Bikers for Trump protest Red Hen restaurant

On June 23, Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson, ever the tolerant liberal, kicked Sanders and her party of 8, including her in-laws, out of the restaurant because Sanders is a Trump administration staffer. Not content with publicly humiliating Sanders, the rabid Wilkinson pursued Sanders’ in-laws to another restaurant and organized a protest in front of that restaurant while the in-laws dined inside. Ironically, Sanders’ in-laws are Democrats.

Last Saturday evening, June 30, Bikers for Trump rode into downtown Lexington, VA, to protest The Red Hen’s shabby treatment of Sarah Sanders.

Dozens of Bikers for Trump, including some in cars, joined other motorcyclists for the Saturday evening “Red Hen Ride,” to show support for the president and administration and, as ride organizer Douglas Thompson said, “to have fun.”

As the bikers rode past The Red Hen, a crowd cheered.

The bikers then returned to the Red Hen on foot, and joined a lively street demonstration of hundreds of people, featuring loud chants of “Build the Wall” and “USA” that could be heard well up on Main Street, as well as hand-carried signs, including “The Red Hen Laid a Rotten Egg” and “Red Hen: MLK Weeps”. One man’s T-shirt read, “Proud to be Deplorable”.

There were counter-protestors as well, holding signs “We Support the Red Hen” and “Stephanie Stood Up for the Children. How and When Will You?”. A Red Hen supporter, Susan Mead, wore a red cap proclaiming the Arabic word for America on the front, and “Friend of the Red Hen” on the back.

Many of the demonstrators had come from outside the area, such as a group of five who’d made the three-hour trip from Annapolis, Md., to support Trump, and a family of four from Baltimore who came to Lexington to show their support of the Red Hen.

Corey Stewart, the man recently nominated by Republicans to run against Tim Kaine in this year’s Senate race, also showed up to share his thoughts on what happened at The Red Hen:

“The left in this country has gone so crazy. Tim Kaine and the Democrats are upset with the President and the fact that he’s been so successful.”

Sources: WDBJ7; The News-Gazette

H/t FOTM reader CSM

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13 responses to “Bikers for Trump protest Red Hen restaurant

  1. I laughed so hard I almost choked when the woman said the owner did a brave thing. BRAVE? REALLY????

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    • Brave like Bruce Jenner

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    • RLJohnson77 . . . . The real kicker to this whole debacle was when this restaurant owner left her property and followed what she thought was the entire Sanders party across the street to another restaurant–and encouraged a mob to harass them while eating at this other restaurant. As we all know, it was only the Democratic leaning in-laws of Sanders who had chosen to eat there. I feel as much sympathy for this ding-bat as you could put in a thimble. I can only hope that the end result of her folly, that her business suffers to the extent that they are forced to close. The Left just cannot seem to leave well enough alone. They are a vicious, and ill tempered group of people who no doubt suffer from deep seated mental problems.

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  2. Wish I could’ve been there, first in line to show’m we ardently oppose the left. If I had the money I’d say: POTUS let’s go, here, build that wall.

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  3. The Red Hen needs to change their name to The Cooked Goose. 🐔 🐔

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    God Bless all of you for supporting our country and what it stands for – especially our gallant Lady, Sarah Sanders, who has to deal with these Democrat thugs every day.


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  5. They should get some “Little Red Books” printed with Wilkinson’s picture on the front.

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  6. Knowing the food there is prepared and served by:
    a. a perponderance of liberials
    b. a perponderance of homosexuals
    c. a perponderance of heterophobics
    d. someone as rude and ungracious as the owner

    Sure I’d eat there. Not.
    Ms. Sanders even offered to pay for the food they were never served.
    More class in her little finger than anybody working at the cackeling hen.

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  7. What a difference between the right and left protestors. Antifa would have tried to fire bomb the restaurant if the tables were turned.

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  8. If the Red Hen remains open, it will become a magnet for protesters from both sides, which will ultimately drive diners away.


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  9. why don’t Sanders just sue the establishment; maybe some people like to be served in places they are not welcomed; I don’t think it is a good idea to get served food from people who don’t like you……

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