is in Los Angeles.” Whaaat? Another contradiction in terms > Love + Los Angeles (home of supreme “Hollywood Hate”!)

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  9. DCG, you are heartless, presenting the possibility, no matter how remote, of Oprah Winfrey as becoming our President.

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  11. Pingback: Sorry proggies, Oprah isn’t going to run for president (bonus Photoshop Award) — Fellowship of the Minds – NZ Conservative Coalition

  12. Well whattaya know? It turns out Oprah Winfrey actually DOES have some humility after all.
    Yes, Oprah Winfrey admits the hazards of the political realm, and I am grateful that she admits that they’re not for her.
    Yet this is still the same Oprah who attended a eugenics confab at Rockefeller University in which the DEPOPULATION OF AFRICA was addressed and discussed—along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in attendance.
    So it seems to me that Oprah Winfrey is as pure as the driven slush!


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    • Yes sir, remember she said all old white men should just die and she sat in Jeremiah Wrights church for years. She knew all her hate would come to light. She is a racist s well as a hypocrite and two faced. Perfect democrat.

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  13. Hey,even if she DOES run-the Left STILL HAS NOTHING. They don’t even have a platform,or a message,except “WE HATE TRUMP”. I truly hope God steps in before the Left starts attempting to use their ILLEGAL Guns to stop this Administration.
    God,Protect and watch over our President,his Administration,his Family and the Families of,ALL who support him in his noble efforts.
    In the name of Jesus,AMEN

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    • I absolutely agree, except for one inconvenient detail: Some ANTIFA members in some states, e.g., Texas and Florida, as examples, obtained their guns legally by buying them prior to Trump’s announcement to run for the Presidency.
      At any rate, we must pray for Trump and his family, as well as the members of his administration. And Trump MUST go on the OFFENSIVE, PRONTO.

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      • Forgive me-I was assuming the ones with LEGAL guns would be smart enough to know that current crime forensics can generally track bullets fired to an illegal gun used in other killings or a LEGAL gun and trace the gun to the owner (Granted,it’s not NEAR as quick as it looks on TV,but it IS as accurate.),and their work is accepted as evidence in Court. If you shoot somebody with a LEGAL gun and it’s NOT self defense,you might as well leave a note at the crime scene with your signature and address on it,and save the taxpayers some money. You’ll likely get caught. Moral-If you’re gonna do something you could be killed or arrested for,leave the GOOD guns locked up,and use your black market gun with no numbers,and afterward,throw it WAAAAAYYYYY out in the bay. NO-strike that. ANTIFA-Be SURE to use your LEGAL gun to do a crime. NOBODY will expect THAT! (sarc)

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  14. Really, we don’t want her to run for anything. She may be famous and wealthy but that woman isn’t all there. Bad enough we have the loons we already possess in the Federal government, adding to the number sure won’t fix anything. Besides, Washington is only Hollywood for ugly people and those who can string their own sentences together. She could enhance world peace by giving 2 bit dictators a new car and sending Dr. Phil to analyse ISIS nutcases. Maybe take Putin shopping in Switzerland.

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