Cher, 29, raped a 13-year-old boy

Sex with a minor is statutory rape, because the law regards the underage person as too young to be capable of consenting to sexual acts. It does not matter if the perpetrator believed that the victim was of the age of consent because Mistake of Fact is no defense in a statutory rape case.

The age of consent — the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity — varies by state. In the state of California, the age of consent is 18 years old, which means that an adult who had sex with a minor can be prosecuted for statutory rape.

In psychology, overreaction is defined as “a response, specifically an emotional reaction, which goes beyond a proper level.” Being exaggerated and off-the-scale, overreaction is an irrational response to a stimulus, which points to some underlying dynamics within the individual’s psychology.

The overreaction of so many rabidly unhinged anti-Trumpers indicates they feel threatened by President Trump as he systematically fulfills his campaign promises to the Americans who’d voted for him — those whom Hillary Clinton contemptuously demonized as “deplorables”.

Some anti-Trumpers have a personal stake in that they have done (and may still be doing) deeds that can put them in prison. As an example, even before Trump was inaugurated President, actor Robert De Niro threatened to “punch him in the face”. Though a 74-year-old senior citizen, De Niro takes every opportunity in public venues to hurl invectives at a duly-elected sitting President, calling Trump “blatantly stupid,” “a punk,” “a dog,” “a pig,” “a con,” “a mutt,” “a bullshit artist,” “an idiot,” “mentally ill,” “soulless,” “son of a bitch,” and “Hitler” — always a favorite cliche-insult of the Left.

It should be noted that De Niro was a client of an international prostitution ring with underage girls.

Another senior-citizen actress, 72-year-old Cher, is also a rabid anti-Trumper. In 2016, while campaigning for Hillary, Cher called Trump “a fucking idiot” and wielded another of the Left’s perennial insults — that of racism, claiming that what Trump means by “Make America Great Again” is really “We want to make America straight and white”.

Note: Both De Niro and Cher are high school drop outs. Donald Trump is a graduate of the private boarding school, New York Military Academy, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. So much for Trump being an “idiot”.

It is of some interest to learn that, like De Niro, Cher also has a personal stake in thwarting President Trump.

Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) is a Hollywood gossip website that has been described by The Daily Beast as having a track record of accuracy, and by investigative journalist Mark Ebner as “being proven right again and again”.

Yesterday, July 3, 2018, Crazy Days and Nights published a “Blind Item Revealed” identifying Cher as the “permanent A list singer” who raped a 13-year-old boy in 1975:

This permanent A list singer who is also an Oscar winner/nominee says, “it was a different time,” to explain why she would have sex with underage boys. She said that lots of men in music were doing the same thing to girls at the time and it was a different world where it was acceptable.

Cher/Anthony Kiedis (he was 13 and she was 29)

Anthony Keidis, now 55, is the lead singer and lyricist of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was raised by his mother in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1974, when he was 11 years old, the boy moved to Hollywood to live permanently with his father, actor John Michael Kiedis.

The late entertainer Sonny Bono was a close friend of John Kiedis and godfather to Anthony. Bono’s then-wife Cher babysat Anthony.

According to an account of Anthony Kiedis by Lisa Flowers in Ranker:

  • His father was a drug dealer and introduced Anthony to drugs at a young age.
  • His dad used him as a drug-mule: “Not long after Kiedis moved to Los Angeles in 1974, his dad took him on a drug dealing trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin.” The returned to Los Angeles with $30,000 in cash. As Anthony recounts in his autobiography Scar Tissue, “My dad told me I’d be carrying the money, because if they caught someone who looked like him with all that money, he’d be busted for sure… so we rigged a belt piece, stuffed it with cash, and taped it to my abdomen.”
  • Anthony lost his virginity at 12 to his dad’s 18-year-old girlfriend, which was set up by his dad.
  • Cher was Anthony’s baby-sitter: “When Anthony was in eighth grade, Cher, who was separated from Sonny by then, offered to babysit. He and Cher enjoyed their evening together, engaging in an hours-long chat and really getting to know one another. Then Kiedis went to bed, and Cher got ready to do the same. Believing Kiedis to be asleep, Cher took off all her clothes. From his nearby bed, Anthony watched…. Cher put on a nightgown and got into bed with Anthony. And the two spent the night sleeping side-by-side.”

Now we know from CDAN that 29-year-old Cher did more than sleep side-by-side with 13-year-old Anthony. It is not just CDAN, according to Elle, Anthony Kiedis states in Scar Tissue that Cher was his first sexual encounter, when he was 13.

Simply put, Cher is a sexual predator — a pedophile. Pedophilia is legally defined as any sexual activity with a minor below the age of consent.

Cher also enabled the statutory rape of her own daughter, Chastity, who now identifies as “transgender” Chaz.

Chaz Bono said “his” first sexual experience was as a teen “girl” with Cher’s best friend, who was Cher’s age.

See also “Cher is a hypocrite on taking DREAMers into her home“.


28 responses to “Cher, 29, raped a 13-year-old boy

  1. Also she is best friends with Kathy Griffin. Griffin issued a fake announcement that she and Cher are no longer speaking, but she is still at Cher’s house all the time for dinner. Griffin just said that so Cher wouldn’t have to take heat for Kathy’s violence promoting antics. Cher, Griffin, Suzanne Somers and Jane Fonda have “no makeup” girls’ nights regularly where they hang out together ( when Fonda is between boyfriends.)

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    • Too bad that Suzanne Somers is friends with those low-life libtard female “celebs” as Suzanne has done some good by publicly warning re Cellphone & Smart Meter radiation.

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  2. Closet Meet Skeleton(s).

    “…it was a different time…”

    Yes, a Time of Massive Communist Brainwashing (1960s+) in which all sense of morality was thrown out the window. #Hippies #Drugs #FreeSex #Rock&Roll #MusicIndustry etc.

    At least Cher will never get any big fat ideas to run for President. #SkeletonsInCloset !!

    As for victims of pedophiles, they should have their own en masse #MeToo-type of movement & name the pedos publicly. (Would need a different #hashtag, though, unique to them. #WeToo?)

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    • #MEAToo would do. That’s all children are to pedos: meat!

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    • “…it was a different time…”
      I notice more and more,Criminals use that phrase,like it’s ANY excuse for their STUPID,CRIMINAL past behavior. Of COURSE it was a different time-anyone who can read a clock or a calendar will agree to that,but it excuses absolutely NOTHING. RIGHT AND WRONG do NOT change with passing time. (When I have to explain stupid things I did in my past,I usually say something like,”That was back when I was young and stupid and still thought I was indestructible”,or “I did that back when I just got my first Harley-I was still young and felt like I had something to prove to the World;Now I’m older and I have nothing I need to prove to anyone.”) At LEAST you need to OWN your mistakes!

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  3. From the very beginning she was trampy looking, she never resigned herself to be old and ugly so she decided to cut here, stretch there, never dared to hang around women because it would mean competition instead hung around young men who would cater to her while she performed in Vegas revealing what she really is an old bat that doesn’t want to give it up. Cher, get over it, you are an old hag, move over show business is for the young at heart.

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  4. Pederasty should be a capital crime.

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  5. Cher is in the upcoming movie Momma Mia. Boycott!

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  6. Ent Lawyer is having a huge blind item reveal day all day today on CDAN- should be juicy.

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  7. ’70s entertainment freakos… not different from today’s ilk.

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  8. I am blown away by the fact that Cher had her boyfriend introduce Chastity to sex at such an early age. She really is a POS!

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  9. Although I’ve listened to Cher on the radio, I have never given her ONE CENT of my money. That being said, whence this free-love movement? There have been more than enough vectors in society to enable or encourage it: Various leftist free-love movements of the 19th Century (Victoria Woodhull comes to mind), the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s, brought on by Freud, Darwin, Kensey & Hefner, and even the Frankurt School.
    One other source comes to mind, and that was the poet Walt Whitman. Whitman was a great poet, but he was also a sexual libertine. His “Leaves of Grass” is a work that should not be taken for solid theology.
    There comes a point with certain people who, for whatever reason, do not believe the rules apply to them. Hence we have the Nietzschean Superman (or Woman) who discards the established “slave morality” and institutes his or her own moral code.
    It’s all nonsense, of course: God and Nature’s God command that we use our reason rightly, and part of that demands that we sublimate and master our passions and appetites. Many on the Left (and a few on the Right) fail or refuse to do that. The fact that these people have not endured the consequences of their actions in this life does not matter: Face the consequences in the Next Life they will.
    Shun Cher Sarkasian. Boycott her works.
    Now let’s get on to the prosecution of the Weinstein’s.

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    • “Shun Cher Sarkasian. Boycott her works.
      Now let’s get on to the prosecution of the Weinstein’s.”

      The #MeToo movement was a distraction from the real crimes of pedophilia in Hollywood, which are far worse than Weinsteins and the casting couch, and should be prosecuted to the max.

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      • I absolutely agree and mentioned the Weinsteins because that was the first name that came to mind as I wrote. And his monster quotient stood out:
        The number of victims and the years he skated. Yes, there are a number of others: I read Friday night or Saturday morning that authorities in London are considering more charges against Kevin Spacey, as an example.
        And of course we have the Clintons, especially Madame Hillary, who may actually be more responsible for human trafficking than has been thought of before.
        And the arrest of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack may yield rich dividends in the indictment department. I hope so.
        President Trump has promised to go after the traffickers. I know he’s somewhat hamstrung now; Time will eventually tell.

        But one horrible trend has been surfacing: A number of female teachers have been arrested for carnal knowledge with their teen students, most of whom have been predominantly male. This has been going on for a few years now, and it seems to be growing. Or taking root, or whatever metaphor can be used to describe it.

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  10. Patrick Cornell

    Sonny Bono, Cher and Anthony are all transgender.


  11. Not surprised at all…

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  12. Gypsies, Tranz and thieves.

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  13. Sounds like some sort of porn movie that the woman baby sitter slept with the 13 year old; the the Dad has his young girlfriend sleep with his son. When Cher’s son who used to be her daughter slept with Cher’s best friend. It’s not mentioned if Cher’s best friend was a male or female……Cher is a freaky woman I bet this is just scratching the surface…

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    • That’s very true. What I find interesting is (1) that everyone seems to care so much what she does, and (2) that when “celebrities” do this stuff people find it “interesting”. When anyone else does it they find it illegal and prosecute.

      I’m assuming that any statute of limitations has long since run out on this.

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  14. Not trying to nit-pick, but how could Cher have been his first encounter at 13 if he had already lost his virginity at 12, with the father’s 18 year-old girlfriend. That being said – Cher is hideous, and has always been.

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  15. Cher is a sick pervert like most in Hollyweird.
    On a side note; Maybe Cher wasn’t getting enough Bone-no from Bono?


  16. Typical. When liberals accuse others of doing wrong, they are always guilty themselves. They work a strong offense to keep others on defense. They major in deflection. They are sick and twisted.

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  17. Early sexualization is a reliable predictor for teen/adult neuroses.

    …But we should still let trans demons read gender-bender books to children, say the deranged leftists.

    When in 9th grade we had a sex ed teacher unroll a condom onto a wooden phallus, it was controversial. Now if you are 5 or older you’re forced to be told about the icky stuff grownups do and to accept that you might like to try it any day now.

    I don’t know enough about the original inquisitions to comment on them, but I sure am ready for a modern Inquisition to remove all this filth from our society.

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  18. Pingback: documenting various leads regarding Pizzagate is a slow and tedious business | vulture of critique

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