Why we call them #FakeNews: ABC’s Brian Ross leaving network after false Trump report

brian ross

They learned nothing from Dan “Fake but Accurate” Rather.

From Fox News: Beleaguered chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is leaving ABC News seven months after he botched an “exclusive” report on Donald Trump and Russia that sent the stock market tumbling.

News President James Goldston announced to staffers on Monday that Ross, and his longtime producer Rhonda Schwartz, have “decided to leave the company” in a memo that was obtained by Fox News.

“In their long careers here, Brian, Rhonda and their team have been recognized with nearly every prestigious award in our business – an impressive tally of four George Polk awards, four Peabody awards, four duPonts, five Murrows, 17 News and Documentary Emmys and the Harvard Goldsmith Prize, in 2014, for the single best investigative report in print or broadcast,” Goldston wrote. (Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)

The ABC News boss continued: “They’ve exposed government corruption at every level, international human rights abuses and fraud, uncovered dangerous working conditions, sexual abuse cover-ups and dishonest business practices.  Their work has led repeatedly to real changes in policy in the U.S. and around the world. They broke numerous stories following 9/11 about the government investigation of the attacks, from the identification of the terrorists to secret CIA prisons. Over the years they have built a team of the best investigative journalists in our industry, and they leave behind an outstanding group that will continue to break stories for many years to come.”

There was no immediate indication where Ross and Schwartz were headed next.

Earlier this year, ABC News demoted Ross when he returned from a suspension handed down after he reported incorrectly on live television that fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would testify that Trump had ordered him to make contact with Russians about foreign policy while Trump was still a candidate. The report raised the specter of Trump’s impeachment and sent the stock market plummeting.

After ABC was forced to retract the report, Goldston said on a staff conference call that he’d never felt more “rage, disappointment and frustration” in his entire career. In a statement, ABC News said Ross’ report “had not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process.”

“It is vital we get the story right and retain the trust we have built with our audience,” ABC’s statement added. “These are our core principles. We fell far short of that.”

Just after the hard-charging Ross was suspended, President Trump told a crowd in Florida that the ABC News reporter should have been fired.

“They took this fraudster from ABC,” Trump said. “They suspended him for a month. They should have fired him for what he wrote. He drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes, which by the way, tells you they really like me, right? When you think of it, and you know what he cost people? And I said to everybody: ‘get yourself a lawyer and sue ABC News, sue them.’”

Trump has continued to attack Ross and ABC parent company Disney over the gaffe. When Ross returned from suspension, he was reassigned to ABC News’ outside production house, Lincoln Square Productions. Many industry insiders assumed his days at ABC News were coming to an end when Goldston banned him from covering Trump.

The fumble was another in a series of black marks for Ross, who has been at ABC News since 1994 after spending nearly two decades at NBC. Perhaps most infamously, Ross reported in 2012 that Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes may have had ties to the Tea Party movement. He has not been sanctioned for past errors. 

Schwartz — whose contract was reportedly tied to Ross — was also relocated to Lincoln Square.

The duo told colleagues that they aren’t finished reporting. “While we are signing off from ABC News, we are hardly leaving investigative journalism.  There is much more to do,” Ross and Schwartz wrote in a farewell memo.


24 responses to “Why we call them #FakeNews: ABC’s Brian Ross leaving network after false Trump report

  1. Good bye and good riddance and take your long history of lying with you. We don’t need people like that is suppose to remain neutral and report the truth. You failed, miserably.

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  2. Won’t be long before Brian Ross will be rehired by either ABC or another network, just like proven and chronic liar Brian Williams.


    There is also talk of sickos Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer returning to the air in some capacity.

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    • It’ll be a total disaster if those two return to the air, then we’ll see Weinstein’s return to Hollywood, and it will all be as in the past in the present.

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      • Are there any decent people out there left? Where?

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        • Sharyl Attkisson.

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        • Actually, I think Margaret Brennan, who replaced John Dickerson as host of “Face The Nation” Sunday mornings, is trying pretty hard to remain neutral as a news show host. And she’s lovely, so there’s that.

          However, she disappointed me this past weekend when she gave an obviously-canned headline on the week’s “leading news”:
          “Five Lives Lost to Gun Violence…” (concerning the retribution killing of newspaper folks in Baltimore by the schlep they’d outed for stalking a girl; he felt it was defamatory but the judge said no). The correct way to report it would be as a “mass murder”, IMHO. Instead, it was written as a “dog whistle”, as the Left likes to call it; use the emotionally-charged, headline-grabbing words they know will incite the crazies to riot… get Hollywood involved.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Tactical Hermit and commented:

    Need anymore proof that the Fake News Cartel is Real?

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  4. It took way too long. The were finally forced to get rid of him, but, if there had been any way to keep him, they would have done so.

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  5. they might not be finished reporting, but they’re pretty much done being believed.
    The media doesn’t need to be shaping US and world policy.

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  6. It’s also being said that Brian Ross is one of the reporters caught up in the James Wolfe leak investigation that was revealed back in June. They should indict his lying old keester.

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  7. “There is much more to do,” said Ross in his ABC-farewell memo.

    Ah yes, such as “covering his butt” before being outed as (possibly/likely?) “Reporter #4” in the “Senate Intelligence Leaks” Indictment against James Wolfe released 6/7/18 (not quite a month ago).

    __Sessions declared his War vs. Leaks August 2017.
    __FBI informed Senate Intel senior staffer James Wolfe about this in October 2017.
    __Four “Fake News” Leaks were documented in the Sessions/FBI “sting operation” during the first two weeks of December 2017 (each later retracted by the respective MSMs).
    __FBI had a “chat” with Wolfe on 12/15/17 in which he lied re leaking to reporters.
    __FBI not buying it, they continued to investigate Wolfe & his interactions.
    __With enough evidence finally in hand, a Grand Jury was convened in May 2018.
    __James Wolfe was indicted June 7, 2018.
    __That 11-page Indictment (online at DOJ) includes brief descriptions of the as yet unnamed Reporters #1-2-3-4 who published or aired the Leaks.
    __Sundance at CTH (in article posted circa 11:30pm last night) says there’s enough there (& from prior news) to tell who the Reporters are & that #4 is Brian Ross (now formerly) of ABC.

    I guess we’ll know for sure sooner or later if Ross is “officially exposed” as Reporter-of-Faked-Leaked-Intel-News-#4. Then Brian will be Cryin’. Toss the Ross!

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The man who lost his way and drank the Obama kool aid of hate.


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  9. Maybe Ross can take Dan Rather’s job interviewing old rockers before they kick the bucket. Then there’s always hosting Family Feud. Too bad Love Boat is off the air, they always had lots of has-beens on that fine program.

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  10. Deliberate presentation of falsehoods through a small monopolistic cabal controlling MSM is an attack on the Bill of Rights. The free press was known to be an essential part for free government and so declared in the First Amendment. David Rockefeller to Bilderberg meeting, “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the light of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national and auto-determination practiced in the past centuries.” That brings that level of information control back to World War II, a time when it could be justified and some ways, but it was increased in later years and included control of the electronic media. I guess auto-determination of existence of human life and nations was less preferable than supreme rule ordered by an intellectual elite and world bankers.

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  11. In the first place, Russia is not the “enemy”. If asked and accepted, they would not have any “magic juju” make Hilary lose a rigged election other than how badly she’s disliked.

    Anybody who has even minimally looked into this will know that the DNC dreamed this up before the election “just in case” (as insurance). What they are trying to do is overturn a legitimate election.

    Referring to them as “news” is an insult to journalism. They are as much a political arm as the election rigging team. There has always been “bias”, this is WAY beyond that.

    The only way to effectively counter this with most people is to blow holes in their main argument, i.e. Russia = evil. All day, every day it’s “Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Comey. It doesn’t even resemble “news”. It is blatant propaganda. It’s right out of Orwell.

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    • The Left never had a problem with Russia, until Trump.

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      • That is easily explained. He tried to get them to help him in winning the election, and they would not. Hillary had to let Bill give a speech in Russia and then she had to give them 20% of our uranium stock. That is how she won the election. I know this because I found a new news channel when stoned out of my mind and was watching CNN2. Sorry for all the lies I told just now; I don’t do dope, and I only watched CNN once and briefly but didn’t believe anything they said.

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  12. Mist'ears Mom

    “Leave the company” ya sure-most likely they are under investigation – i.e. the Wolfe indictment. ABC can’t get far enough away from these frauds.
    Can’t wait to see them all in jail. Traitors is what they really are.

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  13. Iike lemmings. This is what hate does to people. Avoid it.

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  14. I guess they could sign on with CNN-if CNN doesn’t go out of business first. They’d fit right in there.

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  15. Of course Russia is now a no no for the democrats. If Trump becomes friendly with Putin, I would bet Putin has plenty to sing about and point to the bodies.

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  16. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Welcome to the “slow learner” class of American “journalists”! So long! bye!Bye! SeeYa!

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  17. Never. Liked. Him.
    Proto-typical progressive twit posing as an “investigative reporter”, when all he is, is a muck-raking shill out to spin the facts (and outright LIE) to make the persons in his (or his bosses’) targets look like crap. Just like the majority of “reporters” today working for the major network and cable “news” shows (including those in the WH press corps and Washington Bureau chiefs, who screech at the PotUS — and his Press Secretary — like he were a disgraced small-town mayor).

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  18. “ABC’s Brian Ross leaving network after false Trump report” Wrong! He’s leaving because he’s “Reporter #4” in the James Wolfe investigation…….!

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