England schools banning girls from wearing uniform skirts to accommodate Muslims and transgenders

no choice

From Daily Mirror: Girls are to be banned from wearing skirts at dozens of schools in a controversial uniform revamp, an investigation has uncovered.

The Sunday Times reports that at least 40 secondary schools have already banned skirts, with others consulting on changing their policy.

Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, have banned skirts after pupils asked why its uniform was different for boys and girls.

At Woodhey High School, Bury, skirts were considered “undignified and embarrassing” if girls sat on the floor.

In Bradford, several schools with a high proportion of Muslim pupils prohibit skirts on modesty grounds. The majority of schools in Ipswich are “trouser-only” and skirt bans are also common in Leeds and Grimsby.

The moves come as the Government sets out the rights of transgender people in the Gender Recognition Act, with a consultation set to be published on Tuesday.

Philips High School in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, is to introduce a ban on skirts in favour of trousers this September.

The move has been branded ‘crackers’ by one parent, who said there is nothing wrong with the existing uniform for girls.

Girls due to start Philips as Year 7s in the autumn term will not be allowed to wear the same navy knee-length skirts worn by existing pupils. Girls in Year 8 to 11 will still be allowed to wear their skirts for one more year, but will then have to adhere to the new uniform rules in 2019.

Mum Diane Burdaky, whose daughter Annabelle is in Year 8, claims parents were never consulted about the changes.

The mum-of-three, who attended Philips herself, told the Manchester Evening News : “A few months ago my daughter came home and said they were changing the school uniform and that girls were no longer going to be allowed to wear skirts. It was the first I’d heard of it. There was no letter or email. No word or consultation from the school at all.

“I looked on the website and there was a notice saying all new students from September will have to wear trousers and then the rest of the school will follow in September 2019.

“I’m all for a school uniform policy. I think it’s very important that parents work with the school to make sure the rules adhered to.

“My problem is why this has happened. I can’t think of any reason why girls shouldn’t wear them. It’s good to give girls the option of wearing a skirt or trousers, but I don’t understand the need for a total ban. I think it’s crackers.”

It is not clear why Philips is introducing the ban on skirts.

A statement on the school website said: “Our new school uniform for the Year 7 pupils arriving in September has been announced and full details are below.

“Uniform for pupils in Years 8 to 11 will remain the same for one year. Students who outgrow their uniform will need to update to the new uniform. There will be a changeover period of 12 months then all pupils will be expected to wear the new uniform Students will NOT be permitted to wear a mixture of old and new uniform.”

The school was unavailable for comment.


22 responses to “England schools banning girls from wearing uniform skirts to accommodate Muslims and transgenders

  1. When did multiculturalism morph into anti-western civilization?

    The UK, like Germany, France and Sweden, are fini.

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    • It’s called multiculturalism ONLY when browns and Blacks are inserted into White communities. When Whites move into a black or brown community, it’s called “displacement of the underprivileged” or some such crap.

      Like everything a leftist says, it’s a lie.

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    • It’s more akin to white genocide.

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  2. Hitler would be so proud. Make everybody the same, no choices, no deviation, and make sure they are all wearing “brown shirts” so they will be easier to identify and kill when the powers to be are finished with them. So for the muslim/Islamic students will they all be wearing trousers also? I guess the only good thing would be that it should force the female muslim/Islamic students to wear trousers also. Oh, silly me, I bet there is an exception for them!!!1

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  3. I don’t see the ghost but the real character, little by little the left is openly creeping up from every corner, no distinction but E Q U A L I T Y

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  4. Hey England, just cut to the chase and make all the girls start wearing burqas.

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  5. They can’t hide the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. That is…the only reason for this new uniform code is to appease Muslims who cover themselves from head to foot. How dare the little English girls reveal their white legs! That’s exactly what all this is about.
    So, if I go to live in your Muslim country I have to cover myself from head to toe. And if you come to live in my country I have to cover myself from head to toe.
    HELL NO!
    I thought the British had more strength of character than that.

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    • Don’t forget England is a socialist country and they “socially” accommodate what’s best in their interests, avoid conflicts, “accept them as their are”.and your life will be just as good, oh, and God Save the rich Queen and her court.

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  6. Perhaps the girls (how long before that term is forbidden) should wear LONG skirts. That should please the Muslims. It might even please some transgenders.

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  7. As a show of good faith, the Queen should start wearing pants only, and ditch her handbag because it’s sexist. 👑

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  8. How preposterous. When I went to school all the girls were required to wear skirts or dresses. They take in heathens and demand that the host assume THEIR customs?

    Why? Well, we know the answer to that. I can’t believe some people think these things are naturally occurring.

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  9. I clicked on the daily mirror link- pic of a girl in knee – length skirt with dark tights – nothing shameful. Very modest attire. Take your (very) old-world ethics back where you came from!

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  10. Looks like England is assimilating nicely, oh wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around?
    There is no longer any hope for that country. We will never vacation there either. I can imagine vacationers being attacked for not conforming to the “new” dress code.

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  11. Western Normies must cater to muslims and trannies– progressive Britain has spoken!

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  12. What’s the NEXT infringement on those girls’ personal nature? Will they have to learn to pee like boys,too? How much farther will they push this idiocy?

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  13. History is long….. so it’s stunning that this is the same country that sent soldiers here only a few hundred years ago to “spank our butts” for being disobedient and fleeing The Crown. Once the greatest empire western civilization has ever known, now cow-towing to welcomed infiltrators…. unbelievable

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  14. SapphireSunday

    Whatever happened to the liberal notion (creed) that every person should be allowed to choose a sex?

    So when a boy decides he’s a girl and should now be called “she” (or “they”), will that boy-who-thinks-he’s-a-girl be the ONLY child allowed to wear a skirt because that’s his CHOSEN sex and he has a right to dress as he identifies so others recognize his new sex?

    Otherwise, if they stop him from wearing a skirt, isn’t that interfering with his choice and won’t that be discrimination and won’t that cause him to have a conniption fit, which will be the fault of the school, which will have to pay reparations?

    What about a girl who decides she’s a boy but is prevented by the new school policy from proclaiming this new sexual identity by the symbolic act of wearing trousers?

    What’s the point of being transgender and cross-dressing if all the other girls are wearing pants, too, so that the-girl-who-thinks-she’s-a-boy can no longer stand apart from the other girls by wearing pants, thus depriving her of the right to be “confirmed” as a male?

    We must use “confirmed” because that’s another euphemism that we all must abide by. Mutilating an anatomical male or female to conform with a delusion can no longer be called “sex reassignment” surgery. Now it’s “gender confirmation” surgery.

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    • That is funny! Amazing that when Libbie “philosophies” are applied against each other, they fold like a cheap suit… someone very wise said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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    • Oy. I need to chart this out to understand. Maybe I’ll never understand anyway. Seems likely. Happening in England now…but–HAS been happening in philosophy here for some years——So now, as a teacher, along with mis-pronouncing names —which I do every year at first b/c of all the insane “specially made-up names” that parents come up with these days in order to bestow a “special status” upon their child, I’m confused by all the “fluid” genders going on (I’ve already experienced a decent amt. of this already in my classroom over the last 3-4 years). Basically, I want to warn parents that teachers are on “overload” with this crap…..so much so that we hardly learn the kids’ names each year b/c there is TOO MUCH (legal) ELSE to juggle —like this stuff—-every day….we mostly only learn the names of the “bad kids,” and the rest of them—the good kids….the average ones who are silent/no problem….we barely know or learn anything about…..or/and if we do….it takes a lot of extra effort, above and beyond almost….like special clubs that we might form/head up (without extra pay for these after school things)….extra and advanced activities held during OUR lunch or after school….tutoring before school, giving up our 15-min “break” to allow the “good kids” to work on special projects in our room….and so on…..When schools devolve, like this example in England, into servicing the least common denominatior….as it has here in the USA over issues without end since the 1960’s—you end up with schools that serve the least common denominator, period—all resources/monies focused in a lop-sided manor toward this goal/these kids……

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  15. If Winston Churchill was around today, he’d have a stroke for sure.

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  16. About eight decades ago, we started sending all sorts of heavy weaponry to the Brits to fight against the Hitlerite horde.

    I doubt we ever got repaid for most of it, but I’m okay with that, as until that bohemian corporal had a cranial/anal inversion and declared war on us FOUR DAYS AFTER PEARL HARBOR, it truly was England alone vs. the Hun.

    But that was a different time.

    Now the 7th Century illiterate camel-washers are doing to the UK what Hitler could only dream of doing, and it seems the Brits are utterly ignoring it.

    As things stand now, I wouldn’t send them so much as a box of slingshots.

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  17. Won’t be long before Britain follows in Spain’s footsteps, and crowns a shemale Miss England, like Spain did for its country in sending a shemale to represent Spain in the Miss Universe contest.

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