The devolution of feminism: Raise the skirt to expose your vulva!

The Left is all about identity politics — defining yourself not as an American, but by your race (except if you’re white), ethnicity (except if you’re Anglo-American-European), gender (except if you’re a white male), or sexual orientation (except if you’re a heterosexual).

Straight people and whites, especially white males, aren’t entitled their “identity.” If they do, the Left call them Nazi racists and misogynists.

Feminists have gone from identity politics to vagina politics — a peculiar obsession with the female genitalia, a symbol of which is the pink pussy/vagina hat.

There are even vulva-watching work shops where women would inspect each other’s vagina. I kid you not.

Yesterday, I came across this tweet from someone named Lewis Penn, which has gone viral:

Penn claims that the above pic is of “liberal women gathered to scream at Trump through their vaginas”.

But Penn doesn’t have a source for the pic, which is always a suspicious sign.

So I went looking on the net for the source of the pic, and found that it is one of the images in artist Nicola Canavan‘s “Raising the Skirt” series of portraits.

Canavan told Snopes the image of the screaming-women–in-a-circle-exposing-their-vulvas is one of her “Raising the Skirts” images. There are other disgusting images of naked women exposing their vulvas on Raising the Skirts‘ website which I cannot post here because Canavan has copyright claims over the images. Click here.

Below is how Raising the Skirt describes itself on its “About” page. To avoid confusion, note that the pronouns “their” and “they” really mean “her” and “she”. Also note the psycho-babble mumbo-jumbo:

RAISING THE SKIRT was created in 2014, through Live Art Development Agencies DIY programme, it is a multilayered collaborative arts project which explores ways in which we can re-establish a connection with the wild and with natural laws to find a deeper connection with our body. Raising the Skirt highlights questions around gender, body politics and continues to develop research on the anthropological body, exploring ways that social, cultural and political dynamics are shaping the perception and understanding of the human body and how these interactions are interpreted through social engagement.

Raising the Skirt has followed the personal narrative of Nicola Hunter, and was triggered by a deeply personal place of overcoming judgement that was placed their [her] own queer body. Hunter began the project by researching the historical links between the vulva and power in hope to develop a deeper connection to their [her] own body, and more specifically their [her] vulva, which is where they [she] came across the history of Raising the Skirt.

Note: Nicola Canavan and Nicola Hunter appear to be the same person — a lesbian (“queer”) “performance artist”. Her website has some very disturbing images of herself, such as this one:

Anasyrma, anasyrmos, ana-suromai or anlu, raising the skirt is the gesture of lifting the skirt or kilt. It is used in connection with certain religious & spiritual rituals, shamanic practices, and in some folklore there is an element of playfulness. Anasyrma is effectively “the exposing of the genitals”, which often has more of a direct link to the vulva. The act of lifting up one’s skirt to display the genitals can be an apotropaic device; it can, in circumstances of war, evoke the fear of the enemy. It can also be an act that evokes surprise and subsequent laughter and a letting go of sadness. What is significant about anasyrma is that it reflects the numinous quality of the  genitals. In several cultures, there is a myth of anasyrma used for emotional healing.

The act of lifting the skirt has been translated across cultures and geographies. It was known as Anasyrma or Ana-Suromai in ancient Greece, Anlu in Kom communities and many more. A flash of the genitals has been known to calm forces of nature; in Madras India, the act was known to subdue storms by locals exposing their genitalia. In other folklore people could drive away devils, evil spirits and even invading warriors.

After a period investigating their own identity and developing a greater understanding of socio-cultural body, the project has developed into a much wider conversation on gender politics. Raising the Skirt is working to evoke these narratives by using a deep placed wild and somatic drive to reclaim the genitals and the queer body as a powerful tool in assertion.

‘Raising the Skirt’ began as a three-day workshop funded by Live Arts Development Agency and was documented by Dawn Felicia Knox, each workshop is a deeply intimate space and created for an authentic experience. The first two workshops focused on biological function, menstruation and socio-cultural experiences of the vulva, they were designed for cis/queer women & queer and gender fluid people who have biologically functioning vagina and vulva’s [sic].

man scared

I’m confused:

  • Why would women have to “reclaim” their genitals? Reclaim their genitals from whom? Did someone take their genitals away?
  • And why would exposing the vulva be “empowering” or “emotionally healing” or “evoke fear in one’s enemy”?

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, which is an understatement.

See also “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Barcelona’s feminist official pees standing up“.


68 responses to “The devolution of feminism: Raise the skirt to expose your vulva!

  1. Not insanity—just pure BULLSHIT!

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  2. This Is the most stupid thing I have ever seen.

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    • Sorry,Bette-I’ve seen SO MANY stupid things since the Leftists refused to concede that TRUMP WON their “Fixed Election” that I can’t even pick the DOZEN most stupid things I’ve seen. HEY-there might be a BOOK in this subject…..

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  3. Hmmm. Reminds me of a joke:

    What’s the difference between a group of jogging pygmy’s and a group of jogging feminists? Well, the first is a bunch of cunning runts,…

    Ok, sorry about this. But it is up the alley of the left these days!

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  4. Oh, it must be okay when left/libtards do it again…

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  5. Mental indeed

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    • Given over to a reprobate mind?

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      • Demon possession!

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        • Dr E., can you possibly do some type of post re: the attractiveness of Libbie women v conservative women? Look, I’m not so shallow that I think that the only thing valuable about a woman is her looks, but how come Every Single Libbie chick is repulsive (and seemingly purposefully so), while conservative women are much more attractive, including a welcoming face and approachable countenance…? Do these Libbie chicks make themselves ugly on purpose, so they’ll have something to fuss about? P.S. when I say a post, I mean facts and figures type thing. In other words, a self-analysis, marriage status, employability metrics, BMI, etc….. this would be quite interesting….. in any event, thanks for all your hard work Dr. E 😊

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          • Perhaps you can help us out by gathering the facts & figures? If you send them to me, I’ll publish them. 😀

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          • Just FYI JerryO, the BMI thing is 200 year old quackery, cooked up by a math geek that had no background in medicine, health, or science. The only reason doctors are pushing that shlock these days is to promote anorexia, and other disorders that are advantageous to their so-called “professions” as well as population control, per usual… it is a satanist tactic, simply put.

            As far as female attractiveness goes, it seems to me like the hatred in the heart shapes the countenance a bit, but that’s just what I notice, and it is certainly not a rule. (After all some cult types can be very attractive, that’s part of why mormonism is so concerned with their women looking “hot” etc. gotta snag those members, the pedophile “family” cult used to call that kind of thing “flirty fishing”, only in their case it went into using full on sex to recruit.)


          • Jerry, they BECOME leftists because they ARE ugly.

            Leftism is always about tearing down the haves because the have-nots are bitter about their own inferiority. Same thing in the looks category for women and the loser/effeminate categories for men.

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          • Jerry, you ask such a good question about WHY feminists are so repulsive and ugly. I have been so shocked by the “ugly feminists” that I went searching for answers a few years ago and stumbled on the most brilliant article. The article is called, “Women and the Death of Femininity” from the blog “The Illimitable Men.” NOTE: I do not condone a lot of what is written at this site, however the article seems spot on. I’ll post a few excepts of the theory as to why these women are repulsive and would love to hear your view on whether you agree or not…

            “Hardened men make for attractive men, for toughness is a trait that men and women alike covet in men….At the same time, hardened women make for utterly repulsive beings. They do not inspire desire nor respect, merely alienation. Hardening is conducive to the cultivation of masculinity, but to femininity it is toxic…

            …Feminism sells women the lie that to masculinise is to become free. It convinces the feminine to divorce herself from her nature and to aspire to be that which she isn’t….

            …Women do not become better women with pain, they become more manlike, and thus they are stripped of that which makes them attractive to men to begin with. See what is good for man, at least in this instance, is not good for woman. When women become “hardened” it, rather poetically, and quite ironically in its majesty, strips them of the very thing that makes them attractive beyond the realm of the physical to men in the first place, it emancipates them from their femininity….She must capture his interest psychologically and emotionally, not just physically, because many women can capture the eye of a man, but only a woman of some real feminine energy and depth can capture the heart and thus devotion of a man. You see femininity, like masculinity, must be cultivated, although rather unlike masculinity it mustn’t be taught through pain, but through love.

            Without the counterbalance of gentle and demure femininity to complement the assertiveness of traditional masculinity, any affected society would foster detached apathy through competition within its citizenry rather than inclusive empathy through community.

            … A woman who feels safe enough and looked after enough is feminine in the most natural and charming way, momentarily carefree as she “lets her guard down”, she is a happy woman, a sweet woman, a kind woman and perhaps most importantly to our humble species, an attractive woman. Rarely do women get to experience this type of innocence anymore as the forces of feminism masculinise them into perverse hybrids…

            …Men learn for themselves in their quest for masculinity that they must not worship women, but rather, that they must lead them. Women do not go on a quest for femininity; they are born with it, and oft sacrifice it short-sightedly for power within the depths of delusion that makes up modern groupthink, only to realise in old age once their beauty has faded that they traded in their greatest intangible asset long ago.”

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            • “A woman who feels safe enough and looked after enough is feminine in the most natural and charming way…. Rarely do women get to experience this type of innocence anymore as the forces of feminism masculinise them into perverse hybrids”

              Where are the men who actually “look after” women, thereby freeing them to be “feminine in the most natural and charming way”? I don’t know of any, do you?

              You are blaming everything on women. Men, too, are responsible.

              In 2010, 41% of all births in the U.S. are to single women; in 1950, it was less than 5%. Among blacks, 72% of births in 2010 were to single women.


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              • Looking after woman is sexist, supressive and sign of patriarchal power. It is not allowed to and this logic is told by every tv show, every commercial, in every school and university. Politicians are saying this, professors, artists and all the other..

                Feminism is the cultural power since the 80ies in the west. No male is able to develop a decent masculinity in this environment – adding the high taxes who force fathers to work 120% and mothers too..

                it is hard to be a male in a male hating culture.

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  6. “to reclaim the genitals and the queer body”

    OK not only “reclaiming genitals” but WTF is ” the queer body” ? I ididn’t know they differed from any other body save their brains seem to be scrambled,
    What can be said??????? Disturbed people looking for answers in all the wrong places. Seems to me that everything having to do with feminism is essentially gay, and is a barely veiled form of aggression- against men, against society, against the creator.

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  7. Oh my, Oh my. This is totally sick. Maybe even beyond sick. Mental illness at its best. Reading this just makes me wonder how this evil sick world is still in existence.

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  8. By calling themselves feminists these deranged people insult all of the hard work and good things real first and second wave feminists did for women. The first wave of feminists who worked for the right to vote for women and the second wave who fought to break into formally all-male professions and receive equal financial compensation do not recognize these people as true feminists. They are nothing but trashy attention seeking bulls**t artists.

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  9. I haven’t a clue, just guessing; need for attention, desire to be noticed? On another level, need or desire for money when done professionally.

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  10. You know-lately,in the last several months,I’ve been seeing,right before my eyes,the whole US coming unraveled,all our moral values,everything we grew up believing and knowing is right and wrong,even the interpretation of perfectly explicit Laws,thanks almost exclusively to the Leftists.. What can we do? In MY mind,unless God kicks it in gear and turns this around,we really DON’T have a workable plan. WELL-Not a LEGAL one. I’m outta ideas-Anyone else have any ideas? Okay,God,the ball’s in YOUR court now…..
    In the Name of Jesus,Amen

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    • The CFR has been working to take control of America in every possible way for scores of years. Education, popular culture, and news among many other areas. There is a similar organization in England. Nathan Rothschild, 1815, “Whoever controls information controls the world.” Yes, 1815.

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      • Are you speaking about the Council on Foreign Relations ?

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        • Yes, established in 1921, sometimes referred to as Pratt House. Its older British twin is the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, Chatham House, established 1920. 1920, 1921? Delayed delivery of the twin.

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          • Yes. The CFR is probably the most poisonous group in America. Every single piece of scum to come down the pipeline the last 100 years or so has belonged to this group…. watch this video, the host talks about that, among other things… it’s a little long, but extremely interesting (and scary.)

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    • read european history. been there, done that. survived. It happens all 70 to 100 years.


  11. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah would be shocked by what these women do. I say without any doubt they are demon possessed.😈

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  12. Well, I must say, after looking at their pictures, this will be the only action they will see down there.
    They have to all be lesbians, since no sane guy would touch one of them with a ten foot pole.
    If they think they are achieving respect, they really need to rethink their plan.
    The only thing I see is a bunch of deranged females in much need of some serious therapy and a family intervention, cause they will all stroke out soon.

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  13. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Something new – women talking to Trump through their private parts – hmm! Guess that’s okay since their brain dead anyway.

    The purpose of this exposure was for: “liberal women gathered to scream at Trump through their vaginas”.

    What is next? Do these women think they have something special to show? They are all built with the same pattern and these women act like no one knows what they look like. If they are doing this for shock value by continuing tp expose the Mona Lisa of women – how is this going to help the #METOO people.


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    • Did you not read my post? My post specifically said that attributing the women-in-circle image to “liberal women gathered to scream at Trump through their vaginas” is bogus. The image predated Trump’s inauguration.

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  14. I think Freud would call it “penis envy”. So much anger, so little sense. Who stole their…….what?

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  15. What’s this world coming to ? I was disgusted to hear they’re based (and funded by the gov’t of ) England

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  16. Hope this is just another sign of HIS return. How much more screwed up can things get?

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    • I’ve learned NOT to say,”How can it get any worse than THIS?”,because,somehow,it ALWAYS DOES! It’s like the World is saying, “Just wait a minute,and I’ll SHOW you…..”

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  17. I wish I could unsee this post. euwee.

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  18. Only in America can exposing ones self be considered art. Screaming through the genitals is quite impossible unless you are a crazed leftist. Then your head is up your rear end making that possible.

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  19. So Nicola Hunter is another really unattractive Abramovic wannabe?



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  20. I learned in kindergarten that if somebody did something to me that I didn’t like and I returned it back to them that I was also wrong. So these women get upset by manspreading, flashing, the Y chromosome, and who knows what else, so they go and do this, and yell while doing it?

    So if sexually assaulting men in this manner, or other women who are sane, well, when does this become wrong? When it affects a man who claims to be a girl and doesn’t have the same body parts? When it scares young children into hating adult women wearing skirts?

    This stuff is becoming so twisted it is starting to make me think maybe it is a blueprint of the Devil’s DNA…..

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  21. I will have to look at this later, but just where in blue hell do these lunatics get not only this crap, but people who actually eat it up? I am sorry, it’s late, and my tolerance bucket is full. I will try to be nice tomorrow.

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  22. I am not anyone’s judge, and so I try to stay away from telling anyone how they should live, unless they ask me. That goes for the gay/lesbian group also. But did you ever notice that while a gay man will say that it is fine for a man to be attracted to a man, one usually takes a masculine role, and the other a feminine role? And the same way with lesbians, with one taking a more masculine role, and the other a less dominant, more feminine role.
    That to me seems to indicate that even in their sin, they recognize God’s design for normal human relationships.
    And now that we have gay marriage made acceptable in this country, I fully expect that it won’t be long until the polygamists begin a renewed push to gain legitimacy for their own ideals of marriage. It is known as the nose of the camel under the tent, which then allows the rest of the camel to walk right in. It just takes that first little step, in this case gay marriage.

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  23. Looks like they screaming for Trump to come and grab them by the pu**y….

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  24. Gwaredd Thomas

    There was a time when contemplating one navel was a sign of too much introspection. Now, these freaks are contemplating something else. Yeah, it’s a tough life but somebody has to do it.🙄


    Put your monkey back in its cage

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  26. What happens in the absence of strong fathers and husbands.

    Leftists know what they’re doing when they attack traditional families.

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    • Very much a homerun, Jurist. I suspect that this, more than any one other thing alone, is the biggest reason for much of the loss of morality in this nation. As goes the families, so goes the nation.
      And these awful people do things in public that should not be done even in private. The wicked will not go unpunished forever.

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  27. This is outrageous, how can some women be so undignified. No self respect. The morality barriers have been broken down, nothing left, is up to us to continue to instill in our children the precepts of family unit, decency, in spite of the putrid element, and show them that God, Country and Family are the universal commandments

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  28. When I was young women were placed on a pedestal precisely because they were beautiful, vulnerable, loving and caring. All of the traits that were lacking in men seemed to be personified in women.

    Men wanted to protect women because they looked to them for protection and in exchange, they gave them nurturing care. Of course someone can always point to examples where that didn’t go well. But, in general, men loved women because women loved

    I don’t know any “soy boys” or “new age metro-sexuals” so I can’t speak for them. At some point women became dissatisfied with their lot in life and were taught to blame men. I find this totally consistent with the goals outlined in “The Protocols”.

    So now women mimic what they imagine men to be. They are hostile, aggressive, crude and rude. As a result, their suspicions are confirmed. Men don’t like them. Who would?

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    • Thank you for your beautiful words about real women.

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    • “So now women mimic what they imagine men to be.”


      And Men are silent and don’t know what to say because it is absurd. Young men look in TV and Games to learn how a man should be. This games are made by never aged males who don’t know how males are.

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  29. What the hell is wrong with these women???
    (And when all is said and done, it seems to me that it is women—ahem, “womyn”—like this who actually do suffer from penis envy: After all, if a woman really is not interested in men, she would simply shrug them off—but these “womyn” cannot seem to do that, and that tells me they have a problem.)

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  30. Wow, excellent feedback and info on my little comment! I feel like a bit of a celebrity!! Lol But seriously, those insights that y’all provided were exactly what I was looking for… sometimes I can elegantly state what I’m trying to say, and sometimes grunts just come out…. but the “beauty” from the conservative angle I was trying to describe would be someone like Sarah Sanders for example. Is she going to be a cover model for Maxim? No. But again, that’s not what female conservative beauty is per se…. maybe it’s a “radiance” that comes from having a pure heart and a good soul(?) can’t really say for sure, but thanks to everyone here for adding great insights and information 😊😊😊

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  31. Why in the damn hell would any woman want to expose her private parts?

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  32. Anita Sweater

    It looks to me like sheer penis envy. Same as Satan’s envy of God. Following their Father’s lead is all they are doing.

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