General Mills pushing a “gender fluid” agenda with Lucky Charms commercial?

Lucky Charms recently replaced one of their iconic marshmallow figures with a “unicorn” marshmallow which was chosen via social media using emojis. It is now known as the “Magical Unicorn.”

I’ve seen this new Lucky Charms commercial and seriously don’t know if the child actor is a boy or a girl. And I’d bet $500 that was intentional.

It’s interesting that comments for this YouTube commercial are disabled. Gee, I wonder why?

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28 responses to “General Mills pushing a “gender fluid” agenda with Lucky Charms commercial?

  1. To me that is a ( ? ) boy, , his gestures say a lot.

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    • Alma . . . I would agree with that, but then they dress him in a little girl’s cardigan sweater, and put heavy lipstick on him. . . all in an effort to confuse and subjugate the public. The public needs to blow-back and stop purchasing Lucky Charms. I for one am sick and tired of business concerns leading the parade of every weirdo campaign there is.

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  2. I do not eat these types of cereals due to large chemical ingredients. TSP is put in children’s cereal. TSP is a industrial cleaner. Check out the chemicals in the list of ingredients….shocker!

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  3. Instead of “magically delicious” are they “queerly fabulous” now?

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  4. Is this a hint that the chemicals in their cereals still cause “gender bending?” In August 2017 it was reported that General Mills had gender bending chemicals in their cereals and that they supposedly pulled them from production but maybe they didn’t and this is their sick way of telling you or they’re making a joke of how they harmed children. They care about the almighty dollar, not children. They could care less what happens to kids and seeing how perverted the elite are, I don’t doubt the higher ups at General Mills are no different and love feminizing little boys.

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  5. Yes and they get all upset with you if you refer to them with the wrong gender pronoun.
    I guess I’ll just go back to saying, “Hey, you. “

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  6. Do y’all remember the Unicorn Song from quite a few decades ago? The radio stations would always play it on Saint Patrick’s Day.

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  7. Ever wonder just how it is that, overnight, we are bombarded by these memes? It’s a cinch that the viewing audience didn’t demand them. Social engineering on an industrial scale.

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  8. The actor is a girl, I’d say from the lack of a bulge in her skintight jeans. I agree she is meant to be of either sex–given her short haircut and deep voice. Unfortunately, there is also a rainbow in the graphic under the unicorn. The homos have perverted the beautiful symbol of God’s forgiveness, the rainbow.

    This ad is sick and gross. Go to Youtube and mark “don’t like” (which is the majority opinion) to let GM know what you think.

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  9. I never eat any of their crap; it’s all laced with glyphosate (Round-Up), which is sprayed on grains to make them easier to harvest .. then simply ground up in the flour. So, all commercially-baked goods contain Round-Up, a neurotoxic bug spray. Buy organic, and hope that it really is.

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  10. Ticking off the mainstream worked well for Kellogg’s.

    How dumb can these companies be?

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  11. General Mills’ CEO is Ken Powell, whose total compensation in 2011 was a whopping $8.609 million. His wife, Wendy Bennett is a member of Minnesota Public Radio’s board of trustees. She looks like a nun in secular clothing with a vow of poverty, or a middle-aged version of the gender-ambiguous girl in the commercial.

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  12. It’s obvious to me we have been and are under sustained propagandistic attack, and we have to make up our minds WHOM we are going to serve and WHY.
    It seems to me that, over the past 50 or so years, Christians have been dumbing down pretty easily: That’s because we really are SHEEP. Think about it: Do we go along to get along? To what point shall we do this? To the point where the ship hits the iceberg? It seems to me that we have already hit the iceberg! Shall we sit in our lounge chairs, smoking cigars, listening to the band play on until we drown???

    We have to decide: Are we going to go with Jesus Christ or the World? And if we say we are going to follow Our Lord, are we going to read His Word and apply it to our lives on a daily basis?
    Are we going to watch where we spend our dollars? Are we going to find out what our children are being taught in school and watching on television?

    I am 62. My parents kept a reasonable eye on me. One time, Dad caught me with a copy of the Village Voice. He was calm and reasonable about it: He confiscated the copy of the newspaper and explained (correctly) that the editorial leadership of the paper was run by sex perverts. (Which actually was largely true at that time—1967). He also warned me about pornography and told me to tell him if anyone ever tried to show me any.
    But what do we see now, by and large? Parents who seem shocked to find their children have been taught something in school, or approached them on the street? Now we have this FILTH on television, and we are shocked? The answer is simple: DITCH THE TELEVISION. I did—back in 1990 or so. All right, I miss Channel 13. Big Deal.
    Long Story Short: I do my best to insulate myself from this Culture of Death that is all around me. I do not allow rap music to be played in my Uber. I won’t tolerate it. If a leftist asks me my opinion about Hillary Clinton or Planned Parenthood, I tell them the truth and I DARE TO OFFEND.
    But what do we see today? People who say they are Christian, but they say they support Israel! TO HELL WITH THAT! Israel can take care of itself: We Christians are supposed to front—without any shame—JESUS CHRIST, and He Commands us TO OFFEND.

    When you’re in a fight, as long as you play defense, you shall never win. The answer is to go on the OFFENSE.

    Expect MORE of this filth. And read FOTM and Dr. Henry Makow to find out PRECISELY WHO is behind this Cavalcade of Filth! (Hint: It’s not the Irish or the Africans).

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  13. Clever reference there, General Mills– proggies, the lot of ye!

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  14. The Lucky Charms mascot is drawn like a little homo promoting unicorns and rainbows. What should we expect from the commercial?

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  15. So many cmpanies try to feed us crap and call it food. In America the Beautiful it mentions the amber waves of grain. Over the last hundred years or so wheat has been altered. When the song was written wheat grew to 6 feet. The plant they now call wheat grows about 2 feet tall. Monsanto bought 80% of American seed production so most American wheat is designed to survive Roundup. GMO designed food is wrong. It contaminates all crops it polinates with. You can buy organic but your better off to give up all wheat. See YouTube video on candida. If you are thinking the Old Testament people ate bread you are right but it was not wheat. It was millet. Eat one piece of white bread and it is the same as eating three teaspoons of sugar. You body converts the bread to sugar. It was not until recently that I learned I was being poisoned nearly my whole life by companies that wanted me hooked on their poison for their profits. Since I have changed my eating patterns I can wear clothes smaller than I wore when I graduated fron High School.
    My people die for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. Hosea 4:6

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